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Post   Posted: Apr 12, 2021 - 22:40
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The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg is a weekly league for New Zealand based coaches. Coaches from elsewhere able to commit to NZ prime time (7pm - 9pm nzt) are also welcome.

Season 24 kicked off on 11th April with what will be another great season, wizards, cards and all. First round is two weeks, then weekly after that.

The Leeg operates both Spiraling Expenses AND Expensive Mistakes to try and kneecap those monster teams.

Teams this season:

Grashnak's Gnarlies Division
Talabheim Timelords - Wozzaa Image
Toronto ArgoNutz - knine Image
Da Freebootaz - D_Arquebus Image
Ashenhall Owls - JPM Image
Madhead's Mountain Mob - Trickey Image
Nugget Bashers - Klazam Image
Foot Bone's Connected To - tussock Image
Pie Crust Killers - Kransky Image

Get Freaky With Frank Division
Da Sexy Buggerz - Felix17 Image
Blackwater Blitz - Foad Image
Freezy Trees - ramchop Image
Hauraki Horrors - DDAmAge Image
Industrial Rock n Roll - Kransky Image
Emotional Vampires - Hedgehogg Image
Dylans Rolling Thunder - Ross12 Image
Kick Back Attack - knineImage

Foot Bone's Connected To Division
Setra's Sons - Boriz Image
World's Edge Hornets - Sharper Image
Deserted Isle Buccaneers - Happy_Amateur Image
Valinor Football Club - Fool Image
Back Alley Burglars - DustBunny Image
Pugs not Drugs - mushoomy Image
Tyranoc Typhoons - Miyuso Image
Da Lunatic Fringe - Trickey Image

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Post   Posted: Apr 15, 2021 - 12:00
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

We'll start with the biggest, the Division with the only two teams topping 2300k. Named after the only team to win Crap Bowl twice, clearly not crap enough! Foot Bone's Connected To Division:

ImageWorld's Edge Hornets (Sharper)
TV 1940k. Shock losers to humans in the S22 final, the S21 champion Chaos are back to wrong some rights. Having won 4 of the last 5 seasons you might not want to bet against coach Sharper (but I will!).
Player to watch: Gor'Vivax Block, claw, tentacles, stand firm. This cow is a monster!
Prediction: 1st in pool, exit Semifinals

Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers (Happy_Amateur)
TV 2300k. Nurgle have never won DIBBL - come close, but never won it. The Buccs have shown they can win a final, albeit a second tier final. They will make teams cry, hopefully the ones crying the loudest will be a chaos team that'll finish just above these Nurgs in this pool.
Player to watch: Newest DIBBL Legend Lord Black Death Rotmaw and leading Hoof contender, is just not a very nice person.
Prediction: 2nd in pool, Runner-up

Image Valinor Football Club (Fool)
TV2310k These helves started last season at 2120k, and predictions were they'd end it in much worse shape. They certainly proved me wrong there. A very solid looking team, they should do well, but a bloody nose to someone special at an important moment in the season will see them just miss out on the finals.
Player to watch: Strength 5! Drizzt Do'Urden is someone special.
Prediction: 3rd in pool

ImagePugs Not Drugs (mushoomy)
TV1500k Double SWL Champs Pugs wouldn't be the first champion team to cross the ditch and taste glory on the Isles. However, they won't do it this season. There is a nasty pair of mighty blow wolves in this pack, but there are bigger and nastier monsters in the division that they'll have to survive against before the rest of their team beefs up.
Player to watch: A mighty blow wolf is a scary prospect, but Lime has the agility to push quickly beyond superstar.
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageSettra's Sons (Boriz)
TV 1730k. Another biggish rock team to pummel the poor scraps of paper in this violent division. But there are bigger, rockier teams who the Khemri will struggle against.
Player to watch: Broken bodies alone won't get the team close to the top tier, but Ag3 Ma6 blodge, surehands Un'kahk the Unlucky the skeleton might get them to the Plate. Blessed!
Prediction: 5rd in pool

ImageBack Alley Burglars (DustBunny)
TV 2240k. Glimmers of the old form will shine though this season. The famous Ogres giving a few of the top teams a scare.
Player to watch: Chop is the biggest ogre Ogre across all divisions in Fumbbl, and perhaps the known universe. What's left for him to achieve? Outdo the biggest human Ogre!
Prediction: 6th in pool

