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Joined: Sep 14, 2015

Post 1 Posted: Feb 07, 2017 - 09:33 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome to the new and 20th season of ARR! Woo! Hails to Happygrue, Koadah, cdassak, and everyone else who has helped start and nurture this in various guises since its inception.

And thanks to all of you who continue to play and brave the box!

... Right sentimentality has been dealt with, onto business!

The ARR Sprint
We're not even a week into the ARR season yet, so shouldn't be a surprise that there are no completed sprints so far. Although we do have some early front-runners as usual...

Boom! It's been a while since I entered this team name at the beginning of a season, but they re-appeared late last season and promptly knocked out half a sprint that was almost good enough to win the Vamp title despite playing half the other contender's games. It's none other than kingvan's New Vamps on the Blood. As always, this enigmatic team is hard to predict appearances for - but one thing is for sure, if they're playing, tune in! Easily the most entertaining team in the box, and in this humble scribe's opinion, a truely legendARRy outfit. (8/0/1 33pts).

Second place is anothARR prolific activatARR, MattDakka's Red Bats slowly easing themselves into the swing of things. None of the flash of the New Vamps here, just solid, workmanlike and dare we say, for a vamp team, reliable drives. But it works. At 159 games they (just like the New Vamps) have qualified for the centARRion badge - but you'd never guess it given the ages of the Vamps on the team. Credit for the continual rebirth! (2/2/2 14pts)

Bringing up the vanguard in third is the Mighty Mootlings! Miceycraft's half-men battling the vagabonds of the box, one game at a time. They're not quite as old or storied as either of the teams in front of them, but at 54! games already and some great sprint performances to show for it, I think they're well on their way to becoming one of ARR favourite teams! Just don't say the words "come" and "hither" Image (2/0/6 14pts)

Stunty Sprint
With 'Flings in thARRd so far, it's no surprise that they are winning the stunty race too. The closest rivals for the overall stunty race are... also flings! Meatball20's Madmen with a box also braving the lesser trodden (and lower) path through the darkness and are sitting on 11pts (1/0/7).

Paul_Dieron's Disgusting Toilet Burble lead the goblin sprint so far in what is a relatively laid back start to what could be a tight race. Their 1/1/1 7pt record gives them a 1pt lead, but it's all just warming up there.

And in the ogre sprint Meatball20's Remember Da Titans have the lead. The ogre race is one I really don't like to predict, because frustration can be a bigger element than any other sprint, but we've quite a few teams here already played a game, and already 2 wins for the ogres in the box! The titans sit top with one of those wins, clear by 1pt after 5 games played (1/0/4 8pts).

It's nuffling FUMBBL CUP final time!!! Get yARR rocks ready, postpone your plans, let your hair go dARRty... and then repARResent ARR tonight at 21:30 bbtime!

In all seriousness, we salute evARRyone who took part and everyone who has supported the venture and ARR fundraising activities last season! I will post a final sumARRy of that after the FUBAR final has been played Smile

(now come cheer on the high elves!)

RemembARR, if thARR is anything you want added to ARR world or wish to see ARR stand up fARR (or if you just want to be more involved), all you have to do is speak up!

OvARR and Out!


(Link to last seasons standings & thread is here for anyone that missed it)


Joined: Nov 14, 2013

Post   Posted: Feb 07, 2017 - 14:20 Reply with quote Back to top

ARRsome stuff AD.

I have one. Shall the Walkens come out to play? Or is it time to play hARRd with some stunties/Vamps?

"I gotta fever and the only prescription is MOAR COWBELL!!"
"That's right... shop smart: shop S-Mart... You got that?"

Joined: Sep 14, 2015

Post   Posted: Apr 09, 2017 - 15:50 Reply with quote Back to top

We ARR springing into .. er, Spring (or autumn for you SouthARRn of the EquatARR folks, not quite the same ring though) Smile

The FARRst set of entirely 2017 sprints ARR complete!

22 Completed sprints, slightly down on last season, but the last sprint of the yeARR is always a lARRge participation event!

Let's get down to the awARRds!

Kingvan’s New Vamps on the Blood, came out of a short slumber to do what they do best - strut through the box and destroy teams (on the scoARRboARRd). Rolling more dice than Vegas' most desperate craps player, they've taken our top spot once moARR! 56pts (13/1/2).

Mattdakka’s Red Bats, come, biting at their heels, in second place. A completely diffARRent approach to vamping on display heARR, but also with impressive results! 53pts (11/4/1)

Harad’s No Frog or Jump Related Puns complete ARR top 3. Presumably at some point they may be able to afford an apothecary. Provided they don't have any more dead blitzers. These frogs managed to get into thARRd place playing the vast majority of their games with a pretty much rookie squad... and re-buying rookie blitzers. Dearie me. 51 pts (11/2/3)


Stunty sprint
Was grasping with heaving hands by the winners of the Ogre sprint! Aurnofrago's Amazing BoBOX! lived up to their name by producing the sort of Ogre sprint most people wouldn't believe possible! They were one short of equaling the all-time sprint record for pts, as well as one short of most wins... But they did break our recARRd for least defeats! A great showing! 44 pts (7/7/2)

Not far behind them though were the winners of the Halfling sprint! - Miceycraft's Mighty Mootlings resumed their campaign of terrARR on the box, and chalked up another winning sprint! With expensive mistakes reigning chaos on stunty teams, and the Mootlings in particular, it remains to be seen if this was a watershed moment, or merely a final stamp of excellence on CRP before BB2016 dominance... 40pts (6/6/4)

The Goblin sprint was also dominated in the end by Dirold's I Gigietti, who, playing at an average TV of 175.75, managed to complete a 50% winning sprint. Which is to say the least, a bit looney! Not even Triple Major Winners were safe from this lot! Another team that were ripped apart by EM, Hopefully they are now on their way back, having managed to return to having two trolls! 37pts (5/6/5)

Full standings are available here

All othARR top ten finishers can claim their loot here:
(That'd be Gseize's Dirty Dancer, MattDakka's Loec's Lynces, Nestoroide's Ranaldinhos Superstar Team, Arnaufrago's Amazing BoBOX, MattDakka's Tzunki's Hoppers, Miceycraft's Mighty Mootlings, and Suppurax's Bashlords for the main sprint)

EvARRyone who completed a sprint (16 games) can claim this:

And as always, we can’t be ARR without allowing some to lAARd it ovARR othARRs, so all top three racial finishARRs can claim the appropriate badge:
Image Image Image

If you wARR a brawl winARR in the last season (or previously but haven’t added the badge), then this one heARR is for you!

New Season thread to be posted SOOOOOON, Thanks to all and good luck for this season!


Joined: Sep 27, 2006

Post   Posted: May 20, 2017 - 16:28 Reply with quote Back to top

So, why isn't there an ARR! badge for a Major winnARR? Very Happy
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