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This forum thread is for anything relating to Season 61 of the SWL.



  • Divisional Structure
    1 Premier, 3 Conferences, 2 Regional.
  • Season Commencement
    First round will begin on or around Monday 17th August with a deadline of 31st August.
  • Axing
    PM to the swladmin FUMBBL account by 10pm Monday SWL (Sydney) time if your game has not yet been played. Check out the Guide for more information or check with someone else in chat. Refer to post below for more details about expectations. This is also the method for advising of parking at the end of a season.
  • General
    Please be aware that we rely on individual coaches to be active in checking this forum, arranging games against opponents (especially if not on east coast of Australia) and in communicating with Admins. The responsibility is on the coach to enquire, not the Admins to inform. Please feel free to ask any questions, anytime.
  • Trial of Blood
    Please be aware that the Trial of Blood is not a chance for teams to grow at the expense of competitive play. Play to win and keep the integrity of the SWL intact. If admins deem that a coach is not abiding by this then the team may have to retrial.
    There will be a shortened post-season break after round 7. This is to finish up LXII before we get too deep into the holidays. Season LXII will begin on the 21st October, with round 1 due 2nd of November.

Rules to be brought in for Season 61:

  • There are no new rules for Season 61.

Commish's Comments:

  • Admin are keeping an eye on recent changes (particularly promotion/relegation and ToB) and will review/make changes as and when they deem necessary.
  • Admin reserve the right to change the divisional structure and drafting team's TV/TW limit whenever it is deemed to be in the best interests of the league.
  • Have fun, bring the Fluff and get those games played (I love to hear the Axeman cry!)


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Tomayís Season LXI

Cheese Dorfs win again, yawn! Goof effort from Grumpsh in almost unforlornign Necro. Also, congratulations to Orcs for Correct Spelling, Sphinxes from Mars and Sotek Sacred Spawning for taking out their Conferences!

Premier League

So all those elves didnít fair too well despite the hype last season. What a shame. Prem this season looks like a mix of highly resilient teams and Redgum.

In case people hadnít realised, Lizardmen are pretty absurd in CRP long term leagues as their Sauri get going. Out of the two Lizard teams this time around I believe Bobs has almost caught Tyra Nid in terms of roster strength, which should see him go close to challenging for that title. Both teams will be there abouts and should continue to be consistent unless they cop a whalloping.

I feel like the Necro might have run out of steam a bit but they shouldnít mind the make up of this division. Necro are a team that can match the speed of the lizards and maybe even open up a few of those saurii. If Grumpsh has some luck and Huge Axeman survives, he could just about do this.

LHC are hard to pick against as long as Barre can fall back onto the two bulls doing their jobs. He now has a bit more bite in his hitting power as well which means its hard to tip against him based on roster strength alone. That said, he may be outclassed by some of the coaches in this division if they can utilise their speed effectively.

The Orcs donít have the BOBs Guarded up sufficiently to really go for the title and their hitting power doesnít match that of the others.

I expect the Sphinxes will have a good showing in Prem this time around and shouldnít be taken lightly by anyone. Unfortunately, I think they will lose to the rats and wonít be consistent enough to turn draws into wins to really put up a challenge.

The Fun Police are another team that are hard to tip against on paper. Obviously thereís a bit of redundancy with the killstacks, but Semi wonít be punished in this division with the lack of elves. He will do some damage and win a few games on dice rolling alone, the question is whether or not he can coach a team to a Premiership, letís see.

Poor Redgum, he needed either for those lizards or all the other rock teams not to ALL be there. He will beat the sphinxes and probably hurt another contenders title hopes but wonít be able to put together a real run with this group.

So, with that in mind my predictions are:

1st- SWL Hunting Crocs Ė Bobs is an under-rated coach and his roster looks good.
2nd Ė LHC Ė Cheesy.
3rd Ė Sotek Sacred Spawning Ė Tyra Nid is also a good lizard coach and his roster is equally impressive.

