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 Issue 4 - January 3, 2504
Tourney Roundup

Hello and Good-day all you bloodthirsty Blood Bowl fans. This is your local reporter informing you about all the exciting new tournaments in the FUMBBL world!

First off we tried to reach Bunnypuncher, a local Blood Bowl coach for a personal interview, but the jammy git seemed to be out of town, and was unavailable. But because we can not show up without a scoop we went out and got the information for ourselves! He has created a tournament called Lost Vegas Div-T Championship. He introduced gambling to the already action-packed game! So all you gamblers anonymous go and look for that Lost Vegas league! This truly unique concept will surely have lots of followers, and we hope the tournament will be a slamming success. The tournament is split up in three leagues. The Lightweighters are teams with 100-150 team rating. The Middleweighters play with team ratings of 150-200 and the Heavyweighters are 200+ rating. Anybody can go and try to be the champion by defeating the current champion. At the end of the season a golden victory belt will be awarded to each weight class to the team that won the most matches in that class... This will be very exciting to say the least! Keep posted for more info....

Secondly we took a look at the most idiotic and dehinged individual league. Its called S.T.U.P.I.D (Silly Tantalising Underpowered Pugnant Ignorant Dumbguys). The rules are simple, only idiots are allowed to play (one coach mentioned something of only players that cost 50,000 gold or less) no more than 12 players, no rerolls, and start with FF1 (nobody wants to watch these games). So far a few games have been played, and most say they really enjoyed it.

Finally, if anybody wants to have their tournament included in the Grotty Little Newspaper Dreadclaw a private message! We will try to write about it, interviewing the owner, and giving a fair and honest review of the thing!


Group/Tournament Reports

Wide World of Bloodbowl UPDATE by Commish Mully

The WWB is in its 4th week and going strong.

The four division leaders are Chaaarge!, coached by Ug, Grugni's Grudgebearers coached by Lurking Grue, Silver Pegasus coached by Neverdodge, and World of Sport Legends coached by m0nty. Not surprisingly, the teams that start off with Block have the early advantage. We'll see if they can keep that advantage the second half of the season.

The STAR of the league so far is hobgoblin Sam Newman of the World of Sport Legends with 6 TDs and 27 SPPs.
"I couldn't do it without my short and grumpy line, blockers Kevin Bartlett and Bobby Davis!" he said.
Dave Dickinson thrower for Mal Havoc is the passing leader with 9 completions.
Oddly enough the league has yet to see an interception in the first 40 games.

We have instituted sudden death overtime and, already, 11 games have been decided in this manner. This seems to be a big hit among the coaches.

Anyone interested joing an expanded league for season #2, sign up for the MINOR LEAGUE OF BLOODBOWL*
*play 12 games over the next 8 months, and wait for the invite.


Battle Bowl is looking for coaches with the will to try and survive through hell and back. Do you think you got what it takes to lead a group of coaches to victory?? Then sign up today name your country and lets get some teams shall we.


Commish Ludakk is looking for a few dedicated Euro coaches to join the Brutal Blood Bowl League, your matches will start as soon as you join. Need a fresh tr 100 LRB team and you are good to go.
League Commisioner Ludakk


55 coaches have taken up the challenge of the Anarchists Never Avoid Real Carnage! Hospitalizing Instant Stunty Tournament (A.N.A.R.C.H.I.S.T.). All of them have seen their FunFactor increase markedly. Seventeen mayhem-filled Instant Stunty Tournaments (ISTs) have been completed.

Tournament Highlights:

  • DreadClaw leads the anarchist points race with 141 pts followed by Elara (136 pts), Fazer (130 pts), Criket (130 pts) and Rednight (113 pts).
  • Goblins rampaged their way to 7 IST wins, Chaos Halflings carved their way to 4 IST wins, Snotlings pumped their way to 3 IST wins, Nurlings grinded their way to 7 IST wins and the Goblin Cheaters cheated their way to an IST win.
  • ISTs are usually held on Saturdays at 6 PM BBT (GMT -1) and on Sundays at 8 PM BBT. Occassionally their has been such great demand that 2 ISTs have been run on the same day. The goal is to run as many ISTs as possible. If Evo is online and their are 8 [s] coaches ready to rumble, he will start an IST at any time.
  • The group has steadily grown to 82 teams. More [s] coaches are welcome to join. Their is no commitment as you can play in as many or as few ISTs as you'd like. If the numbers keep on increasing, I may designate one day for Elite Stunty Teams and the other day for Newbie Stunty Teams (with a TR cap).
  • To facilitate all this stunty mayhem, there is the #anarchist channel. It is used to coordinate the ISTs. Feel free to use it to hook up with other [s] coaches for normal stunty matches or to test out some of the experiMENTAL rosters for stunty (More on experiMENTAL rosters in the next issue of the GLN).
  • To join the A.N.A.R.C.H.I.S.T. & for complete IST results


E.V.I.L. season 1's Championship goes to Les Nabots. Congratulation to Albator2001 and Les Nabots, champion of the first season with 518 pts! Ceremony with free supper (halflings thigh, fairies' wings and bloody wine from all thoses who perished) January 03 2054 for all who show up. Season 2 is starting today. Have fun to all and be...E.V.I.L.!
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