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 Issue 1 - November 2, 2503
Interview with Bucky-T
by Trog

The GLN staff sent our intrepid (and somewhat crazy) reporter out to get an interview with FUMBBL's highest ranked active goblin, Bucky-T. Bucky-T is the star goblin for the Ship o' Foolz, a Goblin team in the Open division that sails the seas of the Old World looking for new victims, errrr....players to join them on a "cruise".

I caught up with Bucky-T and his team just as they were heading out to go on another raid, err...cruise with some Dark Elves.

GLN reporter: Bucky, how is it that you have lived to the ripe old age of 40 (games played)?

Bucky-T: Well youz see, its not 'ard to stay alive when you stay out of harmz way, just don't get blocked and make sure that Freak on da Leash don't get too cloze when 'e's hungry. (whispers) 'e's been known to eat a git or two.

GLN reporter: What is it that makes you such a "special" goblin?

Bucky-T: Me mum said it wuz becuz o' who me fodder wuz...she sayd it wuz da legend 'imself, Helmut. Dat 'e wuz da one who intiled, err...installd, u'hm instill'd iz jeanz in mee and maid mee da spittyng imaag 'f 'imselv.

GLN reporter: So you're saying that you are Helmut's son?

Bucky-T: No, dat's what me mum sayz. (Bucky-T looks at the reporter with a confused look on his face.)

GLN reporter: What is the secret behind your ability to score so quickly?

Bucky-T: (looks at his behind) Oh dats nuthing, most times my buddy Unchained just picks me up when I haz da ball and tosses me over da opponentz headz and I runz around, den I score, purdy simple.

GLN reporter: Well, thanks for your time, Bucky, and I hope you continue to do well on your raids, errr...cruises I mean.

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