Redgumís Ruffians Conference
This is a nicely balanced conference with some hard hitting teams and some top flight coaches to match, making it very hard to predict. Thereís a lot of Prem calibre coaches here and I think they win out despite the power differences in rosters.

Is Grod going to pick up where he left off or will he be rusty? Can chavo manage to get the best out of another crazy good top tier roster full of stat freaks or will he fail to deliver again? Can DDS step up and make a consistent push to Prem or will he struggle in games he shouldnít again?

Will one of the three better elf coaches in the SWL manage to navigate the rest of the draw with a team intact? Can JK put together another good conference campaign with the revered Horrors of Skye? The Whalekillers need to rebuild.

1st- Technically Minded Ė Grod is a proved campaigner with Dwarves and he will be the benchmark for this division in terms of both coaching and roster.
2nd Ė Wings of the Condor Ė Letís hope releziteís wizards are kind, he will be needing them in this division.
3rd Ė Blackwater Glee Club Ė Picked on roster alone. Look at that roster, if Chavo canít do it with this team he never will.

Blue Green Envy Conference
Another well balanced conference with the opportunity for some up and coming coaches to prove themselves against the old guard. We will get to see what dapperdan, Pyates and cdwat are made of as they are all in contention. Meanwhile, Fortis needs to get some wins and back up all his talk after a woeful start to easy mode. Irgy needs to rebuild. The Blockers will middle out and struggle vs all the high str in this conference. Leaving the Skinks and PSA as the teams to beat.

1st Ė Slumbering Skink Ė They donít ever stay in conferences long and they have another crazy good roster for the lizards.
2nd Ė PSA Ė It will be between Daudy and Faulc for the top spot. His roster isnít as good as it used to be and neither is his coaching but its still probably enough to sneak into Prem.
3rd Ė GGS Ė They should like the look of this conference and have a few stars to lean on. Unfortunately, they donít have much depth in their roster so I think theyíll miss out on Prem.

Seussville Slammers Conference
So this completes the trend of well balanced conferences. Three teams stick out quite obviously as the ones that will determine the division: Ashamaniac, Intoxicated Mayhem and Malalopropism Mania. All three of these rosters should be in Prem and will take on the role of enforcers for the conference.

Itís probably not a matter of if, but when, Tribal will get the Jesters amongst Prem title contention. Unfortunately, I think when is not this season. Ramchop comes into the season with the strongest roster heís had at his disposal. The fan favorites will probably still struggle to get to the next level as theyíll have too much Rock and Guard to overcome.

The Slann will upset someones season but I donít think they can be consistent enough to push for Prem. Dustbunny has got a bit of hype to him now with a great first season but this is where the real competition starts and SWL aint easy. The Cavaliers have a solid foundation and probably need to just learn to lose gracefully to get their roster going rather than pushing it all the time.

1st Ė Intoxicated Mayhem Ė Erickan went through a hot streak of great coaching last season and then lost it again at the end a bit. If he can refind that form he should take this out.
2nd Ė Malapropism Mania Ė Poor Beefy hasnít had much luck, however as a cheese dorf coach he doesnít deserve it. I reckon he will lose to Fynmore and just finish in 2nd.
3rd Ė Jinxed Jesters Ė Tribal is solid, Darkies are solid. They will be a bit behind the top 2 but should be consistent enough for 3rd or 4th.


Look at all those Stunties! Welcome to the league newbies, it looks like youíll get a fun season before the pain begins ?

Join now and "Create a Legend"

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Reserved. Dunno why...

Good luck to all this season. Except fortis, whose continual struggles with the intricacies of "easy mode" races continues to delight and amaze the unwashed masses.

Very Happy

"I gotta fever and the only prescription is MOAR COWBELL!!"
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Woo Hooo.... another season of 1s, snakes, quad skulls and burnt RR coming up Wink


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SEASON PREVIEW Redgum's Ruffians Conference LXI

I don't care about anyone elses division, and so I have decided to embrace this. Presenting my predictions for my conference, which is always the most interesting. (To me)

I have to say having Viola, Lothario II and Dr Jones in the same conference will be painful. They are the three biggest freaks in SWL!

