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 Issue 1 - November 2, 2503
Faction Report
by moekel, ghost-writing for Mathias Hoghead

Hello sport fans!

This is Mathias Hoghead reporting about the new Faction division that everybody is so excited about. Standing next to me is Zum Bäcker, one of the top scorer's from the Goblin team Die Ärzte.

GLN:Your team has been smashed up pretty bad the last few games. You were one of the few players that was lucky enough to withstand the carnage without any permanent injuries. How do you view the Factions as a whole and your own specifically?

Bäcker: Let me tell you Bob: it makes a big difference what Faction you're in! Sometimes i get the feeling our Faction is all Chaos Dwarf and Ork teams. I still remember the game we played against Doc Pain's Mean Machine in my nightmares! They came running on the field screaming, "KILL THE DAMN MINI ORKS!! ". If you want to survive in the Factions you gotta be a sneaky git. Pick your opponents wisely. One of the few good things playing in a team full of little green losers is that you can freely choose who you're playing. Everybody wants to beat up the poor gobbos! Teams that develop a reputation of killing and maiming more players than usual will have a hard time finding coaches that are willing to let their players get smashed to pieces.

GLN: So do you think coaches will think of new ways to train their team? Maybe focusing on scoring and winning games instead of crushing the opponent and ignoring the ball? Uhm.. and the name is Mathias...

Bäcker: Whatever Bob... Only time will tell how the Factions will turn out. After all, brutal beatings and nasty fouls are what the fans want ! But there have been a massive movement of Elf and Skaven teams up into Faction One. And if our stupid troll stops eating his teammates instead of throwing them we'll be right up there with them soon!

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