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Best Post Apocalyptic flop?
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Salute of the Jugger (called The Blood of heroes in some regions)
 16%  [ 31 ]
The Postman
 14%  [ 28 ]
Dredd (not the sly stallone one)
 23%  [ 46 ]
Deathrace 2000
 6%  [ 12 ]
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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 13:57 Reply with quote Back to top

Blood Bowl Season 2 – Preview

Page 1 – 20 looks to be covering the background fully. Which is good. Nice to see this done properly. Having read through it, it appears to be the exact same story told in previous editions. Though there are nice nods to clues to the 1st age of Blood Bowl in which slann brought the game to the world, and the 2nd age of Blood Bowl in which Khemri played the game, before a cataclysmic event turned everyone in khemri in to skeletons.

The Khemri background was first written about in 4th edition Blood Bowl magazines, in which a scholar Ruff the Unwize wrote his book the Ruff Guide to Khemri, which posited that khemri/nehekhara had played blood bowl in a age long forgotten that a cataclysmic even wiped out the population of this region and now the undead remains move around in a parody of their former selves.

This is potentially good news that Khemri will be included in the game since the designers have included this nod to the old khemri fluff.

The rules
Blood Bowl pitch, Turn markers, Scatter templates all remain the same.
Passing grid is the same as the FAQ’d pass grid from 2016 in which there is 1 extra square range on the diagonal long bomb compared with CRP.

Turnovers- Very hard to read this list but it is new. The standard stuff is there, player falls or knocked down in the active team, placed prone while holding the ball, fumble on pick up, failing a catch, fumble a pass, intercepted by opposition, scoring a TD, Caught committing a foul. There also appears to be a note saying if Pass is Deflected which is a new thing.

Too many players on the pitch. It is now explicitly written into the rules that a coach can place more than 11 players on the pitch. If the game starts before the coach noticed their own mistake then the opposing coach can send a player(s) off of their choice until there are only 11 aside. Not sure if this will be implemented on fumbbl, but technically its in the book now.

Kick off Table -
Get the ref – remains the same

Time Out – replaces Riot, it has been simplified, and the result is now determined rather than randomised. Decent change to make things quicker and easier. Though I still do not like this result and imo should be moved to number 12 as it is one of the biggest game changers now after the nerfs to the other kick of results

Solid Defence – replaces Perfect Defence – D3 +3 players can be reorganised now, but players that are moved must be “open”. Perfect change, almost exactly what I wanted to happen. Another very good change.

High Kick – stays the same

Cheering Fans – no longer gain a re-roll, now you add cheerleaders and the winner gets to roll on the prayers to nuffle table. No idea what this is, and this could be truly awful if it has similar effects to random play cards from previous editions. Hopefully it will be restrained in its power/effectiveness. Such as a player gains Might Blow till the end of the drive, or Sprint, or Pro. Worth noting is the removal of FAME which is a great change and again one I have wanted since its inception. So great changes again, simplifying the game and getting rid of pointless hang overs from previous editions.

Brilliant Coaching – moved to the most likely result 16.7%, compared to its 13.9% previously. This makes sense as Cheering fans no longer gives you an extra re-roll. So the probability of getting brilliant coaching has been ever so slightly increased, it also in theory makes coaches a slightly more worthwhile purchase, but they will still be mostly ignored other than a 30k inducement. Also worth noting that if the result is a tie no one gets a rr. It used to be both teams get a rr. Also RR has to be used in that drive or it is lost.

Change weather – stays the same but slightly less probable, again a good change as it is the most boring result on the table

Quick Snap – changed to D3+3 open players can move. Open means not in a TZ i assume. again a great change, exactly what I wanted. Small nerf to OTT gains that this KoT result used to give.

BLITZ – changed to D3 + 3 Open players. Again - a great change for one of the worst rules in the game. No longer will be absolutely game breaking at its worst.

