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 Issue 14 - January 3rd 2512
Seven Wishes

Blood Bowl Sevens is a unique combination of fast games, rush of choices, cruel drives, running playstyle, and refreshing variety of improbable situations. As you must have correctly guessed a team consists of 7 players. Well, most of the time...

*** Did you know that Schröedinger’s cat was a Snotling in disguise? It may be in more than one place at any given time, this is why the referee can't count Snots. Snotlings is the only team in the Blood Bowl Sevens league which is "allowed" to have 8 players on the pitch at the same time. ***

Strategy roundtable

Forget about the cage. You have to be extremely creative if you want to protect your runner. The nature of the game suggests that fast movement is very important, since you have to cover the same pitch with significantly fewer players. Forget about reliability too! There is no Team re-roll, so you take significant risk with any act. Turnovers are no oddballs, and you have to be prepared for them. The variety of drives is extremely broad. It is highly unlikely that you will encounter the same series of actions. This is actually the biggest inspiration to play Blood Bowl Sevens. You might be angry because you were diced, or you might be extremely lucky, but on the other side the drives are all unique and interesting. No cage-style repetitive boredom.

Some skills have higher than expected value

Any skill that gives you a re-roll is premium, since you don't have Team re-roll. So Dodge is powerful as expected, but dont forget about Leader, Pass, Catch, Pro, or even about Sure Feet! Some teams really badly want to have a Leader, otherwise they fall apart as a bunch of amateur fools. No surprise, most Blood Bowl Sevens teams consist of amateur fools anyway.

I have personally had very good experiences with the Pro skill. I tried it on a Wardancer, which is a position to drain re-rolls turn after turn even in normal games. I would not call it a must-have choice, but the result was very positive.

Did you know that even Trolls may look professional in a BB7s team? Loners and Really Stupid players are as good as any other BB7s players? Because of the lack of Team re-rolls those disadvantages are not significant, so their inability to be coached is not an issue.

Blood Bowl Sevens Organised Events

Teams coaches and players alike suffered from the long, and exhaustive Lockout after LRB4. The implementation of the new CRP-based collective bargaining agreement solved the problem, and now every coach is welcome to gather his "gang" from the "street".

Did you know that roster money has more to do with Monopoly money than with dollars in BB7s? That "money" is considered opportunity instead of real cash. You can hire some players, assistant coaches, or cheerleaders, but they wont be really professional. They play in their freetime, and they only cash in when the team turns into a real winner.

We have succesfully managed the Kickoff tournament, which was the first CRP tournament. We have currently 5 tiers of teams. Camp teams can have any team value, but only teams with less than 4 games are considered as Camp eligible. Teams with TV between 600 and 800 are considered Street tier teams. Teams with TV between 800 and 1000 are considered Tavern tier teams. If a team ever is above 1000 TV, which is the starting TV of a normal, professional Blood Bowl team, then the team is considered Semi-Pro. Grandfathered teams are migrated teams from LRB4 to CRP environment.

Conratulation for the winners of the Kickoff tournament!
7 Fillies (Amazon) by blader4411 – winner of Camp division
Farpost Rogues (Dark Elf) by Chavo - winner of Tavern division
Testing...1. 2. 7 (Norse) by captainmalkor - winner of Semi-Pro division
Seven Handsome Gents (Orcs) by FreeRange - winner of Grandfathered division
(The street divisions final is already scheduled, but not played yet.)

Interesting STAR players

Snap (Beastman) – Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +AG
Claude Lévi-Strauss (Ghoul) - +ST, Block, Leader, Tackle, Side Step
Baron Leach II (Vampire) - +ST, Block, Dodge, Pro, Sure Hands
Vincent (Dark Elf Blitzer) - +ST, +AG, Mighty Blow, Tackle

Want to join?

Just visit the Blood Bowl Sevens main page, and join the BB7s channel at IRC to find out the details! (Please link these 2 places if possible.)
Smacks are coming, and a full year schedule is under development for 2012!

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