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Post   Posted: Jan 09, 2016 - 12:30 Reply with quote Back to top

This forum thread is for anything relating to Season 63 of the SWL.


  • Divisional Structure
    1 Premier, 3 Conferences, 2* Regional. (Draft numbers may necessitate a third regional division)
  • Season Commencement
    First round will begin on Monday 11th January with a deadline of 25th January.
  • Axing
    PM to the swladmin FUMBBL account by 10pm Monday SWL (Sydney) time if your game has not yet been played. Check out the Guide for more information or check with someone else in chat. Refer to post below for more details about expectations. This is also the method for advising of parking at the end of a season.
  • General
    Please be aware that we rely on individual coaches to be active in checking this forum, arranging games against opponents (especially if not on east coast of Australia) and in communicating with Admins. The responsibility is on the coach to enquire, not the Admins to inform. Please feel free to ask any questions, anytime.
  • Trial of Blood
    Please be aware that the Trial of Blood is not a chance for teams to grow at the expense of competitive play. Play to win and keep the integrity of the SWL intact. If admins deem that a coach is not abiding by this then the team may have to retrial.
  • Don't Forget! SWL is currently in ADST - Australian Daylight Savings Time. Please make sure you are aware of this when scheduling games!

Rules to be brought in for Season 62:

  • Admin reserve the right to change the divisional structure and drafting team's TV/TW limit whenever it is deemed to be in the best interests of the league.

Commish's Comments:

  • Admin are keeping an eye on recent changes (particularly promotion/relegation and ToB) and will review/make changes as and when they deem necessary.
  • Admin reserve the right to change the divisional structure and drafting team's TV/TW limit whenever it is deemed to be in the best interests of the league.
  • Have fun, bring the Fluff and get those games played (I love to hear the Axeman cry!)


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They see me Trollin', they hatin'...

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1. Error 404 [+1]
2. Slumbering Skink [-1]
3. Wings of the Condor [+7]
4. Sacred Spawning of Sotek [+1]
5. SWL Fun Police [+1]
6. Orcs for Correct Spelling [+9]
7. Steaked [+1]
8. Malapropism Mania [-5]
9. Jinxed Jesters [+3]
10. Asha’maniac [+12]
11. Large Head on Colliders [-4]
12. Solent Greenstars [+11]
13. Horrors of Skye [+4]
14. SWL Jaegars [+17]
15. Wonga Wonga Whalekillers [+4]
16. Autumns Leaves [+4]
17. Griffin Gate Sentinels [-4]
18. New World Winers and Diners
19. Blackwater Glee Club
20. Chaos All Sorts [+9]
21. Redgum’s Rodents [-6]
22. Psych Lab [+6]
23. Dallas Drowboys
24. Mexican Standoff
25. Port Macquarie Snowleapards [+7]
26. Daemon Ex Tesserae
27. Sphinxes From Mars [-16]
28. Nemesis Demons
29. Urban Nightmare
30. Eu De Toilet [-8]
31. High Elves [+3]
32. Easy Mode Maniacs
33. Freezy Trees
34. Maimami Vice [-7]
35. Prancing Unicors [-1]
36. Cookeville Blockers [-10]
37. Regional Contenders

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SWL Fringe Announcement

We are excited to announce some drastic structural changes that we are making to the SWL Fringe division in order to encourage and streamline participation.

Reputation is a new system that will drive the SWL Fringe division. Basically, a teams reputation score will represent their prominence within the SWL Fringes. The teams with the greatest reputation represent the pillars of the SWL community, held in high regard throughout the Southern Wastes.

A teams reputation score can be seen on the Group Members tab of the SWL Fringe Page. Reputation points are continually earned throughout a teams life in the Southern Wastes as detailed below*.

Note: The reputation points system is currently a work in progress and is subject to potential changes as testing continues.

Ex SWL Teams
Teams that have participated in the Main SWL League have already built a reputation throughout the Southern Wastes. These teams have participated in the big time, appearing on Cablevision and in front of large crowds. Points accumulated for games played are cumulative.

