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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510

While we can't guarantee that every American coach on Fumbbl went to college, it's probably safe to say most of them have at least watched a college football game before. Whether it was the epic 2005 Rose Bowl between USC and Texas, or a shocking upset like Appalachian State beating Michigan, many Americans have enjoyed watching some of the most talented athletes in the country compete on the gridiron.

The best Fumbbl incarnation of this fervor is the NCBB, or National College Blood Bowl II group. Well into its seventh season, the NCBB has seen a variety of champions crowned and a number of award winners recognized. The league offers numerous bowl games for worthy teams, such as the DedEx Orange Bowl or the Wonderbra Bowl, as well as trophies such as the Hammer (also known as the Heisman) or the 'Gone too Soon' award. The NCBB keeps things interesting by only allowing players to participate in four seasons' worth of games - just like the real NCAA, and thus teams are always having to prepare for the future!

Currently the league has two divisions, one for higher TR teams (160+) and one for new teams, but they're always looking for new members to make their bid for bowl glory. Sadly elves have won back-2-back national championships, as their spread-offense attacks have completely baffled defensive coordinators at schools like Navy and BYU. In order to turn the tide against these pointy-eared jerks, we need more players like Spencer Laggar and Harris Agbor (the latter being the only two-time Hammer winner in NCBB history,) to emerge and stem the elven tide (by killing them). The most wanted elf in the league is Bill Gembala, who has single-handedly caused a record number of headaches and seizures for opposing coaches. Clearly the team who eliminates this menace will undoubtedly get a boost in the bowl standings, which is a complex formula understood by a select few of corrupt coaches, such as ex-convict.

Regardless, the league is a blast to participate in, and looks to be heading towards a yet another fantastic bowl season. So if you're interested in representing your favorite college program, or just looking for another league to run rampant through, stop by #NCBB or contact one of the admins listed on the colorful and tableized group page. Be sure to check out the rules page to make sure this league is for you.

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