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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 21, 2020 - 00:07
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The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg is a weekly league for New Zealand based coaches. Coaches from elsewhere able to commit to NZ prime time (7pm - 9pm nzt) are also welcome.

Season 21 kicks off on 28th June with what will be another great season, wizards, cards and all.

Teams new to DIBBL must have TV of 1500k or less (including treasury). Last season with the big stay at home, we also ran kiddie pools (up to TV1200 entry) and will do so again if there is demand for it.

The Leeg operates both Spiralling Expenses AND Expensive Mistakes to try and knee cap those monster teams.

Teams for S21 (so far):
Image Transfusion Time - ramchop Image
Image Old Murican Gods - Klazam Image
Image At the Mercy of Chaos - Trickey Image
Image Kobolds Bit My Baby - JPM Image
Image willington underbelly - pdarbs Image
Image Undercity Unlikeables - Felix17 Image
Image Back Alley Burglars - DustBunny Image
Image Dirty Rotten Filthy Scum - mushoomy Image
Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers - Happy_Amateur Image
Image Blackwater Glee Club - Foad Image
Image Ungirt Runnerz - smeborg Image
Image Yaphet Kotto - BlueMillionMiles Image
Image Da Freebootaz - D_Arquebus Image
Image Raging Bulls of Pretoria - Miyuso Image
Image Umbrage of Ulthuan - LictorZ Image
Image World's Edge Hornets - Sharper Image

PM ramchop if you'd like to sign up.

PM your opponents to organise your games. And post in this forum as much fluff as you like.

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Joined: Sep 02, 2007

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Foad’s Secret Ninja Icon Project!


So what is it?
- Umm, it’s a secret – even says so in the name.

Can you give us a hint?
- The first rule of SNIP says I can’t. So does the second rule. But these guys can, check out their replays.

They look pretty cool. Can I do that with my teams?
- At this stage, it’s in a pilot for DIBBL, kind of a proof of concept thing. But honestly, I don’t see why not.

So how do I get on board?
- Direct message me what race you want to run in DIBBL, with you desired team colours. Home colours should be light (like White/Yellow/Orange/Red) and Away colours should be dark (like Black/Purple/Green/Blue). Like Tottenham and Manchester United. From there I’ll create a link for you to create a team. Once they’ve been created they need to apply to DIBBL proper, and the league admin can import them.

Can I make my own icons for the SNIP?
-Yes, as long as they clearly designate the players that they represent. So sneaky Saurii in disguise as Skinks or Slann Blitzers hiding in the grass. The icons also become part of FUMBBL, so other people will re-use them if they're any good.

Can I get this done for my existing teams?


As in “No, you don’t mean no”?
-No. I mean “No” as in “No”

That sucks. My team has 100+ games, a rich history and is awesome.
-No can do. It is only available for new teams. I would if I could, but I can’t.

My team has played like 2 builders, and they are doing really well. Are you sure you can’t do this for an existing team?
-Yes, it’s a site functionality issue. It’s been in the pipe for a while for another project, but with people building teams up, I thought I’d put it out there as an option.

Can you do this for me for a team that aren’t going to be in DIBBL?
- I can, but it’s an amount of manual admin. It’s not much and I’m more than happy to do it for leagues that I’m in - but at this stage it’s a no. If you’re really keen, and a custom league admin – message me directly and we can talk.

They see me Trollin', they hatin'...

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 28, 2020 - 00:51
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Last call. Draw is happening tonight. DIBBL is opt in (not opt out like swl). If you want in, please let me know asap - here, #dibblkiwis, or pm

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Jul 05, 2020 - 09:34 Reply with quote Back to top

Chalky Dirkmeister here At the Mercy of Chaos hall of famer and I can tell you everyone is happy to see this shambles reappear.

At the Mercy of Chaos take on the legends that are Transfusion time, does anyone give them a chance. Well frankly no you have seen their record they persistently choke in the boot what will this season bring a dead cow me thinks.

