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 Issue 12 - February 9th 2511
Interview With a Manbush
by Ro

Ro: So how long have you been playing blood bowl?
Manbush: Started playing 2nd edition with my brother back in 1986
Ro: Nice how did you find fumbbl?
Manbush: my brother found it on the internet, and after a long haitus from bloodbowl, we started playing TT again with the LRB 4. This was back in about 2005 then he installed the fumbbl client, and off we went
Ro: heh Ol timer
Manbush: LOL
Manbush: yes pot, I am a kettle
Ro: You are known for your undead team the Roles. How did you decide on undead and where did the idea for Clint Eastwood Roles come from?
Manbush: yeah that was one of those novelty ideas that just kept going I fell in love with undead. The variety on the team, the mummies, the regeneration, the raising of dead players.I just fell in love with the whole style of them. Came up with the idea for the Roles cos I wanted to make yet another undead team, and I was on a Clint Eastwood movie binge.I thought "I bet I could make a team made up of characters that Clint played" I also had just figured out how to crop pictures for the fumbbl player roster, and wanted to excercise it that has so far been the peak of my computer skill achievements
Ro: 1300+ games later and Roles are one of the well known teams on site. Who are /were some of the most memorable players you have had
Manbush: I have a hall of fame on my team page, there have been some amazing mummies but my most memorable are the long term fouling zombies, like Dave Garver who played 325 games finally retired him after his second niggle caused him to miss 5 of his last 6 games
Ro: Speaking of niggles will the Roles be moving to FFB and the new rule set?
Manbush: They sure will, and I will move them as soon as ranked moves.
Ro: Who are your favorite coaches to spec and or play vs
Manbush: my love of undead coincided with my move to the dark side( DP fouling) When I first started, I didn't like Dirty Player and wouldn't use it. Holy crap I laugh at myself when I think that now.Then I got invited to a league tourney called the Rat Race, which Synn ran. All skaven league with points awarded for kills and perm injuries. This was where I first used Dirty Player, and was instantly enlightened (or corrupted)
Ro: Its a fine line
Manbush: yes it is. I think it IS the line, the perspective you view it from decided how you see it
Ro: words of enlightenment from a Zen Master Fouler
Manbush:So after seeing the beautiful effects of the boot in the rat race league, I knew my ranked teams had to embrace this gift. This was when I made a new team. which was undead, for the purpose of practising both killing and ball playing. I got one of them right
Ro: and yet its not the entirity of your game you can still ball
Manbush: I can play ball when I need to but sometimes the urge to fight and kill overcomes me, and the ball becomes less important
Ro: I would guess that depends alot on who your playing
Manbush: it's good that I'm indoors on a computer when these urges hit me
Ro: lol
Manbush: I have made a lot of friends here on FUMBBL, and it's usually these friends that I spectate. The Roles will accept any challenge(within the TS limits), but I have many regular opponents who I will play every time they want to. Fave opponents of the Roles are the Schmertzal Darkbones and the Hellbound Charioteers
Ro: Do you think of the Roles as Legendary?
Manbush: I'm very happy that others see the Roles as legendary
Manbush: They are a very long lived team, with a rollercoaster history that has seen them get pounded from 280 TR down to 140. I remember a time of a brutal string of kills and perms that left me coaching a team with 6 zombies and a ghoul
Ro: They are the oldest undead team on Fummbl if I recall correctly
Manbush: they have the most games played of any undead team
Ro: What has playing a team with 1300 + games taught you?
Manbush: that there are some lessons I just refuse to learn
Ro: heh
Ro: any advice for new coaches starting out?
Manbush: for new coaches starting out with undead, I'd say be patient and take your lumps and learn what you can from them. The most important thing to learn is not to get attached to your players, cos they will die. I'd recommend the use of DP fouling for the recruitment bonus that undead get and I'd recommend bashing as much as you can when you have regeneration and your opponent does not
Ro: Now I have to bring this up simply because its so funny and I have witnessed it for myself. Knowing that from time to time we all play drunk. How many times have you passed out playing a game?
Manbush: LOL a lot it's very easy to come home from the pub and think you're up for a game, but as we all get older and find out, once you sit down, you will wind down and when you wind down, eyes droop
Ro: and the older you get the faster you wind down
Manbush: absolutely
Manbush: spoken like a true prodigy Ro
Ro: heh I have yet to pass out
Manbush: yeah I've woken up on the floor by my desk, beer can in hand If I pass out on you, don't worry, I have finished every game I passed out on, unless opponent decided to move on
Ro: Any final words of wisdom or thoughts for the unwashed masses before we wind down?
Manbush: my final words are, play the way you want to all styles are needed in a global community like Fumbbl play the way you want, since it is YOUR time you're committing your players will be bullied, but don't get bullied as a coach
Ro: Thanks a lot Bushy
Manbush: eheh thanks for the time Ro

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