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 Issue 1 - November 2, 2503
FUMBBL Classifieds: Obituaries/Valedictories

  • Enjoyment, Ogre of Deathgerbils Revenge
    Players all over the world are gathering at the grave of the recently departed Enjoyment of the Deathgerbils Revenge. Access to the grave costs 5gp each, and dancing on his grave is restricted to 10 former opponents at a time. Proceeds to go to the GROTTEEF Foundation (Grieving, Revengeful Orphans of That Terribly Evil Enjoyment Feller).

  • Gregory Archer, Zombie of Moonbeams (previously Thrower for Goody Two-Shoes).
    Gregory Archer, a.k.a. Rock Target, was a former human thrower lined up for the Goody Two-Shoes on their inaugural kickoff, and was killed by a thrown rock. Raised from the dead, he joined the Moonbeam commune, and lined up on the next kickoff... and was seriously injured by a thrown rock. In his second match, he was seriously injured again, this time picking up a niggling injury. Although expelling the wounded Archer from the commune was discussed, the fact that he's a fan favourite is keeping him around. He made it through his third match without picking up any permanent damage, but was killed early in the fourth match, from an Onödigt Våld PO mummy. Guess he was cursed.

  • Warren, Human Catcher of Tech Wreckers.
    Warren missed out on becoming the best scoring human on FUMBBL by one TD before his untimely demise from a cowardly Norse foul. And all without a double on a skill roll or a stat increase! After Warren's death, his team disbanded out of respect for his achievements.

  • Weeping Sore, of Rotten and We Like it!
    What a great Bloodbowl career.
    After deciding to show his dedication to Nurgle on the BB pitch, he decided, on the opening kick-off of his first match, to show how tough Nurglesque Beastmen are by headbutting a rock thrown by the Holy Roman Empire crowd. Unfortunately, the rock won!

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