New Recruit Meatbag Jones odds on favorite for not making it further than the tunnel. They will wish they were back fishing.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 13, 2020 - 13:51
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Lump Division
Who better to name the hard division after than a hard man?, Legend Ogre Lump (RIP). Bash, bash, bash, bash, bash, bash, bash, bash, bashy paper and rats. Poor rats.

ImageBlackwater Glee Club (Foad)
TW 2100k. There are a lot of nasty killer teams in this division and much blood will be spilled. However, Glee Club is the only team here who have actually won the Leeg. Their experience and monster Legend will see them bounce back from a disappointing S20 and be the top dogs of Lump.
Player to watch: The monster, The Mark, the wannabe DIBBL Legend Andrew "Starships" Cornell is suffering the effects of old age. But he still has what it takes to make coaches cry
Prediction: 1st in pool, Champion

Image Dirty Rotten Filthy Scum (mushoomy)
TV 2130k. Perennial chokers are still here and are determined to take the DIBBL's most treasured title. They'll succeed at this in Round 1 and wrest The Shield for coach mushoomy for the first time ever. However, this doesn't mean they won't choke, oh they'll choke when it comes to the Cup. In the grand final no less - the ultimate choke.
Player to watch: Queens really is Filth. A +St +Ma blodge pestigor, will hit Legend this season, but have a shocker in the play offs.
Prediction: 2nd in pool, beaten finalist

Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers (Happy_Amateur)
TV 2210k. In the big bash division, this is the biggest of the bash. So much claw to open cans with, and so many cans to open. The Buccaneers will lead the field in the cas count, and even scrape their way into the top play offs. They may struggle against paper, but that won't really hurt until post season.
Player to watch: +Ag, +Ma, dodge, block, Mash Kharnn, that's surely against the rules.
Prediction: 3rd in pool, exit first round of playoffs

Image Ungirt Runnerz (smeborg)
TW 1500k. There's a bit of a gap in TV between the old hands and the newcomers. The Runnerz had success in the kiddie pools last season and even earned the prized Shield. While they won't keep it, they are well coached enough to finish high in the table troubling all but the biggest teams.
Player to watch: This is very much a team team, but there is one player who stands above the others Gilbert doesn't seem that special, but that extra step of speed will see him doing most of the scoring.
Prediction: 4th in pool.

ImageBack Alley Burglars (DustBunny)
TV 1970k. Tragedies and Leeg taxes hurt the big ogres but they still have some monsters. While the opposition aren't so squishy this season, they aren't the sort to be dodging and running away either. Ogres will do plenty of punching, grinding bones aplenty.
Player to watch: Chop is the biggest ogre Ogre across all divisions in Fumbbl, and perhaps the known universe. What's left for him to achieve? A Leeg title would be nice - Chop will be disappointed
Prediction: 5th in pool

ImageUndercity Unlikeables (Felix17)
TV 1470k. Paper beats rock, and there's so much rock around for this paper to beat. 6th is a decent showing for a new team, pity there won't be much of the team left by the end of it.
Player to watch: MA10 gutter runners really are disgusting creatures. How long will Coronation Street survive?
Prediction: 6th in pool

ImageUmbrage of Ulthuan (LictorZ)
TV 1590k. With nearly as much block as a norse team, these bashy elves would monster agile teams. A pity this isn't the division for agile teams. The Umbrage will break.
Player to watch: It's hard to pick just who will be scoring the TDs in this team, how about sidestepper Rerne Shadowbinder? If she can sidestep death, then maybe she'll score a few.
Prediction: 7th in pool

ImageWorld's Edge Hornets (Sharper)
TV 1330k. Champion coach takes on a new team, and hires a tailor for them. The hornets are the first DIBBL team to sport custom threads. While this may impress, their performance on the field won't quite cut it this season. They're just too tiny
Player to watch: Kholaon'Soror has Dodge! Well done.
Prediction: 8th in pool

Image Columbus Gyros (Miyuso)
TW 1500k. Hardened veterans from the brutal Southern Wastes have ravaged the Deserted Isles for the past few seasons. will these Dorfs from the Northern Wastes to the same? "What?", I hear you say, "There's a Northern Wastes?" I neva heard of that place, bet I rip'd someone from there though!
Player to watch: Is it cheating to pick a player who gained super dorf strength after round one? Allan Hanson would never accuse me of cheating
Prediction: 9th in pool