Officious Ref – seems to use Fan Factor to add to the roll which is a shame as I’d rather that had been completely removed along with FAME, but we will have to wait to get the full rules to judge whether FF is useful again or if it’s a worthless hangover from a previous edition. As for the rule change it is a good one. Lessens the impact of Throw Rock. Not how I would have handled it, but it is a more streamlined rule, less dicey and no chance of losing a player forever through no fault of your own. As there is a 1 in 6 chance of the player getting sent off for coming to blows with the ref I guess this means the call can be argued and even a bribe can be used to keep your player on the pitch.

Pitch Invasion – Again rolling with Fan Factor as a modifier, only D3 players impacted by the invasion, again a great change. Softening the dicey impact of this one off event.

Throw Team Mate
I am not sure what it means when it says the TTM can’t be interfered with. I suspect this means it cannot be intercepted or deflected (not sure what deflected is at this point), but could this also mean Tackle Zones are ignored when making a TTM action?
It is also interesting that TTM has been moved out of the skill section to the Actions section of the rule book. Could this mean TTM does not count as a Pass action anymore? It is specifically referred to as a TTM Action, and not a Pass Action. So I believe it is a unique action now.

There are further modifiers here. You can now do a superb throw, which means there is a no negative modifier to landing. i think this means you can land on 3+ now instead of a 4+. Because it is typically Ag+3 then there may no longer be right stuff landing modifier and instead use this table where the result is typically -1, but you can now roll enough to get a Superb Throw. This also means in theory its possible to have Swoop landing on a 2+. Right stuff will likely just mean the player can be thrown

Hitting a bunch of players- currently only the first one you hit takes AV and injury rolls then you scatter and bounce off subsequent players without knocking them over until you land prone. In the new rules it looks like every player you scatter on to is knocked down and takes an AV and injury roll. Until you land in an empty square. In short stunty missiles are better.

Good changes all round. Streamlining the process, everything is on one page. Will also have the knock on effect of cleaning up the skill section of the rule book, no longer will there be a need for page long rules under the skill TTM.

Looks like you can jump over a prone or stunned player on a standard agility roll. There are further modifiers for being marked. but unclear how these work.

Passing the Ball
Mostly the same, now using the Pa stat to resolve the roll. So you no longer get +1 for quick pass, as the natural roll is already noted on a players stat line.
Fumble and wildly inaccurate pass change- a roll of a 1 is a fumble and ball bounces, whereas a modified result of a 1 is now a wildly inaccurate pass which is a scatter from the player throwing the ball.
Not a big change, but will possibly tie in with new skills, and maybe make safe throw better for example. A wildly inaccurate throw is potentially pretty catastrophic, and though there are steps to make passing better on the whole, I think this is something that makes them a little worse.
On the whole these changes have very little impact in isolation, we need to see how the new interception process works as there is also deflection now, I am assuming deflection will be something to do with passing when there is opposing player in your tackle zone.
The real changes to passing comes later in the new skills section, and how the rosters will change with the inclusion of the Pa stat.

Armour and Injury-
Armour tables for regular players and stunty players are now separate. No actual change here at face value. Just makes things easier to look up, you no longer need to think about modifiers and tables in your head. So the change is fine.

Injured by the crowd remains the same, this is shame to me, as I always like the LRB4 rule that was incorrectly implemented in the Skii Junkie Client wherein apo can’t be used on crowd injured players, this was always a fair way of causing injury to players regardless of their Av, it hurts all teams equally, a fair distribution of attrition would have been a nice mechanic instead of stacking it in one place. But its no big deal.

Casualty rolls have now moved away from the D68 table in which
½ was BH =50%, 1/6 was Mng =16.7%. 1/6 was permanent injury =16.7% and 1/6 was dead =16.7%,
Now the table is
6/16 BH =37.5%, 3/16 MNG = 18.75%, permanent injury =31.25% (3/16= niggle =18.75%, lasting injury 2/16= 12.5%), Dead 2/16 = 12.5%

The effects of this are much more permanent injuries, slightly less deaths and BH.