+5 SWL Filler Team
+10 Ex SWL League team
+10 Playing more than 20 Games in SWL
+10 Playing more than 50 Games in SWL
+5 Winner of a Regional Division in SWL Career
+15 Winner of a Conference Division in SWL Career
+30 Winner of a Premiership in SWL Career
+30 On an URN Winning Team
+30 Playing more than 100 games in SWL
+50 Member of the SWL Hall of Fame

Friendly Fringe Games
Friendly games are generally unscheduled and arranged in #swl on irc. They work in a similar fashion to FUMBBLs ranked division but in a less restrictive format where players challenge each other and play outside any tournament.

+1 Losing a Friendly
+2 Drawing a Friendly
+3 Winning a Friendly

Trial of Blood
The Trial of Blood is the pre-season period during which potential new SWL League teams must first prove themselves worthy of entering the league by touring the SWL Fringe. The Trial of Blood period begins after the announcement of the first round draft and concludes at the commencement of the Regional division in the Main SWL League. At the end of the tournament, the Bloody Cup is awarded to the team that has amassed the most reputation points during the Trial of Blood period. There is no formal structure to the Trial of Blood, instead it works similar to Fringe Friendlies where coaches can organise games freely by challenging each other. The following rules apply:
[*] No team may play against the same coach more than once.
[*] Drafting teams must play at least two Trial of Blood games.
[*] Drafting teams may only play a maximum of 7 games, except where permission has been granted for further games. Drafting teams wishing to play more than 7 games must request permission from an administrator, which will only be granted if the team never had a reasonable chance to reach the 130 TV limit.
[*]All drafters must have a maximum TW of 130 with 0 gold before commencing the next SWL reggie season.
[*] There are no longer any TV limits for blooders. If a drafter doesnt like the look of your team, they are not obliged to play you.

+3 Each Pre Season Trial of Blood Participated In (at least 1 game against a drafted team)
+2 Losing a TOB Game
+3 Drawing a TOB Game
+4 Winning a TOB Game
+5 Bloody Cup Winner

Small Tournaments
Small Tournaments are classified as those that run on a non-consistent basis as determined by the tournament creator. These currently include SMACKS and Thunderdome Tournaments which kick off when participants are keen. If you would like to organise a Small Tournament, PM a Fringe Administrator.

+2 Losing a Tournament Game
+3 Drawing a Tournament Game
+4 Winning a Tournament Game
+5 Winning a Small Tournament

Large Tournaments
The SWL Fringe Major Tournaments are those which are scheduled to be run on an Annual Basis. Currently we have one Major Fringe Tournament, the Waikikamukau Bloodbowl Festival, which runs each year during the holiday period. We are working on another major tournament celebrating SWLs birthday.

+2 Losing a Tournament Game
+3 Drawing a Tournament Game
+4 Winning a Tournament Game
+5 Runner Up in a Big Tournament
+10 Winning a Big Tournament


How will points be tallied?
To begin with, coaches who wish to have their teams reputation score updated will be responsible for calculating their points and PMing me with their workings. I will then check the workings and update their score on the group page. We encourage coaches to keep track of this score on their teams BIO. After the initial score has been tallied, requests for reputation updates should be made at the conclusion of tournaments or on a semi-regular basis. We are currently working a script which will track scores automatically.

an example of how to PM workings (roughly in order of fringe games played)
Fake Team X
+10: SWL League Team
+10: More than 20 Games in SWL
+5: winning Regional
+3: Fringe Friendly Win (Really High Elves
+3: Fringe Friendly Win (Da Big Ladz)
+1: Fringe friendly Loss (Spawn of Bugger
+5: Participation in Pre Season SWL XLVII
+2: losing Trial of Blood (Sotek Sacred Spawning)
+5: Participaion in pre Season SWL XLVIII
+4:Win TOB (Slumbering Skink)
+3: Fringe Friendly Win (Mr Whippy)
+2: Fringe Friendly Draw (Brisbane Broncos)
+1: Fringe Friendly Loss (Really High Elves)
+2: Losing Large Tournament Game (Waikikamaku 2014 vs Da Big Ladz)

TOTAL= 55 Reputation

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So I get points for a loss?