1. Horrors Of Skye
A great mix. An established side with some freak players, but enough that they aren't too reliant. A coach with a proven track record, plenty of cash, they will be back in Premier next season.

2. Blackwater Glee Club
A very powerful club that have a very advanced list. Combine unashamed clawpombing with a stat or eight and they are going to be tough to beat. Loss of players could be the only thing that stops them, as they aren't a rich side.

3. Wings of the Condor
Amazing stat freaks but also running short of cash, with the established bash sides, I think they will push early for promotion but will ultimately fall away. Look for the winner of 1 against Athel to be the elf side that is in the mix.

4. Athel Loren Lovers
A strength 5 agility 5 Wardancer should not be allowed by nuffle. A side whose offence will humiliate the top tier sides but will be too one dimensional to stop well positioned bash sides on the drive. Soon they dominate, but not yet.

5. Technically Minded
A positioning master, a proven, uninjured side, what can go wrong? I just don't think this is the season to rock a deathroller. Will give away far too much TV and it won't help against the elves and their stat freaks. Will do well against the bash sides but it won't be enough to qualify.

6. Wš?a Warriors
A weird blend of bash and agility, the Warriors are a jack of all trades, but their ability to master none will be their downfall. Having lost a lot of skills, they need to advance two of their black orcs and their troll before they can roll with the big boys.

7. Wonga Wonga Whalekillers
Sacrilege to put such a famous team and skillful coach down low. They have the lowest TV in the conference, and have tough match ups throughout. Sorry Balle, they will forever be legends of the SWL, but this is not their season.

8. Steaked
Gaining promotion to Premier can only be done by a great coach, it is something that your scribe has never done. However it can also backfire when you have an elf side not quite ready. And then nuffle goes bang. Niggles, stat decreases, low on cash. Jevouse is a great coach but he will be in reggies next year, which will probably be best for their rebuild.

Check out my fishing and camping blog.

The Black Pearl Bounty-Board.


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Season LXI Predictions


Season LXI looks to be a cracker. The new 6 down 6 up format has meant that there is a greater mix of *almost there* teams in prem this season (myself included), but at first glance everyone looks to be easily in contention. Lizards continue to strongly represent, proving that they really do shine in long term perpetuals when the Saurus have time to get fully online.

Bobs is back with a solid roster, despite some injuries. His least skilled Saurii has MB/Block. This is paired up with a trio of absolute beasts, a BlocKrox (yeah Iím coining that), +ST skink and enough cash to do what he needs. Probably the only thing he is missing is a SH or Block/Wrestle skink. The guard/claw heavy matchups could be risky, but his roster looks best prepared to take care of the *not quite there* rosters.

Grumpsh had a great run last season, and a better run with cas (both for and against). The roster is about as good as you will ever get in a Necro team when you are at the whim of regen. Iíd say Bobsí Lizards represent his biggest threat, the multiple fast S4 threats will be something to watch out for. He should run circles around the slower Khemri/Nurgle & Orc teams though.

Barre is looking for a threepeat. Since last season, the blockers have all developed really well and back up the uber-bulls beautifully with a lovely mix of skills. Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard (notice a trend?) Should be pretty hard to stop these guys scoring without taking a few of the blockers out of action first. Barre obviously has the stones to get it done, again I think itíll come down to how well the opposition are able to shut down the bulls. Going from last season, not well at all.

Tyra_Nid has already flagged a game 4 travel forfeit. What a wuss. Itís a mixed Lizzie list, but nowhere near the strength of either Bobs or Faulconís roster at this stage, despite some nice skinks. Too many unskilled rookie Saurus means that there will be a big hole in the roster if one of the good ones is missing for game, or something happens to his skinks.