Image Brutal Beefcakes (dirtyjambo)
TW 1350k. Baby orcs up from the kiddie pool. They'll impress... with their awesome pitch logo!
Player to watch: This team might not score any touchdowns but Montana may get a completion or two.
Prediction: Last in pool.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 15, 2020 - 11:09
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

striatum Division
Another DIBBL Legend who has yet to lift the trophy striatum a speedy little bugger. Whereas Lump is nearly all Bash, striatum appropriately needed the commish to partially rig the draw to inject some late rock into this pool.

Image Karaz-a-Karak Krakens (bojoaph)
TW 1890k. Top of the divsion will be that rock injection. Bojo's dorfs looking to continue the run of Southern Wasters locking locals out from glory. They'll do the dorf thing, but these cans will be opened in the semifinals.
Player to watch: Die Die DIE! Orin Onyxheart
Prediction: 1st in pool, beaten semifinalists

ImageTransfusion Time (ramchop)
TW 2390k. Speaking of overpowered, what could be more OP than the biggest team in the Leeg? DIBBL originals Transfusion Time have been absent since S13, and are back seeking to claim their third title.
Player to watch: Flame Princess looking to play her hundredth game this season, sadly the vamps won't get far enough into the playoffs to achieve this. She'll continue to kill and score though.
Prediction: 2nd in pool, beaten semifinalists

Image Otago Spirit (tussock)
TW 2260k. Spoiler: the big zons don't lose to dorfs in Round 1. After that it'll mostly be evading fireballs on their happy romp to the playoffs. Then they'll meet faces from the bash division and the happiness stops.
Player to watch: Legend Hollie Fraser will speed past many a failed tackle. She won't die this season, maybe the next one.
Prediction: 3rd in pool

ImageKobolds Bit My Baby (JPM)
TW 1840k. These babies have grown up fast. They have all the tools in the shed required to do great things this season. They don't have a Mr Pig though.
Player to watch: Tabriz such an agile creature, if he controls his hunger may even outdo the veteran vamps this season.
Prediction: 4th in pool

Image Da Freebootaz (D_Arquebus)
TW 1500k. The other bash team in the pool will enjoy the squishy opposition. The soft teams will be even softer after they cross paths with these orcs.
Ghazghkull Block, tackle, mighty blow. Nothing special, but it's enough in this division.
Prediction: 5th in pool

Imagewillington underbelly (pdarbs)
TV 1610k. Rats have an awful habit of getting exterminated. However, in this soft division they'll zip around pissing off the slower teams surviving to the end. Not sure why these guys won't finish higher up. Maybe the coach's addiction to fouling will see them all sent off.
Player to watch: While the gutter runners will share the scoring around, big Snee Az will keep all the cas to himself.
Prediction: 6th in pool

ImageOld 'Murican Gods (Klazam)
TV 1810k. A soft pool, but the glass will to continue to shatter for these cannons. Coach Klaz will fire enough shots to secure yet another crack at the Plate.
Player to watch: The big, the mighty, Rock Johnson one of the only ones left standing.
Prediction: 7th

ImageYaphet Kotto (BlueMillionMiles)
TW 1660k. In the non bash division you might expect to see a slew of elves. You might be disappointed as these are the only ones. And they'll be under-performing after the paper thin armour gets ripped to shreds.
Player to watch: The agility elf should be the one doing all the scoring. Baraqiel prefers to hurt things. No goblins for him in this league though.
Prediction: 8th

Image Extra Broken Legs (bunderlog)
TW 1040k. The smallest team in the whole Leeg. These baby rookie monkeys would ordinarily be guaranteed a spoon. However, good (yet slow) play from the apes will secure a rare win or two.
Player to watch: Declan Etmere has the size, will he get the skills to go with it. Either way he's a big Damn Dirty Ape!
Prediction: 9th

ImageAt the Mercy of Chaos Dibbl (Trickey)
TV 1770k. Now onto the real reason the apes won't come last. We love you Trickey!
Player to watch: This is one agile rat Albino Chipolta, will sadly die early. Though I've said that before.
Prediction: Spoon

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 19, 2020 - 07:58
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Rakhak's Hoof (aka "The Hoof", "The Rakhak")


The votes are in (only a week past the deadline).