Niggles now only effect the cas table, instead of injury, which is a good change. It likely means you will keep the player around longer, as it hascvery little on the pitch/in game effect, just makes them more likely to pick up more permanent injuries, but importantly it does not impact the injury roll. A really good change. It only really impacts your consideration when electing to use an Apo or not.

There is also a typo on this page about characteristic reduction, as it suggests losing a point of Av actually gives you one more Av in future. But I think we all know the rules intent here. So rules lawyering this should not be a thing.

Good placement in the book, straight after injuries, no longer scattered over 3 locations, a solid change. For ease of use. Cannot be used on Mercs or journeymen, and re-worded to make it more straight forward.
NB though the Apo has not changed really, the odds of getting BH are reduced and the odds of MNG+ is much higher, so using the Apo on injuries is much worse. You used to have a 50% chance of rolling BH (which counted as healed). Now there is only a 37.%% chance of being "healed". This means using Apo on BH only is the best course of action now strategically. in turn increasing attrition.

I can barely ready this but I believe it remains the same. A little sad that IGMEOY has not returned. But I can’t see this ever returning because its complex for new coaches to get their head round. But still a shame in my books.

mostly the same, but I will comment where different.

Claw – now called Claws with an S…. dunno why. It has changed so the effect is same – still needing an 8+ to break Av, however this applied before modifiers in the new edition, which means Mb does not stack on the armour roll, though still can on injury. A positive change. I would still rather it reduced Av by 2 to a minimum of 8 rather than being a blanket av8, as I would like Av10 players to have some advantage here. But its still an ok change.

Disturbing presence – works the same, but some wording changes again signifying a change in how interceptions will work. We’ll have to wait for more on this. Also worth noting that disturbing Presence and Foul Appearance has asterisks next to them. There is nothing on the page explaining why, but I believe skills marked with an asterisk mean they are not optional, as Frenzy has one later on.

Iron hard skin – A counter to claw – seems a good inclusion in the list. A little surprised to see it in mutations rather than extraordinary skills. I wonder if we will see iron hand skin on any of the big guys? Like Ogre teams perhaps? Though as it is not on Treemen I suspect not.

Prehensile Tail – no longer stacks with other PTs, however it works again Leap as well now. A sensible change, and allows for the possibility of introducing a fimir team further down the line. A team that is otherwise a nightmare to design because of PT stacking, and a team that has already been hinted at in the fluff numerous times in this edition.

Tentacles - wording appears to have changed a little, but I cannot read it very well. i think it has been nerfed sadly. Still preferred the LRB4 version because of Pro synergy

Very Long Legs - works the same though it also allows the player to ignore the new Cloud Burst skill instead of safe throw. Also gain +1 to jumping over prone and stunned players,and ignore negative modifiers applied to the agility test to do so.
good changes, makes this skill much better.

Passing Skills

Accurate – nerfed so that you only get +1 to quick and short passes

Cannoneer – a new skill – the other half of Accurate really, get +1 to long and long bomb, not sure this slip of the accurate skill was needed really, in isolation it appears to be a poor change but with the new skill progression it might turn out ok.

Cloud Burster – New Skill - seems to replace some Safe Throw functionality, as it forces opposing players that intercept a long pass or long bomb to rr. Again not sure this is needed really, seems to be a nerf to safe throw splitting that skill up. Which is odd as it was rarely taken.

Fumblerooskie - New Skill - A player can place the ball on the floor when making a move or blitz action , and it doesn’t cause a turn over. Seems like a nice idea in theory bowl, but will it be taken, and it is also only available as a P skill? Again this will only be useful if there is a big shake up to how skills are taken.

On the Ball – New Skill –I have been informed this is Pass Block and Kick off return made into one skill. Which is a good change.

Running Pass – Player can continue to use the remainder of their Ma after passing is resolved. Again seems somewhat pointless in terms of tv effectiveness, I do like the inclusion of the skill though as it could see some nice plays, and allows you to give the ball to your catcher then lend an assist to breaking through a screen or something like that. Could be pretty useful if the passing game becomes as prevalent as the design intent is trying to make it.