Sphinxes from Mars. 3rd timeís the charm right? The Sphinxes couldnít have picked a better time for a prem run. Who knows how they will go, least of all Luo. The Tomb Guardians are beastly, the fouling brutal, and those skellingtons have been showing up Viola of late. I really think these guys can be competitive, especially if coaches try to duke it out and muscle them Ė which will play to the Sphinxes strengths.

I was initially going to write off the Rodents before they had even played a game. Looking at the roster, they really do have the tool kit to get the job done however. The OTT specialist, 2 +ST Gutter Runners, Slick Simon is a brutal ball popper, both stormvermin are spot on (just missing a double for a claw) and heís got 500k for replacements to boot. I have no idea how skaven manage to build up a treasury but itís there. At the time of writing they lost their first match pretty convincingly, but Iíd be careful of writing these guys off too early. If Redgum stays on his game they are going to cause some big upsets.

The Spelling Orcs had a great run to take out the Prem II conference last season. They are missing some critical components (wot iz dis gaurd fing dem Ďumies are awl talkiní aboot?) but Dazed is a proven TT coach who absolutely backs his own ability to perform. It will be interesting to see if he retires this team after the end of the season if he doesnít take the crown (as with his woodies). They have taken the philosophy of removing other players in preference to a more positional guard game Ė letís see how that goes against the prem muscle.

The Fun Police are here to oversee the enjoyment of premier division and ensure that people donít get too out of hand. They may win a game or two by virtue of nobody being left on the pitch to foul, but the coachís insistence on overlooking anything remotely like a ball skill will undoubtedly come back to haunt him. Frank has been on a monster run lately, and after the last seasons cas differential of +40 on six game, coach Semitence has let it be known he is chasing the big +50. No pillows allowed.

1st : Error 404 had a brilliant season in LX and will be ready to rumble. Outside of the LHC, I canít see many teams stopping them.

2nd : Iím tipping Barre to stay in the run, but will pick up a critical loss somewhere Ė especially if he is missing a bull.

3rd : This is a tough one. Based purely on roster strength Iím going to go with Bobs, but he has struggled up at the top before. Looking forward to being proven wrong here.

Redgumís Ruffians Conference LXI

Balle was looking to rebuild this season. Yeah... have fun with that. Three big hitting teams here. The Glee Club, Grodís dwarves (seriously, f*&# dorfs) & the Wanja Warriors. Three Elf teams in Steaked, Wings & Chargerís woodies, then with JKís conference lurking Necro & B2K somewhere in the middle.

Grod is the man to beat this season. Back after a 2 season break letís see if the Deathroller toting Dwarves are up to another tilt at prem in LXII. There is nothing that should overly worry Grod, except the Glee Club. Expect a big season here.

DDS was so close last season but chose to give up his spot so Prem had some squishier targets to punch around. Heíll be up there, but has a couple of very average match-ups in the mix, including Grod & Chavo, then has to deal with 3 games of Elvish shenanigans. If his +AG trio can perform he will do well, but they will need stay out of trouble vs the hitters.

Charger has two of the best looking Wardancers going around. Itís a pity he seems hell bent on getting them killed. Iím tipping one of them to go down in a big way this season. If that doesnít happen though, watch out Ė because the RNG has been smashed so hard by this guy that the scoreboard will be on double figures if you arenít careful. Being able to induce wizards and apoths seems absolutely critical for these guys Ė as does the use of them.

Hey would you look at that. Viola finally got block Ė AT SUPERSTAR... (wtf?) There are about 4 people on this team, and a bunch of TV efficient cheerleaders. Relezite knows how to get the best of his stat freeeek, so itíll be interesting to see if he is able to get the scoreline up far enough before the casualties take their toll. Donít lose all your mens in the beat down match-ups...

Jevouse is a really competent coach that enjoys making a meal out of his team in order to sabotage their chances. Jokes aside, the assassin is going to struggle in the matches when he needs to perform against the Dwarves & Orcs Ė but will be a boon vs the Norse & Elves. Expecting a lower table performance with injuries piling up, no treasury & missing/crippled/rookie positional players all having a big impact.

