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 Issue 8 - September 17 2506
Coaches Couch - Part Two

GLN: We've mentioned stars. Are they essential in FUMBBL SMACKs? Are they tourney winners?
RedFish: Depends on the teams facing each other, obviously.
Frankenstein: That's why Undead and Khemri have won so many FUMBBL SMACKs, Chaos Dwarves too (Hthark).
RedFish: True. They can be a big influence, but the more advanced the teams playing the less influence Stars have.
sk8bcn: I tend to try to have cash for a star in finals. You won't face them in the first round, though, maybe in semis, very likely in final, but not in first round.
stormknight: Yep, but there’s good odds to meet "Ripper" or the Count.
Frankenstein: Imagine Undead, Khemri and Necromantic without Count Luthor and/or Ramtut.
RedFish: I guess that's one advantage to Legend. Stars don't unbalance as much as in the mid-rangers.

GLN: Ramtut, The Count and Hthark. No one has mentioned Morg’N’Thorg. Is he over-rated?
Frankenstein: Morg’N’Thorg is excellent, but doesn't change the entire team by his presence, I'd say, he isn't such a tank as the other 3 mentioned.
RedFish: Hmm. I think he often ends up being an expensive road block, or a ball carrier that could have been used better. The others are more versatile and mobile.

GLN: In terms of entering teams. Do you prefer to come in with a team right on the limit (150, 175 etc.) and is that with cash in the bank? Or a tough squad? Or is it ok to enter below the line?
RedFish: I prefer it if all teams are as close to the limit as possible with no cash to spare. But everything’s fine really, as long as the 175 and the 151 don't meet first.
stormknight: Well it’s fine to enter as they are. I just go for it...
Frankenstein: Preferably at the limit for me
sk8bcn: I always tried to enter at the very limit. But lately, I entered this team a little lower + an MNG player and I reached the finals. The tendency isn't that much anymore in power gaming, I think.

GLN: Do you ever 'clip' a team to get down to the line? Dropping a coach, cash or even a player? Does that work? Or leave you vulnerable?
RedFish: Sure - often hire and fire a coach, drop an injured player etc. Whatever it takes to get in the FUMBBL SMACK that seems to be forming.
Frankenstein: Definitely, works perfectly.
sk8bcn: I did at TR 205 or so, didn't prevent me to lose though. But it's worth it since tournaments are much funnier than one off games.
RedFish: Sure are.
stormknight: Yes... Once... First one but not last. It's good to have an optimal team when one enters... Then one has higher chances of success.
RedFish: And again - you can usually be sure the FUMBBL SMACK is done within a short period of time so you get the satisfaction of seeing it to the end, either as winner or loser.

GLN: Lately we've seen a large number of multiple DP teams do well in FUMBBL SMACKs. Are DP's essential?
RedFish: I've won a couple of FUMBBL SMACKs with my Lizardmen who have no DP - against heavy DP teams. Fouling isn't the end all and be all of BB, unless you allow it to be.
sk8bcn: I have no clue. My lineperson gets kick as first skill then DP. And multiple DP vs. one DP isn't that much of an advantage.
RedFish: Unless you are playing one of the Undead teams and you have loads of DP’s. That can pack a punch I'd reckon.
Frankenstein: I will always try to have two. However, my dwarves reached the semi-finals of GLT II without a single DP. Thus, dwarves might be dirty enough by themselves.
stormknight: Well it depends on the team. Orcs don't need them as much as say Skaven do. It's the 'who has most players on the field' mentality.
RedFish: Skaven don't need to get into a foul war - on the contrary. I'd say Skaven could do decently without a DP but in general Skaven are a weak tourney team. Unless you get lucky on CAS against.
Frankenstein: Anyhow, the mere presence of a DP changes the entire flow of a game, you can't afford to leave important players unprotected, and the psychological impact can be massive as well.
RedFish: True - often makes players realize they can't just run their star receiver down deep. 'Cause that boot has his name on it.
sk8bcn: I agree to Frankenstein. I faced a team with two DP and started directly to foul, assuming he will surely do.

GLN: Can a FUMBBL SMACK be won without a DP? And without fouling?
stormknight: Yes...
RedFish: As I said - I've done it so everyone else should be able to. One can always win without fouling, fouling just makes it easier - sometimes.
sk8bcn: Of course it can be done. DP is a good skill but you can't safely foul twice in a row.
Frankenstein: Of course it 'can', but it can be won much more easily with a healthy assortment of DPs.

GLN: Is FUMBBLSMACK addictive? If so, Why?
RedFish: Addictive? I wouldn't say that - it's just a good way to get your tourney-fix. Hmm, 'Not addictive' and 'fix' in the same sentence. Back-to-back games add a different thrill, so yeah the tension can be higher.
sk8bcn: Well if you get past a few rounds, I think so. Some little early throw outs by bad luck and you can get disgusted.
stormknight: I would say yes to that. One just doesn’t know who or what will come next.
sk8bcn: Overprotecting your CR may be a problem, you bet many points in FUMBBL SMACKs, better don't lose if you care about it.
stormknight: Then you don't have the right to it.

GLN: Is there any advice you'd give a coach that has never played a FUMBBL SMACK and is looking to maybe do so?
RedFish: Try it? It's a good way of getting introduced to tourneys. Just remember that it can take a load of your time to wrap up.
sk8bcn: Join and hang in the FUMBBL SMACK channel (#fumbblsmack). If you have time a week-end, advertise for it.
stormknight: Don't be afraid to lose something.
sk8bcn: And you'll soon try something out that is really hard!
stormknight: And fun!
RedFish: Yarr - it gives you 'blood on your teeth'. I have no idea how the saying goes in English.
sk8bcn: If you win one, I am sure you will be proud of the title.
Frankenstein: Be prepared to encounter psychological warfare, don't pay any attention to whining/slow play/high CR, foul even if your opponent claims the game was decided, you never know what's going to happen. If you don't foul, be aware that is a luxury you afford at your own risk (I do quite often).
RedFish: Yeah - as in any tourney there can be people who will use ANY means of winning the game. Even ones not game-related.
sk8bcn: like starting a webcam and proving he plays nude?
Frankenstein: Don't let the minority of pathetic coaches intimidate you - or spoil your fun.

GLN: Any FUMBBL SMACK coaches, that aren’t here, that you respect and want to 'Big Up'?
stormknight: Emphasy.
Frankenstein: No, they all suck big time, including those in this chat. *Wink*
sk8bcn: Flix, one of the most terrific coaches on FUMBBL.
RedFish: Smess - but he's done well in most things he's done.
Frankenstein: Yeah, Flix.

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