Safe Pass – like safe through but nerfed, Cloud Burster got the other half of the skill this is for fumbles only. Again seems like a bad change, I do not think Safe Throw warranted a change.

General skills

Dirty Player – now has a +1 next to it. This is likely just to make it easier to look up how much it modifies by the roll, however in 2nd edition there were skill levels so it is possible DP can go up to +2, though I suspect this change will likely only occur in a Death Zone supplement further down the line.

Fend – No longer works when hit by Ball and Chain players. Small buff to ball and chain there, so that’s good. Looks the same apart from that.

Pro – Now requires a 3+ to succeed.
Also you can re-roll a single dice in a pool dice roll (not Av or injury dice), this means in a 3dice block for example you can use pro to re-roll just 1 block dice. Meaning you are not at risk of failing outright, you can keep the push then rr the other two if you like.
Which is a nice change, making the skill much more tempting on big guys, and much more necessary on vamps where its selection was already a solid choice. So it’s a decent buff to vamps. But you can’t rr a failed pro roll any more, probs a good change for simplified rules/streamlining.

Shadowing – hard to read but I think it is now easier to escape shadowing Sad

Ball and Chain I think is the same, tricky to read such long rules in such a blurry photo, its definitely been reworded. Looks like he can move on to a ball now and it doesnt cause a turn over.

Bombardier – Bombardier action can only be taken once a turn, so if there are 2 bombardiers on the pitch only 1 bomb can now be thrown a turn. If the bomb is caught you now roll 1 d6 on a 4+ it explodes. Making bomb interceptions must more risky. Bombs also have the effect of MB now - +1to av or inj.

Traits are back in some form. Brawler could be trait. Very little to go off here. Traits could be a race specific skill, we know Black Orcs have Brawler. This is a guess thought, the only thing we know is Traits are back.

Brawler -
May re-roll a single both down result on a block (not blitz) in your turn. (not sure this is an S skill or a Trait)

The Rosters
worth noting the rosters they have showed so far have the same composition so fears that teams would be designed to sprue have been allayed.

Each team has special rules written underneath it. I believe these will work like “Keywords” do in Age of Sigmar. So basically when we get a new inducement rule it was say any team with Underworld Challenge Special Rule can use this inducement, and so on. Or to assign star players to teams.

Ghoul and Mummies price has gone up 5k.
All players have been given the Pa stat. giving Skeletons a 6+ pass, wights a 5+ and Ghouls a 4+.
Skeletons, Zombies and Mummies do not have P on doubles, so no easy leader caddies.
Interestingly zombies and mummies have a – Dash for Pa. This means they cannot pass. This is a shame that you cannot do lucky as hell long bombs with a zombies now and stuff like that, seems a real shame to limit things in that way. But not a huge deal

Overall it mean this team is much less versatile.
They are now listed as Tier1, I will be interested to see if the tiers are split 1 2 and 3, or if they include the old tier1.5 in the list.

The team has 2 special rules, Masters of Undeath and Sylvania Spotlight. No idea what these do. I would assume the first is something to do with resurrecting players.

As with all team Pa has been given, making their throwers 2+ and Gutter Runners 4+, which means the team will be slightly worse at shifting the ball from one end of the pitch to the other solely with Gutter Runners. Blitzers have a 5+ Pa, and seemingly rat ogres cannot pass.
Again Linemen and Rat Ogres do not have P access on a double.
Wild Animal seems to have had a name change to Animal Savagery
Gutter Runners lose Weeping Daggers – really happy they got rid of this stupid rule
Special rule: Underworld Challenge

Stunties are all the same or worse at Passing now.
removal of P access on doubles for looney doom diver and fanatic
Ooligan loses Fan favourite and gains dirty player. As fame is removed from the game. But a good change, makes him functional now. -5k
Pogo +5k potentially new rules for Pogo?
Bomber +5k
Trained Trolls +5k, Loner is on a 3+, new skill projectile vomit.
Overall not sure I like the changes, loner should have been removed all together for Gobos. Anyone that has played this team enough know this. Its something though I guess. Bombers didn’t need an increase in price. Neither did pogo. Even if it is small, it just wasn’t needed.

