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 Issue 13 - August 28th 2511
Admin Corner - How to stay out of trouble

Since the new client has become the standard in the three major divisions, the admins and I assume that everyone in general has experienced an invasion of new coaches. With this increase, the number of issues have risen as well. A lot of this could have been easily avoided if people would read the rules; however, people love to ignore them. After I wrote a blog about how to behave in #fumbbladmin, Ro contacted me to write a few words covering the most common issues on fumbbl. (Sorry it took me this long to write it…) So in a nutshell, here are the basics of staying out of trouble on FUMBBL.

It all starts with common sense, or something I assume is common sense; be polite to other coaches and the admins. There is never a reason to start raging or to use foul or abusive language. It is possible that you have had a bad streak, or that you do not enjoy your opponent stalling and fouling your players, but nothing ever entitles you to go into berserker-mode and start raging. Wait it out, thank your opponent for the game and move on. Thousands of coaches are playing each month, find the one’s you like, avoid the one’s you don’t.

Now there are a few issues that are not bound to a single division. For example, when you create a team, you will get a notice asking if your team complies with the naming policy. You are expected to put a little time and imagination into your team name and player names. Additionally, swear words in any language are not allowed. For example the popular name ‘Inglourious Basterds’ is not allowed.

Another unbound issue are concessions. In the two competitive divisions, Ranked and BlackBox, there are special site rules for conceding. For example you are not allowed to concede unless you are running very low on players or you have been clearly outplayed in terms of touchdowns. Reasons such as ‘I don’t want to play versus him/her’ or ‘my team will get destroyed’ are not valid. In basic terms, this means that you must play the game you accepted (Ranked) or had scheduled (Blackbox).

In addition to the broad reaching rules, each separate division has its own unique rules. League is essentially rule free, as it is meant as the casual division and the power and policing lies primarily with league owners. The major problems arise in Ranked and Blackbox, each with its own distinct key issue.

In Ranked you are expected to play a wide variety of coaches. You are not allowed to play the same person more than once every ten games on average. Furthermore, back-to-back games versus the same player (I changed from team to avoid people saying 'we switched teams'.) are not allowed as well. Playing versus a small group of friends is to be done in League.

BlackBox is very simple, play the games the system schedules for you. Some people think they can avoid unwanted match ups by not showing up, or by conceding before anything happens. That is not how it works and it will get you in trouble.

In the end, if you follow what I have said, it can still happen that you find yourself blocked. Be smart and join #fumbbladmin on IRC or fill in a support ticket. Ask why you are blocked if you do not know, and just answer our questions. Do not create a new account to avoid your block, or worse, lie to us… We admins have a lot of tools at our disposal, and we always know what is going on. I wrote a blog on how to behave in #fumbbladmin, and as I said, it is just common sense. Unfortunately, one day as admin can make you see the worst of the people that play the game…

I almost forgot… The new client, it rocks! It is still in beta, so bugs exist. As admins we have no influence on the client what so ever. We are not part of the development team, and are only here for issues related to site management. So if you find a bug that has anything to do with the client, be sure to report! it (check if it is not reported already). Also be aware that abusing a bug is against the site rules and a bannable offense.

So… That is it. Biggest lesson of today… read!

Logging out,
Woodstock the Bot.

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