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 Issue 14 - January 3rd 2512
by Calthor


They told me to put that in. Well, I say 'they', but I mean 'he'. Who? Well...
How about I introduce myself first, eh, and then start with the story from the beginning? An awful lot has happened here at the GLN, and you, as our loyal reader, deserve to know nothing less than our warped version of the truth!

First things first. Our last Editor in Chief, the illustrious and somewhat insane G. G. Gobberson has finally lost it. His sanity was always wavering at the edge, and I believe someone pushed him over that edge...

*cackles insanely*

I am sure he will recover, eventually. There is a message from the Insane Asylum where he is currently residing inside this issue. But before I get to all the content of today, there is more important news to tell you. Two things actually.

One, which is by far the most important.

I am the new Editor in Chief of the GLN. I control this place – and I will run it more smoothly and with more control than Mr. Gobberson ever did!
That is, if it weren't for News Item nr. 2.

GLN Headquarters has been overrun by Zombies!
Now, while bad, it is not as bad as you might think. See, there's simply been an evil Necromancer here for a while now, who brought a host of Zombies (Goblins as well as normal Zombies) along with him. He claims that 'ever since CRP came along and The Count raised his bills, the Undead aren't getting the attention they deserve', and he 'is here to see that changed'.

He forced us to work hard. Forced us to get this issue done at precisely the right time. A release on a day that was foretold one year ago. A release on the magical FUMBBL birthday!
Because apparantly, it is not just the GLN that will be overrun by Zombies. On the day that most of you will read this, Zombies are running rampant everywhere!

So, yeah, it has not been nice working here. Not as if it is ever nice to work here as an employee, but I was supposed to be a boss now!
So, what can you expect from this issue, with a Necromancer looming over our shoulders and a new Editor in Chief?

Naturally, we have had no choice but to ... pay special attention to the Undead in our issue. You will find an article of how to create Zombie pixel art, and what beauties they are! There are rememberings of a Zombie, Zombie jokes and our Angry Man has some words to speak about Zombies as well. All in all, we hope we have satisfied our Necromancer's need for Zombies... Yet there are also some of our more regular items, such as an interview and we are also promoting Leagues again, and coach Hitonagashi tells us about using inducements in Majors.

All in all, despite our current predicament, I am proud to present to you, GLN Issue #14.


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