Image Tyranoc Typhoons Miyuso
TV1280k. Block, block, block. Skilling up the linos, this is looking like a more agile, better armoured norse team. Not glass, but no cannon. These babies will get slaughtered.
Player to watch: Igre Nichelle, the not ulf in this not norse helf team.
Prediction: 7th in pool

Image Lunatic Fringe
TV1220k. Goblins! An upgrade on the snotlings? I think coach Trickey would do better sticking with the snots. They at least could kill Legends.
Player to watch: I watched The Merc in Round 1. He died! But was resuscitated so we can enjoy the now niggled leaping chainsaw in R3.
Prediction: Spoon

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Post   Posted: Apr 17, 2021 - 01:48
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Next up we have a pool named after the Blood Bowl world's mightiest mino, and winner of Big Star Cauldron III. Grashnak's Gnarlies Division may not contain any teams who can field a minotaur, but I'm sure they'll honour the big cow with plenty of blood.

ImageAshenhall Owls (JPM)
TV 2050k. Least likely to spill blood (of others anyway) are due for some success in DIBBL. The Owl's have their name stamped on the Shield a few times, but apart from a couple of Plate wins (and only foreigners care about that piece of silverware) these longtimers have yet to achieve much in the Leeg. That's about to change.
Player to watch: Flint Burrows might need to fight his MA9 teammate for the ball occassionally. But if he wins that fight, he might just make Legend this season.
Prediction: 1st in pool, Champion

Image Da Freebootaz (D_Arquebus)
TW2250k. I wonder if tussock's claims that Orcs are a mediocre race at best are beginning to seed doubt in coach D_Arquebus' belief in these boyz. Well I believe in them (up to a point), and they're near certain to make the finals this season after a disappointing S23.
Player to watch: Thrower Zodgrod, might want to chuck the ball around a bit, before he gets bitter and twisted under BB20 changes and becomes selfish. Or he could just practice the selfish and continue to score TDs
Prediction: 2nd in pool. Exit playoffs

ImageToronto ArgoNutz (knine)
TW 1780k. Strong mummies, agile ghouls, and hard hitting wights. This team means business, but isn't quite there yet.
Player to watch: Ag4 leaper Peanut is injured, and has an Ag4 rival in the team. But he's the one to watch, if only for the sploosh.
Prediction: 3rd in pool

ImageTalabheim Timelords (Wozzaa)
TV 1410k. Humans have won DIBBL in recent history, and the last time this variety of people was in the Leeg they made the finals. Not this time, they'll get outrun by the speedsters, and outhit by the bashers, but still finish in the top half of the table.
Player to watch: Star blitzer Marco Schwarzenbach will go toe to toe against the big bashers, and murder a few flings.
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageNugget Bashers (Klazam)
TV 1500k. Klazam has a habit of making (and winning) the Plate. Unlikely to this season, but his troupe of 3 Block TGs will cause a lot of misery.
Player to watch: The only time that Ikkite isn't the scorer will be when he's off the pitch, or when nobody in the team scores at all.
Prediction: 5th in pool

ImageFoot Bone's Connected To (tussock)
TW 1500k. Not crap enough for Crap Bowl having won it twice, but too crap for DIBBL this season and will be battling for the Boot at season end. They may still be a bit crap but there is the beginnning of a solid team here.
Player to watch: Tibia made his mark when all his teammates bar one were skeletons. With added strength and agility he'll even outshine the newly recruited positionals
Prediction: 6th in pool

Image Madhead's Mountain Mob (Trickey)
TW1710k. It's a rare season indeed that this unruly mob don't collet a spoon. S24 will be a rare season.
Player to watch: Fox Meadows!!!!!! what a... spectacle.
Prediction: 7th in pool

Image Pie Crust Killers (Kransky)
TW910k. Coach Kransky showed last season what he could do with a team new to DIBBL reaching the grand final on debut. Now he's out to prove what he can do with a stunty team fresh to FUMBBL. Let's see if he can prove me wrong.
Player to watch: Crumpets... why? I like crumpets. mmmmm crumpets.
Prediction: Spoon

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Post   Posted: Apr 17, 2021 - 23:34
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Lastly we come to the most important pool, the one with the Shield in it. Get Freaky With Frank Division is named after everyone's favourite flesh golem Frank N Stein who carried his team to glory for Big Star Cauldron IV.