Special rules – Badland Brawl, Bribery and Corription (assume this is cheap bribes), underworld challenge

Halfling Team
Catchers, linemen and trees lose P access on doubles.
Catchers are worse at passing, hefties 3+
everything basically the same
Special rules – Halfling thimble cup (Assume this is in reference to the eating competition in 2nd edition, and is the cheap master chef rule), Old World Classic.

new rosters

Black Orc Team
0-16 Goblins Bruiser linemen 45k 6 2 3+ 4+ 8+ Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Thick Skull A GPS
0-6 Black Orcs 90k 4 4 4+ 5+ 10+ Brawler, Grab GS AP
0-1 Trained Troll 115k 4 5 5+ 5+ 10+ always hungry, loner (3+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regen, TTM
RR 60k
tier 2

Special - Badlands Brawl, Bribery and corruption

Yes they are still a roster
0-16 Linemen 50k 6 3 3+ 4+ 9+ G As
0-2 Thrower 80k 6 3 3+ 2+ 9+ sure hands Pass GP AS
0-4 Catcher 60k 8 2 3+ 5+ 8+ Catch Dodge AG SP
0-4 Blitzer 85k 7 3 3+ 4+ 9+ Block GS AP
0-3 Halflings - standard stuff
0-1 Ogre 5 5 4+ 5+ 10+ Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), THick SKull, TTM
RR 50k
tier 1
special - Old World Classic

Imperial Noble teams
0-16 Impereal Retainer Linemen 45k 6 3 4+ 4+ 8+ Fend G AS
0-2 Impereal Thrower 75k 6 3 3+ 3+ 9+ Pass, Running Pass GP AS
0-2 Noble Blitzer 105k 7 3 3+ 4+ 9+ Block, Catch GA SP
0-4 Bodyguards 90k 6 3 3+ 5+ 9+ Stand Firm Wrestle
0-1 Ogre 5 5 4+ 5+ 10+ Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), THick SKull, TTM
RR 70k
tier 2
special - Old World Classic

Time Wasting

If a player is stalling defined as follows -
1. player is not marked
2. has the ball
3. can be activated and can walk into the opposing endzone without throwing a d6
4. can make it to the end zone without having to GFI or dodge

not sure about this bit, but its something like - A coach who wastes time by causing a turn over intentionally when their player is able to score a touchdown is declared as time wasting

There is nothing written about a punishment, it must be on a different page, this page just clarifies what time wasting is.

Skill Cost
Normal roll skill determined randomly: +10k
Normal roll skill chosen: +20k
Double roll skill determined randomly: +20k
Double roll skill chosen: +40k
+1Av: 10k
+1MA or +1PAs: 20k
+1Ag 40k
+1St 80k

Expensive Mistakes
This table is now more forgiving, not going to put the whole thing here, but in short there is less chance of losing money on each collumn. e.g. 190,000 used to be aD6 roll 1 to 2 minor incident 3 - 6 crisis averted. In the new rules it is: up to 195 on a roll of 1 minor incident 2- 6 crisis averted. and so on...

Teams in the book
Black Orc
Chaos Chosen
Chaos Renegades
Dark Elf
Elven Union
Imperial Nobility
Necromantic Horror
Shambling Undead
Underworld Denizens
Wood Elf

Looking like these rosters are dead for now at least, though could come back further down the line - Amazons, Chaos Dwarf, High Elf, Khemri, Norse, Vamps.

Slann I think are permanently dead, and never going to see the light of day again.


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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 14:14 Reply with quote Back to top

Thanks for the news!
By the way the cataclysmic event turning Nehekhara people into undead should be Nagash casting a spell to kill any living form on that land and as a side effect resurrecting the dead, but maybe the BB lore is different about that.