Current player list:

ImageThe Mark: Andrew "Starships" Cornell. mushoomy knows how to hold a grudge, so of course nominated one of Foad's players. Starships is a horror, over 100 cas, a SWL legend. He used to be worse, until SWL admin castrated him of his piling on skill. Now only S4, but Foad wants him on the DIBBL Legend list.

Image The Overstayer: Orin Onyxheart. This loathsome creature dares show his face on the Deserted Isles! After what he did to Lorax. Somebody kill him! Kill him twice! (5 votes)

Image The Rush: Chop. What a Legend! All time biggest DIBBL star, record rusher! The biggest Ogre star FUMBBL has ever seen. Chop is guaranteed to be the Ogre with the ball, and I just dare you to stand in his way. (5 votes)

Image The Claw: Colossus. No stats, no doubles? What is this pretender doing on the list? 54 cas in 59 games. A CPOMBer! I thought they were extinct (5 votes)

Kill one of these lovely creatures and you can proudly display the Hoof trophy on your player bio, team bio, coach bio... wherever you see fit. Until someone takes it from you by killing another nominee.

The horseshoe, however is permanent, and may remain on your player's bio forever:


Image Brian "The Bagman" Berlusconi killed Image Blue Suede Shoes Season 14

The Hoof harvest:

Joined: Jan 14, 2019

Post   Posted: Jul 22, 2020 - 12:25 Reply with quote Back to top

LAMBHURLEY SHIELD CHALLENGE REPORT - (HOLDERS) Dirty Filthy Rotten Scum VS Deserted Isle Buccaneers

A stink so thick one could taste it hung in the air, a malarial fug threatening to suffocate those souls brave enough to attend the post-match conference. Unworldly noises came from the Scums dressing room as the players celebrated retaining the Lambhurley. The Buccaneers coach slowly shuffled into the mass of assembled journalists, looking like he had seen better days. New questions swirled in the collective minds of those waiting to ask them. Was he drunk again? Was he really that upset holding the Scum to a draw? Or was he finally contracting something disgusting and ultimately fatal from the diseased monsters he coached. A shaking hand reached for a glass of tepid water. The coach took a long sip, picked something out of his mouth... a hair maybe... and then pointed to someone in the front row.
"You." he croaked, inviting the first question.
From behind a makeshift facemask, a nervous journo stuttered it out. "That was a pretty humdrum draw. Certainly not the bloodsoaked battle I think most punters were expecting. I mean.. One all and only a couple of comparatively minor injuries." Silence settled on the conference room.
The coach leant forward. "Was there a question in that?"
"Well you know...." the journalist started but he was cut off.
"I mean, you're here to ask questions and when given the opportunity you make some banal statement that makes my boys look they weren't even trying out there. How dare you. HOW DARE YOU SIR! Up against some of the ugliest, nastiest players ever to grace the Blood Bowl pitch, playing their hearts out... putting their lives on the line to scrape through with a draw, A DRAW I might add that we weren't even rated to get... and that's what you've got to say!"
"I'm sorry.. I..."
"No don't apologise. How about you do your job.... how about you actually ask me a question about the game?"
Eyes darting around, looking desperately for any escape, the journalist finally stammered something out. "Like... like what?" he asked.
"I don't know..." The coach shouted, waving his arms hysterically. "What about asking ME what I thought of the game!" He was on his feet now.
The journalist tried to hide in his seat but failed miserably. He swallowed so hard the entire room heard it. Somewhere a woman fainted.
"What..." he stammered again. "What did you think of the game Coach?"
The coach leant forward, hands on the table. "Honestly. I thought it was a pretty humdrum draw. It certainly wasn't the bloodsoaked battle I was expecting." And with that he turned on his heel and stormed out of the conference room.
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