Image Da Sexy Buggerz (Felix17)
TW 2330k. The biggest threat threat to the Shield holders is currently no threat at all (same province = ineligible). While it's possible that may get their green mitts on it, for now the focus remains on qualifying for the finals. Jumping the gun and getting their biggest game won already, they're almost certain to get there.
Player to watch: Zak Efrork S4 Blodger will be very hard to take the ball from, scoring all the touch downs. And if you get in his way he has mighty blow too.
Prediction: 1st in pool. Exit semi finals

ImageBlackwater Blitz (Foad)
TV 1640k. Semifinalists last season, the veteran rats (185 games played!) will be disappointed with their first round lost to Da Sexy. However, they're a class act and will regroup to be in the mix at the end of the season.
Player to watch: A nasty ex-SWL Legend still here terrorising the locals High Stakes Lockwood CPOMBer!
Prediction: 2nd in pool, exit playoffs

ImageIndustrial Rock n Roll (Kransky)
TV 1390k. Most of the teams in this pool start this season below the TV1500k entry point. Kransky showed last season that a new team in not necessarily an impediment to success, and his chorfs are set to impress this time around. They won't be as impressive as the lizards were. But with 4 of the 5 blockers sporting mighty blow they'll leave a bloody mark.
Player to watch: A speedy bull Holden Ghazak will show that this team isn't only about the sploosh, they can score too.
Prediction: 3rd in pool

ImageFreezy Trees (ramchop)
TW 1540k. The coach may be not so secretly wishing that the team will shed the Shield so he can try something else. The players however may have other ideas. They'll defend the log o wood with every ounce of their being, but get trounced by the foreigners in the less important games and so finish mid-table.
Player to watch: Little Cat D doesn't quite know if he's a hitter or a baller. Hopefully he'll do a bit of both.
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageHauraki Horrors (DDAmAge112)
TW 1860k. The big undead "do not play". What they do is maim, and will be out to do it again.
Player to watch: Legend wight Roberts Revenge will continue to hurt people and claim mvps.
Prediction: 5th in pool

ImageDylans Rolling Thunder (Ross12)
TW 1310k. Northland get a rep in DIBBL. Small and squishy they won't do very well in their debut season. Maybe they'll pull off something magical in a Shield challenge.
Player to watch: Gutter runners are worth a watch, maybe Danko will emulate a frog with the boing boing Splat!
Prediction: 6th in pool

ImageEmotional Vampires (Hedgehogg)
TW 1280k. I do like to see a good vampire team in DIBBL, get's me all sentimental and emotional. Sadly, this isn't a good vampire team, not yet anyway
Player to watch: I want to watch the one with pass, but it's the blodger Your crazy mother in law who'll be doing the work.
Prediction: 7th in pool

Image Kick Back Attack
TW890k. The Leeg is blessed with not one, but two goblin teams this season. Joy! These are fresh from Crap Bowl, looking to slice though the opposition and slap on some skills for the next birthday bash in a year's time.
Player to watch: There's a block goblin on the team already, but everyone will be watching the Looney Husqvarnish Yaface Jr
Prediction: Spoon

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The Fox Meadows Saga

Season 3 A Fox in the Hen house

Chapter 1 Nut crackers

The Mad heads arrive for season 3 in a hell of a state. For those who haven't followed the sagas. Season 2 saw them fall at the first hurdle in the Wobbly Boot. This was mostly due to a shadowy figure throwing a brutal rock at Fox Meadows giving our hero a damaged back and ruling him out for the start of the season. Missing the start of the season is something of a habit. Anyway we cut into Harold and Fox talking............ [Que Music]

"Fox have you seen this" Harold shouts spluttering his sausage roll over his copy of the Blackwater Bugel.

"I have told you" Fox was feeling even less patient with his saw back it had seemed for ever since he threw a football. "Don't read that damn rag."

"But Fox the Bugel says we won't finish last it reckons there are worse teams than us!"


This was indeed a revelation The Madheads had been dead last each year and their form was nothing short of awful.

"Let me see that." Fox said starting to reach over then wincing in pain.