Best news of 2016! Razz

"I gotta fever and the only prescription is MOAR COWBELL!!"
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Prem this season has a huge asterisk next to it. The greatest side ever to rock the SWL is absent. Not to mention another few drop outs. Does it even count?

(At this point in time I would like to say that yes it does, Prem is still Prem, but I am not going to be silent about how awesome I would have gone should I have played. The days of humble DDS are over, I am now the champ)

So back to things, this barely counts a season. Sort of like a preseason at AFL or something. Anyway....

1. Wings of the Condor
"I don't always roll +AG. When I do, I roll another +AG"
Relezite currently rocking three agility 6 players. He is chilling out in a Prem side that doesn't have a huge amount on tackle. I have been a fan of his for a while and I think that this season could well be it.

2. Sacred Spawning of Sotek
TD is currently 0 from 4 in his Prem runs, but he has a really good chance here. A depleted Prem, not to mention a monster side will fit him very well. I am concerned by his total lack of tackle, which I think will mean his will come up short.

3. Error 404 afterlife not found
Grumpsh is a gun, but his dice have gone cold in the last few games. It wasn't long ago he was holding the trophy high, and there is no reason he won't be back.

I'm just doing a top three this time around... peace out!

And don't forget who the champ is.

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Season LVII update:
No pearls have gone off but a belated congratulations for King Jareth, who managed to kill Lothario II, the original black pearler. However that pesky apoth brought him back to life, leaving only a fractured skull. -1AV is still great news for the division, it will make the splatter that much easier. King Jareth, we salute you.

Now, the end of the season means the coaching alliance now has enough money to offer another black pearl. Please get your votes in, they will be done on a 3-2-1 vote basis.


Feel free to discuss it in this thread but please PM me the votes. Voting will close at round 1 kick off, or possibly if we have clear winner. The candidates are:

The Abdominal Snowman
Ubirr III
Blue Lord
Blue Suede Shoes
Buck Hitchtree
Drew "Dr Jones" De La Rocha

Any additional nominees are welcome, I will add them to the list.

3 votes - Lothario II
2 votes - Franois Englert
1 vote - Viola
(example only, they're already on the list)

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Team Challenge - Season LXIII

Yet another Faction has joined the fray. H.A.N.D. a group of (mostly) human players has been welcomed into the Wastepac Team Challenge.

Sadly there is no ALIEN vs VILLAINS match this year. VILLAINS really could look at increasing its active membership. But in other matches there are plenty of fixtures (e.g. a whopping 14 fixtures in the DIBBL Invaders vs HAND match).

There is even a whole pool (Emily Regional LXIII) where every team has an affiliation to a Faction.

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Last season we had 13 Legendary players in SWL. This was tragically cut to 12 with the death of the great Orc blitzer Erigor Chabot. However, we were back to 13 by the end of the season with the ascension of the wight Red Knight II to Legend. Congratulations Red Knight II!!

With Intoxicated Mayhem parking and PSA still out we find ourselves with only 8 Legends to look up to this season. And none in Prem!

But there are legends in the making waiting in the wings. If these Superstars continue at their current SPP trajectories (and survive through 7 games), there will be four, possibly 5 new Legends this season.