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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 14:24 Reply with quote Back to top

Wildly Inaccurate pass "Deviates" from the thrower's square, like an Interfered with pass Deviates from the square of the interfering player by the look of it. Only an inaccurate pass "scatters" from the target square.

"-" for passing means they can only fumble the pass, which ends the team turn but I guess frees up the ball. Wondering if handoffs are in the game at all, maybe only fumblerooski or you have to quick pass?

Ball and Chain no longer ends the turn when you scatter the ball, it's considered involuntary movement, so piling into a cage and kicking the ball free is all go, and also you roll the GFI/Rush before the block and auto-push when it's a failed GFI/Rush.


And yeah, looks really good overall. I think the gobs are massively improved, way better bombs, way better fanatic, less awful trolls, DP from day 1, that's all gold. Just needed a GA pogo. Very Happy


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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 14:34 Reply with quote Back to top

tussock wrote:

Ball and Chain no longer ends the turn when you scatter the ball, it's considered involuntary movement

ah that's good. found that page really tough to read. another good change

edit - made some changes above, based on info I have been given. ON the ball is Kick off Return and pass block combined


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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 15:21 Reply with quote Back to top

a few more changes, I think my reading of Tentacles and Shadowing is wrong. It looks like it is easier to escape both now, which is a shame.

I have also had some help translating german and put in a bit about Time Wasting. This concerns me a lot


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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 16:01 Reply with quote Back to top

Yeah shadowing and Tentacles are now on a D6 roll. These graphics that break down the change were posted by SquirrelDude on a discord I am in.



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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 16:06 Reply with quote Back to top

Garion wrote:

Bombardier – Bombardier action can only be taken once a turn, so if there are 2 bombardiers on the pitch only 1 bomb can now be thrown a turn. If the bomb is caught you now roll 1 d6 on a 4+ it explodes. Making bomb interceptions must more risky.

Note that a Mighty Blow effect is baked into Bombardier now (last line of text).

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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 16:33 Reply with quote Back to top

Also got around to making a throwing odds table based on this post by fidius. Replaced strong arm with cannoneer, as though strong arm is still in the game it's not clear what it does now.

Another edition, another ruleset where 1+ passing is the same as 2+ passing. Tables are lined up based on quick pass odds because that's more intuitive than the officially listed 1+/2+/3+ target numbers.


Edit, error was caught by Anubis2406. There should be an I for inaccurate and not an A for Agi 4 making a long bomb on a 2+ with strong arm and accurate in the old rules section, and for Agi 4 making a short pass on a 2+ with strong arm.

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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 16:49 Reply with quote Back to top

Remake Deathrace 2000 please.

Wait, remake all of these: Waterworld, The Postman, Deathsport, Cyborg, Salute of the Jugger.

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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 16:56
Reply with quote Back to top

Just a quick point to clarify something:

PA of '-' is explicitly stated to be an automatic fumble if you try to pass. Not even a 6 will save it.

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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 16:59 Reply with quote Back to top

Christer wrote:
Just a quick point to clarify something:

PA of '-' is explicitly stated to be an automatic fumble if you try to pass. Not even a 6 will save it.

thank you


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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 16:59 Reply with quote Back to top

Balle2000 wrote:
Remake Deathrace 2000 please.

they did, they called it deathrace 3000, it sucked


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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 17:10 Reply with quote Back to top

This is exciting. I dont like or agree with everything, but there is some good design here, and no examples of pure idiocy that I can see. Very unlike bb2016 which, while being great for revitalizing the hobby and bringing out lots of new minis, has done almost nothing in terms of good rules design imo.

Maybe Im being too optimistic for a change, but it looks like GW is taking the game more seriously than it has previously.

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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 17:12 Reply with quote Back to top

Thanks Garion (and anyone helping/doing similar stuff)

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Post   Posted: Aug 04, 2020 - 17:47 Reply with quote Back to top

Don't like that some players can't pass full stop. I could see it on players like Minos but part of the craziness of blood bowl is that success is only ever a 'six' away.
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