Harold scurried over with the paper. Folding the page over to show Fox. It was there in Black and White it read. "The Madheads will avoid the Spoon this year despite Fox Meadows best efforts to stuff things up".

Fox and Harold looked at each other. Maybe this is the season they both thought.

Out the gate was atough game against the shambling Undead side the Tronoto Agronutz.

Watching them warm up, so to speak, the squad couldn't help but feel sick the zombie figure of their old Troll slayer Grifter Gibbletstorm hobbling about the pitch. It was too much for Briskett who ran crying into the dug out and would play no part in the game.

Luckily for the Madheads Magoo managed to pick up a mercenary Ogre who had been hanging around the stadium.

Fox settled in to watch the game.

Though predictably Travis Hotwing exited play not quite as fast as debutante Herbert Humpledink who was escorted out of the casualty box and to the retirement home.

The Argonuts took the lead despite Douglas Puddingstone trying to recreate a Fox Meadows training field unfortunately Gogonfar Icehand fumbled the ball.

The second half started with another deep kick from Pecan and the Madheads scurried to pick up the ball and quickly got it down the far wing. The ball went loose but some fine foot work from Gogonfar Icehand saw them cross the chalk.

The Madheads rallied to hold the Nutz off and take the draw

Maybe this is our season is our time thought Fox to himself staring at the crumpled paper on the floor!

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Post   Posted: Apr 26, 2021 - 03:58
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Rakhak's Hoof (aka "The Hoof", "The Rakhak")


The votes are in (only 1 day past the deadline).

Current player list:

Image The Brute: Lord Black Death Rotmaw. Armour 9 and Foul Appearance, this monster may be tougher than your average target. 72 cas in 70 games, thie Legend is a danger alright (if your sense of smell allows you to get close enough). [7 votes]

Image The Greatest: Chop. Back on the list (why was he ever off it) is the biggest, baddest, bestest Ogre of all time. 520spp and counting, this is one Hoff that'll never get claimed. [4 votes]

Image The Chosen: Holden Ghazak. Your benevolent commish isn't petty. He wouldn't slap his two votes on a player who'd just beaten him with elfish nonsense in T16. No never. This bull will soon be as extinct as his Aussie brand namesake. [2 votes]

Image The Diva: Fox Meadows, heard of him? Voter turnout must have indeed been very low this season. Fox claims he can pass, but he certainly can run. And he'll need to, to avoid being the 2nd ever claimed Hoof. [2 votes]

Kill one of these lovely creatures and you can proudly display the Hoof trophy on your player bio, team bio, coach bio... wherever you see fit. Until someone takes it from you by killing another nominee.

The horseshoe, however is permanent, and may remain on your player's bio forever:


Image Brian "The Bagman" Berlusconi killed Image Blue Suede Shoes Season 14

The Hoof harvest:

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You can nominate Holden Gharzak for the Hoof, Ramchop, but be aware that Holden already has four strong hooves. A fifth hoof is only going to give him another +MA.

It is going to be new aim, over the rest of the tourney to try to boost this one play up as fast and as dodgy as I can, just to maximise annoyance.

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Round 5:

There will be a lump in Chop's throat and the Merc will look to remove it. Back Alley Burglars Vs the Lunatic Fringe. Will the Leap saw be alive to claim the Hoof?

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The Fox Meadows Saga

Season 3- A Fox in the Hen House

Chapter 2

Blood and Ice

Fox Meadows steps out in a blizzard.

"Twill be a cold day in hell before I get me Nuggets bashed" Harold Crumpetarese cheeps to Fox.

"Damn straight" spits Fox "I aint playing in the snow Magoo!"

Magoo shrugged and walked off pointing Harold and Ginger toward the line of scrimmage.

It had been a big week for Fox and it was certainly playing on his mind. Making the Dibbl Hoof hit list and being called a diva was enough to turn his latte sour. He perched himself on the pine to watch.

In the whisping snow Bask, Anibus and free booter hot head Ramtut the Third cut formidable figures. Gogonfar and Grog cut past him heading towards the pitch.

"Never fear Fox we got this!" Bellowed Gogonfar strutting into the snow. "No Dusty Tomb Kings have bested me before."

Velvetfoot kicked off and the Bashers started to do just that. Pounding the halfling front line and sending Silus Rothorn for an early bath. This incensed the back line of the dwarves and they sprinted forth into the battle.