B2K would like to rebuild Whalehalla. After one game it isnít going well. I get the feeling he might write this season off in an effort to save some cash, get a team online and hopefully not lose all his mens. Will probably still be competitive vs the Elves, but I donít see him pushing hard for wins to the detriment of his team at this stage.

My man. Chavo aka friendly troll aka Beast Mode aka I broke the system aka hey thereís a big red button there what happens if I press it? Some call him a pain. Some call him the V.I.L.L.A.I.N. that the Keyboard Heroes needed. Has been known to ask for a client mod to automatically pile on unless there was an injury. The team is solid, nobody wants to mark him up, and he has a S4, AG5 ball handler. The only thing that will hold him back is if he gets overexcited going for the kills and stuffs up the win on positioning.

1st Grodís no-fun dorfs are my tip to get it done.

2nd Blackwater Glee Club will win some games by virtue of scaring teams into submission, and others with the sweet beastman.

3rd Wings of the Condor could place higher, but it relies on keeping his foursome injury free Ė tough in this division.

Blue Green Envy Conference

ďHere be the place to rebuild/Tomay gets to pick his divisionĒ

The Sentinels should be happy with this division. Although the double Nurgle hamper their passing, they should be able to run rings around most of the teams here. Haemir has a lot to live up to in order to match his predecessor but Iolas, Kantil & Tanyl are all developing nicely. Iolas traded a MA for an AG which seems like a good trade. Expect some big long bomb plays and a lot of running away!

Despite being able to set the conferences up and pick his division, the Cocksville Pickers have struggled in conference. Partially due to the Human roster being a bit... crap, but really, not an excuse when you get to pick your opponents. It doesnít feel like a TV1900 roster at first glance, but a big bench and redundancy go a long way on Scissor teams. Has a good chance to be competitive but will end up mid-table.

Chaos Dwarves are basically a guaranteed Premier win. Or something. Iím sure Fortis would like some money so he can have 2 healthy bulls and 6 blockers, something that the RNG has not seen fit to grant him after a succession of 1ís for winnings and most of the deaths & SIís falling on the positional players. Iíd say there are another couple of seasons of building to go here to get to a Barre/Beefy roster so we should see some conservative plays and will probably push vs Irgy, Tomay & the Elves this season.

Irgy is so unhappy this season. He doesnít get to play the Fun Police. On the plus side heíll be excited to rebuild his team so there is a silver lining of sorts. Flesh is coming along really well and the Warriors are all back in action now. This should be a building season with Igor making a regular appearance and flesh doing the majority of the hard yards on offence. Would have been hoping for a spot in regionals IMO to help with the rebuild.

The Snowleopards have a standard top heavy Wood Elf list. I like the inclusion of a tree here to chock up the LOS. I think this might be a great season for them to get fully online. Not too much bash in the division and the key players are all injury free. These guys are a stat or two away from being excellent. Looking forward to some janky Wood Elf shenanigans.

Daudy is licking his lips in this division. He came close is a much tougher conference and Kobra Kai is now ready to back up Night Patrol (though still doesnít have block). The Chaos Warriors have been really slow to skill, but again, Iíd like to think heíll be able to use them as TV efficient roadblocks (instead of Glee Club style enforcers).

Slumbering Skink. The name is a little misleading, but Slumbering Opponent just doesnít have the same ring to it. After just being edged out of prem on the 6 down/up system, Faulcon should be right back up there again this season. Itís a lock.

There is a solid Nurgle roster that has been overlooked. Itís more a of a game-winning style roster with all that +AG business and Sure Claws Hands. I like this list, and it could provide some upsets. I think the match up here with Daudy could be one of the big ones for the season. Good luck Dapperdan.

1st Slumbering Skink. Skilled, experienced, and been around for ages. The coach isnít bad either.

2nd Public Service Announcement. Came close last season, should be able to seal the deal

3rd Soylent Greenstars. Itís a tough pick here but Iím going to go with the unknown factor Ė plus I dig the list.