Image Fran�ois Englert (Large Head-on Colliders), 461SPP
Image The Abdominal Snowman (Malapropism Mania), 243SPP
Image sneutrino (Large Head-on Colliders), 216SPP
Image Skinner II (Horrors Of Skye), 204SPP
Image Blue Lord (Horrors Of Skye), 203SPP
Image Kegman Eigil <RIP> (Wonga Wonga Whalekillers), 201SPP
Image Fish Oil Nilsson (Wonga Wonga Whalekillers), 187SPP
Image Red Knight II (Horrors Of Skye), 177SPP

LXIII New Entrants
Image Chuhui (Sacred Spawning of Sotek), 179SPP (Round 1)
Image Grumnir (Banner of the Black Stag), 176SPP (Round 3)
Image Viola (Wings of the Condor), 176SPP (Round 6)
Image Dodgy Dan (Redgum's Rodents), 188SPP (Round 6)

MAJOR EDIT (12/1): Robert Brout (333spp), never made it to the starting blocks. His career rudely ended representing SWL in the URN. Enjoy your retirement Robert. A true Legend of SWL

EDIT (25/1): While Grumnir was widely tipped (by his own coach at least) to be the first of the LXIII crop of Legends, it was instead a Saurus in Prem. Welcome Chuhui into the list of Legends

EDIT (5/2): Grumnir passes the milestone and becomes Legend.

EDIT (27/2): While the league still mourns the very recent passing of Kegman Eigil <RIP>, it is nonetheless happy to welcome a new Legend into the ranks. Stat freak Viola makes Legend.

EDIT (1/3): Dodgy Dan is having a great season, and makes LXIII's 4th new Legend

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Semitence's Sort of Predictions and Rambling Commentary

Quite a few newbies in Prem this season, RedMaul, ab08mi & dapperdan are all making first appearances (at least with their current teams). Stalwart Faulcon managed to avoid relegation by the skin of his teeth, and Tyra_Nid has managed to gain entry despite finishing fourth in his conference last season, making for his fourth promotion and fifth shot at a title. Dazed & Relezite return for a second tilt, joined by the Necromantic unforlorning dice rolling maestro himself, Grumpsh.

I'm not going to lie, Faulcon's squad isn't in great shape. That he managed to avoid relegation was a coup in itself. Apart from Llstrr (fast approaching Legend) his Saurus are either rookies or carrying multiple injuries, including a double niggle on Llsch. The +AG skink will make or break him in most games. Will struggle vs Grumpsh, as he'll be able to blow holes in them too easily (between Huge and Cabba), but experience will pay off vs the first timers. Looking at a mid-table finish.

I've been waiting for RedMaul to make prem for about 4 seasons now. FINALLY! This squad is looking really strong and has the potential to perform well. It will rely on the worst race in the fantasy setting a pace against what is a fairly quick paced prem squad. I fear that not many teams will be drawn into Red's favoured sideline grind tactics. Red will need to step his coaching up another next level if he wants to be a serious contender here. I think he might just fall short of the safety zone this time around.

**Did you know: Faulcon has played a whopping 431 games with the Skinks, yet has never had a Legend Saurus. Two skinks have made it, but no Saurus!

Grumpsh has a recent title under his belt and whilst he lost his +AG wolf, nothing much else has gone wrong for Error 404. His cas rate is huge, Huge has returned from the dead 3 times, and his fouls are headache inducingly effective. This is the team to beat this season. I'm still not sold on Sorris Canchell - I think he's a bit of a missed opportunity. If you can tie up the obvious Huge Axeman, it's Ghoulhardy & Pallid Jackson that are the real keys to success for Grumpsh. Will relish playing the High Elves and Dwarves. Contender.

dapperdan has lost a couple of players recently, including the important "Tangled" Frank Thorns. Shirl would have been an excellent ball carrier but has gone the hitter route, meaning his best blitzer is going to be ball carrying on offence. Greenstars have a solid record but are going to need a few good cas rolls to get through the big teams, and may struggle to stop the Elves scoring. This is my wildcard for the season.

I'm of the opinion that elves need a couple of really solid +stat players or a really REALLY good string of luck to take a title. The Jeagers will be relying on the latter. High Elves fare reasonably well in the attrition game and ab08mi has managed to get a decent spread of skills across the board. Relezite, Grumpsh and RedMaul will like this match-up. Should far well against dapperdan if he can avoid the Warriors. My view is that this will be a short trip to the big time this around.