Briskett originally the team mascot a hand reared beast that the original Dwarf Slayer Grifter Gibbletstorm had brought with him to the squad. Reared up and charged forth to tale on the Tomb Kings. Unfortunately he found himself at the pointy end of the Tomb Kings fist. His lifeless corpse hit the freezing astrogranite.

How can the light that burned so brightly! Suddenly burn so pale? Fox thought to himself. Weeping in the subs box.

The Bashers pushed on battering and pounding the hapless Madheads. Before crossing for the score.

Right said fox now is the time. Fox and Puddingstone ran on for the set up there was little time left but Fox knew the play. He set up in the Wide Zone ready to sneak a few yards on the defence. Before even the whistle could be blown a swarm of Basher were upon him hitting him to the ground. Out of nowhere deviant skeleton Ack-clac-kna came sliding across the ice to drop his bony knee into Fox's aching back. His cheek pressed against the cold astrogranite a wave of agony followed by darkness enveloped Fox.

He awoke on the apothecaries table unable to move. Is this the end for Fox!

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he Fox Meadows Saga- Season 3 A Fox in the Hen house

The Madheads gather deep in the woods at the burial ground of Grifter Gibbletstorm to place Briskett beside him.

"Come on Fox you can't let us just say our good byes" Harold chirps pushing Fox in a primitive wheelchair to the graveside.

"I just hate them seeing me like this!" Fox spits, "You know Harold I just..." Foxes voice trailed off as they approached the grave side it was clear no one was concerned about him.

The Dwarves were exchanging tales about Briskett.
"I remember when he was a young un an shat in me helmet."
"I remember when he scored against the Renegades."
"I remember when he ripped that Halflings head off." Said Madhead.
Everyone laughed.

"Right said Magoo we have had our most successful season in these Islands and its about time we continue our march on the Tickling Play offs".

It was apparent that one of Madheads aides had finally explained how the play offs worked.

Fox sat in the reserves box brooding over the fact that Madhead had brought in some sort of half cooked replacement for him. Along with crowd favourite the Mighty Zug and all star Chainsaw wielder Flint Churnblade.

Fox could barely watch the match as Da Frebooterz took the ascendancy.

Harold had been playing a fast and loose game throwing himself around the paddock. It wasn't going to end well an Orc Blitzer smashed into the ground. Fox leapt out of his seat ignoring the pain in his back and picked up the seemingly lifeless body of the halfling and rushed him to the apothecary.

Snarls the team medic in his usual surly demeanor said "Don't work wi Flings!"

"You what!" Said Fox grabbing the thickly built doctor by the top of his apron strings and piling him into the wall. "Fix him Now! Or I will fix you!!".

"Ok, Ok," said Snarls

He knelt down and injected the fling with a serum.

Harolds eyes shot open.

"What hit me Fox what hit me. Did we win."

"Not yet friend" said Fox holding his hand and squeezing it lightly. "Not yet."


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The Fox Meadows Saga- Season 3 A Fox in the Hen House

Chapter 5(?)A trip to the Morg

"Right who is on the schedule today Harold."

Harold sat in his chair drooling the unrelenting blow to his body in the previous game had took the spark out his eye and he had said barely a word since the incident.

"Pie....." said Harold his voice trailing off.

"Oh of course." Fox ran to the buffet next door and grabbed a handful of savouries.

He returned and Harold quickly stuffed them in his mouth though still saying "Pie..." and pointing.

Sure enough on the ground there was the schedule where he was pointing. Fox had a look. Written on the schedule it showed the opponents The Pie Crust Killers.

The Pie Crust killers were a new package in the league and the training field was buoyant with murmours of a walk over and even Old Red or the Ginger Bullet as he was nicknamed was saying how he was looking forward to handing out a beating.

Fox had doubts in his mind it had seemed like forever since he was on the Paddock and his back though not slowing him down anymore certianily he could still feel the shooting pain.

"Righto boys this is it time to shine yer hear me" Spat 'Madhead' Magoo the ever positive yet bewildering. "Thump erm hard and then thump erm again!"

The squad went tearing out on to the field "Oh and Fox."


"Just try and aviod Morg would you!"

