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 Issue 1 - November 2, 2503
Players Wanted for Group/Tournament

  • Jazzer Bowl is about to begin at last :D. And remember you are still in time to join the other 6 coaches willing to play before it starts without you! Yeah, i know you should be ashamed not to have joined before :( but we are very sympathetic people, so we understand you are very busy and had not time until now, so we will not take revenge trying to crush your teams ;D.
    Jokes apart, we are now 6 teams, and we planned to begin when we are 8, or 12 if more people than expected join in a short time (it seems very unprobable that more that we get more than 12 teams, but if that happily happens, that would be no problem at all). So if you want to play, join now, because time is running out.
    Up to the moment, we have some "hard" teams, and some "medium" ones, but none typical "fast/agile" teams, so maybe its a nice chance for some brave coaches to mock some of those bashy but slow and silly black orcs or sauri while making some TDs. :)
    To apply for membership, visit the group page.

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