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 Issue 17 - September 1st 2516

Green Tide FUMBBL Cup Touchdown

by The Great Gobbo

Telestrating the Green Tide's Winning Touchdown
in the 2015 FUMBBL Cup With The Great Gobbo

By the Grotty Little Newspaper

GLN: Hello, and welcome Blood Bowl fans, to a tactical masterclass from the Great Gobbo himself, using our new state of the art telestrator.

The Great Gobbo: Ello mush!

GLN: Thank you very much for spending your valuable time with us tonight.

GG: Only coz I need der money.

GLN: Yes we were all saddened to hear of you misfortune with the tax-man at the hands of an anonymous tip-off.

GG: I no oo it wos, yew likkle alflin gitface, an I iz gunna kik yoar zoggin ead in!

GLN: Quite. Well tonight we are here to analyse the winning touchdown from your epic 2015 FUMBBL Cup game using our new state of the art telestrator...

GG: ...sez Etch-a-Sketch on it ere...

GLN: ...to show the general public just how complex and difficult the game of professional Blood Bowl is. Can we have the first screenshot please? Thank you. Now what are we looking at here Great Gobbo?

BB Pitch

GG: Well der bestest bit in dis picky is der major boobage dem witches was showin! Cor blimey, yew kud park yer bike dere! I nearly subbed meself onter der pitch jus so dey kud tackle me! Woof woof! Down boy, down!

GLN: And did this have a major impact on the game?

GG: I shud say so, I wos nearly blind by dis point an ad blisterz all on me and!


BB Pitch

GLN: Thank you, err, what's that?

GG: Me surfin on der tide pikky!

GLN: And what has that to do with the game?

GG: Nuffin, jus lookz gud dunnit? Chekk owt me abz, I likez ter work owt befoar ittin der beech...


BB Pitch

GLN: And this is.....?

GG: Dis wun iz Nige's, she wonted a go at kolorin.

GLN: Fine, just fine. Thank you for another enlightening look into the mind of a professional coach...

GG: ...I fink I az a krayon stuk up me noze...

GLN: ...Right where is my agent, I have had enough of this sh...


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