Morg thought Fox Morg! Fox had grown up watching Morg on the cabal he never thought he would face him in real life. This certianily put a stutter in his step.

The mad heads set up in defnce and reluctanly Douglas Puddingstone was pushed into the line of scrimmage to face off against the two tree men and Morg. The Trees started pounding into the the front line, but it was Bertie "The Basketcase" Jawbreaker drawing first blood taking out a fling. In the back field Hotwing capitalised on a failure to pick up the ball. In his usual show boating inexplicably he refused to cross the line for a touchdown instead playing to the crowd.

"Just score it!" Shouted Fox who had his hands full with a barrage of halflings being thrown at his feet.

Out of nowhere an unknown Halfling pounded Hotwing into the ground and stole the ball they bundled it up the pitch for a quick score.

"Right" screamed Maggo "Time for the Ginger Bullet you know what to do Red, lets give them a taste of their own medicine.

Red Nodded and ran on to the pitch. Fox easily gathered the kick and handed it to Red. Vim picked up the halfling and then ten steps behind the play as usual. simply dropped him on his head. The end of the game for Red and the end of the Half.

"Right ok lets go for the classic Fox play this time we can count on you Fox cant we!"

"Damn straight I won't let you down". Magoo.

Again Barrilete and Hotwing charged up the field with the lumbering Icehand in hobbling pursuit.

Fox leapt on the ball only to see to his Horror Morg 'n' Thorg charging up the field to pound him. Panicking he threw the ball at him hoping the Ogre would be shocked Morg was an old had and the game though and this simply made him more angry. Fox was taken off on the stretcher but Snarls the team Apocerathy was quick to patch the star back up.

2-0 it was looking hopeless. This time though the play went the way of the Madheads and Fox spun out an impecible pass to Hotwing for him to cross the chalk. 2-1 there was life in the game still.

The Mad heads quickly set up on the defence and Barrilete managed to turn over the ball and Fox quickly regathered it. Rushing forward looking for that elusive pass. Unfortunately there was only Vim up the field and little time to cross the line himself. The full time whistle blew.

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he Fox Meadows Saga Season 3 A Fox in the Hen House

An Owl in the Hand

The Madheads and Fox strutted out to the Owls home paddock.

Mad head was quick to give the team the low down on the Elves.

"Listen Mob these pansies need sorted nothing I hate more than an elf." Mad head said spluttering his disgust around the changing shed.

"Watch out fir the damn tree though aviod that I tell the!" he continued

Fox had been studying the Owls form for a while they had a pedigree in Dibbl and had a long history of success, holding the Lambhurely shield threatening the tickling play off a record that Fox could only dream of.

"Harold" said Fox "one day we will have a record like that! I know we will!" Leaning over to his little buddy and wistfully watching Flint Burrows throw spiraling passes inch perfect across the length of the field to Sage Dunn.

Charging out on to the field Fox was determined to impress he chased the deep kick needing to erase the embarrassment of the Pie crust debacle. The Owls leapt into action and were quickly all over the pitch and hot on attack the sight of Tyr Ashenhall baring down on Fox was enough to make hi drop the ball and the Wardancer smashed him into the ground before crossing the chalk.

The crowd started laughing as the Madheads just couldn't get a grip on the game the elves were quick to get out of contact and had no interest in the fight. Poor Harold got pounded into the ground by Vim trying to throw him up the pitch in the only Notable play of the game.

Deep in the second half though Fox thought this is it and hurtled up the field trying to throw a perfectly weighted pass to Travis Hot wing. The Long effort went a long way off but luckily he was quick to regather the ball and threw a shorter pass under the sneer of Flint for Hotwing to score.

Fox was quick to leave the field. Was this their season over again?

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Post   Posted: May 26, 2021 - 10:56
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Northland! It's been a while since we welcomed a new province for a Shield challenge (OK, less than a year, not that long). These rats from the winterless north descend upon Wellington with a solid record for their first season in the Leeg. However, the defenders have a point to prove. Hold off this challenge and we'll knock both Crouching Saurus and Transfusion Time off their 10 consecutive defence record perches. The norse have had a brutal season so far, will the glass hold out in this key fixture.

Image Image Image

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"Remember me" screamed Fox Meadows "Remember me!"

Feverishly banging on the door of Wozza the magnificent coach of the Tablheim Timelords.

