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 Issue 8 - September 17 2506
Grotty Little Tournament II Review
by Angie (formerly known as mikafreak)

The Grotty Little Newspaper is proud to present the Grotty Little Tournament II!

July 8th saw the start of the qualifying for this year's Grotty Little Tournament. Run over two weekends, every six hours from 4 AM server time, in an attempt to cover as many time zones as possible. 128 teams baying for blood and glory, fighting it out to be crowned GLT II champions. Proving beyond doubt that they rule the world. The world of Blood Bowl that is…

Blood spillage came thick and fast, as can be seen on the RIP list. The more permanent kills there are the better, in my personal opinion. It really isn't Blood Bowl unless there is plenty of the stuff! Most of the qualifiers were played with no problems at all. A couple of late starts and a team not being automatically put through to the next round caused minor problems, which were rectified as soon as possible. Allowing play and more blood spillage to continue. Note to self: watching four matches at once is not a good idea!

Qualifier #13 saw an unprecedented show of sportsmanship as DAD, coached by Bald-boy encountered an emergency and needed to leave the field early. High Heel Hooligans and their coach MadsL decided, due to the nature of the emerency, that they would just run in a TD, rather than forcing DAD to concede, risking the departure of numerous players. Well done, MadsL. A fantastic sport.

Down to the last 16 and an uneven mix of 12 bashy and just four agility teams amongst the finalists. This seemed at first glance to favour the bashers out there. However, the games have proved otherwise.

A controversial concession in one semi-final allowed the Athel Loren Guardians, coached by Malthor, to join Hifflitik's Runners, coached by ankkh, in the final. Good luck to both of you. Although I have requested at least 5 Welf deaths, maybe a rat kebab or two would be good too…

Special thanks to:

Rijssiej - For being there to start any qualifier I was missing (sleeping) for. Although I did actually manage to be there for them all… Yes, I am mad.

Malthor - For joining the team and assisting.

Christer - For pushing through the team that somehow got stuck in the system.

And lastly thanks to all the coaches who have taken part in this year's tournament. It could not have happened without you.

All that is left to say is Welf burger or Rat kebab. Either suits me, as long as I get my fill!

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