Seussville Slammers Conference

Erickanís Orcs are so fat on skills they canít afford to buy a 4th Black Orc. I donít know if thatís ridiculous or hilarious or downright scary. The list is really starting to take a beating after many seasons of running virtually injury free at 15 players and about TV2600. I see Erickan beating down on the up and comers, to finish high on the table with a couple of losses due to lack or roster depth.

Beefy is going to want to thump this season in and preserve his roster in the process. Shouldnít be a problem. Contunsions is fattening the roster out, but isnít a liability at this stage. He does need to start training some replacement hobgoblins soon though. Iím tipping the Snowman to be this seasonís Silver Twahnlow winner, with no less than 12 TDís. Easy.

Surely itís this seasons for Asha-Maniac. Oh. They drew with Norse? Yikes. Itís hard to be feeling sorry for them (being dwarves and all) but I really think this dwarf roster should be whooping it up around the sidelines. They finished strong last season, and have the roster to go deep again this time around, letís see how it pans out.

Elf teams have trouble maintaining healthy rosters in the SWL and Kiwiana Cavaliers are no exception. Critical stat busts on +ST Blitzers will hurt the team at critical junctures, but Heretek has made the call that the S4 is worth it. The remaining players need some work, however I worry that itís a working over that they will cop at the hands of the aforementioned teams.

Coach Fynmore loves Piling On, especially when combined with Mighty Blow. Make sure you use it against him for maximum entertainment value. Frogs will get hurt due to the way they have to play to be competitive, and fynmore has proven more than competent. The niggles arenít too bad and if he can stretch out the opposition and keep enough green on the grass I think he will cause some issues amongst the slower teams, especially if he is able to jump on a good kick quickly on D.

One of the real regional success stories was the Madness Mountain Misery. With a 12/1/1 record and a very well developed roster, Iím looking forward to seeing what he can do, however I donít see him going up this season. Heíll be able to stymie well, but I canít see him outmuscling the Chaos Dwarfs or Orcs. Strong coaching should see him in the upper end of the table however.

Thing One, Thing Two, Clark. If they go off, you may exit stage left and take your team along for the ride. If they donít, the AV7 cracks and you may pass GO and push onwards to victory. Very different style of Norse to B2Kís ďsit back and wait for youĒ Whalers. Ramchop would like to get up and hit you, and do it again. Iím keen to see how Lorax goes with the +AG. Could potentially create a very interesting player Ė especially with another double for dodge... There or thereabouts for the season.

The Jesters are still building to my mind. Iím guessing tribal will make the decision to reset Yakim and carry on from there. Iíve always liked the inclusion of a runner as a pseudo-thrower to change up the offence, but waiting to 75SPP for blodge in this instance might be tough Ė worse still if he goes for NoS.

1st Malapropism Mania. Big roster, good roster, Great Bulls.

2nd Geelong Bullfrogs. Potential to go high - if he can stay healthy.

3rd Intoxicated Mayhem. Grinds you down the wins with passing plays. Standard right?

Good luck & kill all menz

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So, how many casualties will the Mexicans cop this season? will they finally end the season under 20?


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Will i finally make it out of reggies ??


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Guys, stop asking ridiculous questions Razz

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Arm photon torpedoes

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Hey, Prem and Conf. schedules are out. Interesting mix.

Excellent, excellent. Precisely one in each...


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Let the craziness begin, except for the dull mundane playstyle of the Slumbering Skinks.


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Daudy wrote:
Hey, Prem and Conf. schedules are out. Interesting mix.

Excellent, excellent. Precisely one in each...

And the HEROES match up goes to... Daudy!!! Inaugural bragging right to be had here.

Bunny gets the only DIBBL match ups, which doesn't really count as he's co-opted. Guess those boys will have to wait until next season...

They see me Trollin', they hatin'...

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Daudy wrote:
Hey, Prem and Conf. schedules are out. Interesting mix.

Excellent, excellent. Precisely one in each...

Twisted Evil

[13:11] <;@Prinz> i can't ban bunny for being funny
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