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 Issue 16 - May 26th 2515
by Purplegoo

Hello, and welcome to the sixteenth Grotty Little Newspaper!

We have a bumper issue full of good stuff for you! The bulk of our content this time is tactics based; we are lucky to have secured the thoughts of some premier coaches on a variety of subjects. I think everyone can learn something from the pages within, and if not, each article should be a great conversation starter on your next trip to the forum. Outside of the tactics talk, we have some great ‘how to’s helping you to enhance your FUMBBL experience, abstract thoughts, site views, and a focus on two great [L] groups: GRIND and the White Isle League. As ever with the GLN, there is the usual madness, look out for The_Great_Gobbo and his unique way of looking at things.

Whilst GLN 16 taking on the unofficial moniker of ‘Der Tactics Wun’ during development happened entirely by accident, I’m delighted that we are passing a magnifying glass over this oft overlooked and important area of our game. The Internet is often a patchwork of information, both good and bad, and that’s never true so much as it is in Blood Bowl. A newcomer to either this site or BB in general has a handful of options to read on what bit goes where, and I’m happy we’ve added some quality stuff to that library.

It’s been an honour to edit an issue of this fine publication, but in reality I’ve done only a small percentage of the work myself. Each and every voluntary contributor has put their own precious spare time and effort into cracking articles for your enjoyment, so please join me in thanking them for their work. We’re always looking for fresh meat here at GLN towers, so if you have an idea for GLN 17, hassle me until my hangover clears, and get stuck in!

A special mention of thanks to Kam. Our previous editor does all of the fancy coding stuff that a luddite like me can’t get close to. It’s a wonder I can open a laptop, let alone make this look as it does. When he’s done with a lie down, clap him on the back next time you see him.

Anyway! Enough rambling from me. Bugger off and read some better stuff. Starting on page 3. Enjoy!

Purplegoo (da Editor).

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