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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510

From the look on the team captain’s face as he turned away, Egidoah Bardsinger knew the result of the coin toss. He let out an audible grunt as he lifted himself off the old warped, wooden bench. Egidoah stepped out of the reserve box onto the pitch on this unusually cold afternoon.

Who are these ELF coaches and teams?
We coach any of the four Elven races and may play in Ranked, Blackbox or League. Many of us have more than one team, if not all our Elven teams, with membership in the E.L.F. because of what it represents.

The grass was well worn and much of the surface was no more than loose dirt. In scattered patches rich, dark green leaves surrounded tiny white flowers – Crimson Crocus they were called, not for their color but for their habit of quickly sprouting wherever blood had been spilled upon the pitch. Egidoah knew they would soon all be trample underfoot as he took his place at the line of scrimmage.

What is the ELF?
The ELF is the #1 metagroup on Fumbbl. It’s a club open to all who are willing to forgo the ways of elfbowl and take on the challenge of playing all the different races across the Old World.

We compete in six seasons per year where we strive to play a variety of races and complete what is known as “the cycle” – two matches against two different races in each of five categories. Scores are generated according to each match result and many group members work diligently to improve their scores and climb to the top of the season standings.

Lacking the speed to blitz or soft hands for catching the ball and not having been blessed with a cannon for a right arm, he had been left little choice but to accept the role of lineman. And in what he knew to be his waning days - having missed the better part of a third of his career with various injuries, he was now relegated to duty on the line. Egidoah would “take one for the team” at the kickoff.

Where can I learn more?
Go to the ELF group page to read the complete rules, see past accomplishments, and check out the list of current members. The tournament tab displays all our past winners.

Setting up to the left, he watched as a pair of Black Orcs strolled up to the line and took position to either side of him. As they exhaled, their nostrils flared and their breath was visible in the damp, chill air. Egidoah looked to his right at Ochaed - a young and relatively green teammate squaring off against a massive Troll – smiled, and snapped his head back forward as he heard the ball kicked.

When does this take place?
We are currently playing in Season XXI which runs until April 30th, 2010. Each season lasts for just under two months with a one-week break in between each. Brand new teams (and those otherwise inactive during the current season) are welcome to join at any time! Active elf teams may join in the week prior and during the first two weeks of a new season.

The Orc to his right started the action and gave Egidoah a hard pop to the chest with both hands that sent him stumbling a few steps sideways. Unfortunately, this squared him up against the other Black Orc who wasted no time in delivering a vicious forearm shiver to the side of his head. Egidoah went limp and crumpled to the ground.

How do I join the ELF?
Just go to the ELF group page, click on the Group Members tab, and join up with a new team from any one of the four elven races: Dark, High, Pro or Wood. Or join with an experienced elf team as soon as you can!

Egidoah came to as some foul-smelling liquid in a vial was waved under his nose. He coughed several times and looked up at the team apothecary still feeling a bit dazed. “Send me back in, Doc!”

The apothecary let out a humored “heh” and shook his head. “The match has been over for an hour. You didn’t really think I brought you back during play, did you?” He corked the vial and dropped it into his brown leather bag where it clanked against other glass bottles containing still more mysterious substances. “Take comfort in knowing we won 2 to 1. You did your job well enough and you’ll be ready to go again after the next match.”

Why should I join the ELF?
Each ELF coach you ask would probably give you a different answer. Some like the competition. Some just like the challenge of completing the cycle. Others barely track their scores and instead join simply for what the league represents to them and their opponents.

So come on, join the club!

As the apothecary stood up and collected his things, Egidoah saw someone completely covered in a well-worn wool blanket on the next bench over. “Ochaed?” he wondered aloud. The apothecary quickly turned away and headed down the tunnel. Egidoah let out a sigh and lay back down on the bench for a long while staring at the darkening sky.

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