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“The Fox Meadows Saga Season 3 a Fox in the Hen house

"Remember me" screamed Fox Meadows "Remember me!"

Feverishly banging on the door of Wozza the magnificent coach of the Tablheim Timelords.

***** Back to the start of the day************


"And I tell you this Harold they will rue the day they didn't sign Fox Meadows" Fox spat.

He could still remember it like it was yesterday (A flash back within a flashback is an English teachers nightmare-ed)Wozza the magnificent in his flowing robes walking off with Gerbher Paulsen a two bit nobody who had tripped Fox in the crush.

"Just play your game Fox" Said Harold Crumpetarse seemingly more interested in his hot bovril.

"There here there here!" Said Kieth 'Moonface' Beazley the sprightly debutante halfling. Fox had grown quite fond of the little fella since he replaced Ginger it was nice to have someone so upbeat around.

"Ok calm down they are only humans after all". said Fox Smiling at the wee fella. "I should go and say hello I guess"

Fox nipped along the corridor of their makeshift home the Vagabowl and walked into the timelords changing room. As expected they had brought their legendary Hot tub with them. They were all nosily chatting away while Wozz the Magnifecent was strolling around in full wizard regalia moving tiny pices on a board and explaining the play to Vincent Throg' n' Meier.

"Hi guys just coming into to say good luck out there today."

The squad turned and looked blankly at Fox and the two Halflings.

"Thanks" said Wozz "I must admit it is most unusual for the canteen staff to come and say good luck to the visiting team."

"Sorry what" said Fox.

"Oh I just meant we aren't use to seeing the canteen staff in our...."

"Canteen Staff! Canteen Staff!!!" Spat Fox getting closer to Woz only to have a line of the player close up between him. "You remember me! Say my name you know it."

"Ermm." Wozz looked puzzled. "Well you aint Flint Burrows so who are you."

"Fox Meadows Fox Meadows that is who I am, you heard the press in the Blackwater bugel I know you have." Fox was red with anger now.

"You told us not to read that rag" interjected Harold.

"Shut up Harold!" grunted Fox.

"Oh ok Fox was it good luck to you go and enjoy yourself."

Fox stormed out the room.

I will bloody enjoy myself he thought. Harold was still in the changing room explaining it was customary for the visitors to supply cake.

Fox couldn't concentrate on anything post the locker room. Madhead Magoo's usual rousing speech just falling on def ears. He ran out behind the rest of the team ready to kick off ignoring everything but Grebher Paulsen gave him a knowing look and a raise of the eyebrows.

You bastard thought Fox. The game started and the Timelords ripped into their task seemingly all the dwarves were the target of some brutal hits and quickly Icehand and Grog exited the field.

Grbher picked up the ball and sauntered up the field. Hot wing shouted out to Fox "Lets show them brother!!" The two of them put in a shift trying to keep the humans out to some success. Inevitably they crossed the line eventually.

Setting up in attack Hotwing said to Fox "Listen mate we got this." He tore up the field and managed to squirm away from relentless hits up the field. Fox finally sprinted past the screen set up before him and sent a huge spiralling pass the length of the pitch to Trvis Hotwings waiting hands the home crowd went mad. "Fox! Fox! Fox!" they screamed. Wozz the magnificent turned round looking some what bemused.

The battle went on and Fox and Hotwing led the resistance with a well timed blitz from kick off. Unfortunately the Timelords faked the other way to leave them scrambling to keep them out. Fox continued to push but the just couldn't break the Time lords cage.

And they walked in for another score deep in the 2nd half. As the full time whistle went. Fox ran toward the Timelords huddle singling out Wozza the magnificent.

"Remember me now ay" Fox repeated frothing a the mouse as the sleek robed figure backed away.

"I said remember me!!" He shouted as Wozza started to scuttle off the time lord forming a wall. Fox continued to push forth and the whole team started backing into the Tunnel. Vim and Barrilete joined Fox Vim saying "yeh" repeatedly seemingly just getting excited by the whole thing and Cosmico saying "Ci" a lot.

The Timelords all backed into their changing shed and shut the door with Fox trying to Force it open the finally bolted it.

"Remember me" screamed Fox Meadows "Remember me!"

Feverishly banging on the door of Wozza the magnificent coach of the Tablheim Timelords.
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