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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510
UI VI statistics update
by MadTias

I keep track of majors' statistics in this thread.

Ulthuan Invitational VI
Coach Kryten’s Chaos team Yellow Fever are the UI 2010 champions! Congratulations!

Kryten beat coach Buur’s Haandbold Piger 2-0 in the all-chaos final. Getting some good handicaps (Morley’s in particular) and winning the coin toss gave Kryten an advantage that would carry him to victory. Buur had a tough time and was fighting on his heels all game.

Coach Kryten has never appeared in a major’s top-8 before, but it was coach Buur’s second appearance with Haandbold Piger. Coaches shusaku, Tathar and Ulrik also scored their second appearance, Ulrik with the same team. Ulrik showed that his previous FC final appearance with Dirty Little Dinos was no fluke and established himself as the foremost majors’ Lizard coach.

This is the third consecutive major with a champion of lowish TS. The last FC, WO and now the UI winners have all gone into the final 16 with a TS below 240. Of the 27 majors played, these three champions hold places 24, 25 and 27 in terms of TS at the start of the play-offs. It would appear the majors’ meta-game has shifted towards leaner teams. The last major with a highish TS champion was WO III, where the Extraordinary Brotherhood entered the final 16 with a TS of 320. Are the days of the uber-teams over?

In the all-time race, coach PeteW retains his lead in trophies (3) and coach BooAhl retains his lead in top-8 appearances (6).

Chaos take their second majors trophy in the most elven of tournaments, and with the all-Chaos final they leap to five final appearances, equalling CD and Skaven. This is the first time that a bashing race has won the UI, previous champions include three Elves and two Skaven. Yellow Fever is no typical Claw Chaos team however, featuring doubles picks of Dodge, Very Long Legs, FA and even Leader. Coach Kryten has built his Chaos with more utility and it seems to have paid off.

Apart from the Chaos, the top-8 contained four Elven teams, one Human and one Lizardman team, making the Chaos the only real bashers. The UI organisers must be happy with that turnout! Surprisingly, this was the second consecutive major without Orcs in the top-8. They will probably return in force for the GLT, which is more in their style. There were no changes in the all-time racial standings.

There are still five races left with no top-8 appearance: Goblin, Halfling, Nurgle, Ogre and Vampire.

As usual, all the statistics are available in the post on the first page of the thread. See you in the GLT!

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