According to Tyra_Nid, a Lizardman team is only ready with 6 Superstar Saurus and each skink having either block or wrestle, with a couple of +AG in between. He's not far off! 11 players isn't going to be enough and I'd like to see another Break tackle in there (Axoc would have been a solid choice) but it's got some good muscle, and two of the three rookie saurus have block - this is a huge improvement vs Faulcon's squad. Against these teams, he's a top 4 finish if he can keep his skinks healthy.

The Spelling Orcs are back for round 2. This is a very different squad to Stu's Stonewall Orcs, relying on MB hits and PO to get numbers and run it through. The Black Orcs are coming along and the Blitzers are strong, however the rest of the support cast has been starved of progression, meaning Dazed is running an 8 man team with a couple of tag alongs. The match vs dapperdan should be a great one for those of us wanting some bloody mayhem. If Roger gets going this is one of the two teams I can see beating Grumpsh. Top 4 finish.

I don't even want to know what Relezite did for Christer to get not 1, not 2 but THREE Ag6 players on his team. Not only that, but the stats have all fallen on positional players that are able to get maximum use out of them. Viola has been taunting us with a Black Pearl for a couple of seasons now, this is a great time to take it. There is a lot of hitting power in Prem this season, and AV7 isn't much to look at but I think Relezite is a solid coach and the players here are too good to not perform well. Should be a great match vs Grumpsh. Contender.

Contenders: Wings of the Condor, Error 404 Afterlife Not Found
Spoonerrific: Jaegers

Harlequins of Despair Conference

The worst thing about building a team to hit bashers is when you get stuck in a conference with 4 elf teams. How about a bit of Sympathy for the Fun Police!

Barre is on the recovery after a brutal URN campaign. RIP Robert Brout, may you be joined by Francois very soon. Preferably before I have to play against him. There is enough in the team to carry them to a top 3 position if he can slow the elfball.

The Drowboys had a slow start to their career but have won 3 of their last 4. Should still be a building season for Fynmore. He is really excited to meet the Police.

*Looks at Sentinels* Yep, still crippled, still performing. I love this team, and carl has done a heap of work for the league - including the flurry of "mini-teams" that have come about of late. Thank goodness Felaern (Khaine Incarnate) has bitten the dust. cdwat is still on the rebuild and would love some cash to get these guys back into contention.

Smegish is going to hit the 100 game hurdle this season (nice work!). The Mexican's are incredibly healthy (this is a comparative measure against previous Mexican teams). If his squad survives round 1 this could be a very good season for him.

I don't get the connection between the Unicorns and the player names, but Nuffle does, as Skywalker has the force. These guys made it to conf on his back, hopefully Keothi will be cool when I kill him.

Freezy Trees performance is inversely linked to how hard ramchop wants to win ALL the awards in conference. Boot, Shield, Knuckles, Fists, DIBBL, HAND you got it? I want it!

Dlock lost Lady Maple a short while ago, but has enough speed on the team that if you even think about coughing up the ball, the TD is just automatic. Going to run rings around the Police. The shootout between these guys and the Sentinels should be fun to watch.

Smegish for top spot here. Barre 2nd.

Spoonerific: I'm going to go with Keothi. I don't think he's tough enough to take on the bash, and the elf teams here all know how to score. I reckon it might be a tough one for him.

Mort Volente Conference

m0gw41 (seriously between you and ab08mi, we need to have rules on psuedonyms) has just finished a dominating run in Regionals and given the nature of his team, and his solid coaching record, is my wildcard for the conferences.

Beefy. Should be in Prem. Isn't. Has made is past fortis without taking any injuries and should dominate this conference.

It's a rebuild for tribalsinner after a too-soon promotion wrecked his still developing team, but you can never count him out.

Psych Lab will do what they love. Score some wild touchdowns and take a beating whilst doing it. I think they'll finish toward the lower end of the pack in part due to their all or nothing playstyle & that they haven't quite got the gutter runners ready to go yet.

If you ask mushoomy what you must do, he'll tell you never ever step on those blue suede shoes (I think he even avoided being fouled one game for that one) There is a couple of players on the team that have huge potential if they can get some block happening. Just 4 players with block on a TV1820 team gives me nightmares!

Jevouse keeps on finding ways to win with Steaked. I can't comment on his team because I still don't know how it works. Top 3 finisher.

Urban Nightmare did some real damage last season. I'm keen to watch him and Fortis go at it. Haven't seen any of his games as yet but Wex's squad is looking in good shape. The Ball Carrier Warrior is coming along nicely.

It was Easy Mode last season with Fortis leading the league in cas. Beefy has touched him up to start the season for no damage, but picking up a +ST on the substitute will mean he can start using the Bulls to bully. I'd like to see him take a bit more time in his turns to get the most out of these guys.

Beefy should place 1st here. Jevouse for two with m0g the wildcard.

Spoonerefic: If they are aren't careful, Easy Mode are headed back to reggies to bully the fresh meat. Excellent.

Elektric Boogaloo Conference

B2K taking the Whalekillers to reggies and coming back with a POMBer. The shame. Flippers is shaking his head from Whalehalla. A bit of a change in line-up with the Ulfs and Snow Troll this time around to spice it up for B2k. Mid-table finish.

The Chaos All Sorts have a delightful smattering of skills but will be heavily reliant on the unreliable big guys. If D_Arquebus can survive *that turn* each game, should continue to be able to build on a solid regional performance.

Bobs has flipped the Lizards for Elves and is already enjoying the pleasures of running a team half full of loners. Woop! Needs lots of work to build this team.

JK is still rocking 3 of the handiest legends around. This team is pretty much at its peak & I'd like to think Joe will be making a run at prem this season given this is the best squad in the conference. Good luck!

Chavo is back and would like to Pile On. Please proceed to mark up Damian and Dave. Or Don't, they'll find you. I suspect Chavo will have some fun this season and make a real go of it next time around. That Dr Jones is an amazing piece. Good to see the Dark Lord of SWL is still able to roll up stat freaks.

Nemesis Daemons are playing to the strengths of Pact, big guys and cheap hitters. I have a soft spot for Chaos Pact and these guys are looking solid. Similar to the All Sorts, given the nature of the team I can't see Longshanks finishing near the top of the table.

Oh dear. Terence is on double niggles. There has been a couple of big injuries and replacements lately. Redgum is good enough to get past these shortcomings if he can get the early TD's on Freddy and Soren. Dodgy Dan and Slick Simon will account for a win each alone, so these guys should be in the Top 3.

The Snowleopards have had a top start. No cas and a casual 4-1 vs the division's beatstick. Let's see if they can keep it up!

Game of the season will be Chavo vs B2K. Good camaraderie, great lulz.

I can't pick this div. I'll go with Joe on squad strength, and Chavo because lol your dudes are dead. Red will be knocking.

Spoonerific: I think it'll be a pact team. Toss a coin.

To the regional contenders: Good luck and foul all menz. Especially Tomay's!

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Dhingo Initiative is currently on 64 fringe rep (pending)

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Oh dear Nuffle, have there really been so many dropouts I've been promoted despite finishing 4th in conference!?

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Tyra_Nid wrote:
Oh dear Nuffle, have there really been so many dropouts I've been promoted despite finishing 4th in conference!?

Everyone was too scared for the big time this season, even the defending champs didn't want to play!

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Tyra_Nid, the top 4 in your conf were Dustbunny who's parked, followed by three teams on the same score. But the champ (he's really quite a big deal) has also parked, and so did Grod, so with 3 dropping out ahead of you, the next best three scores were all from your pool, 22 each.


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Ubirr III needs to die.
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