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 Issue 1 - November 2, 2503
Goblin Team Tactics

Gobbo Offence

If you are on offence and your opponent has a similar amount of players on the pitch, one of the best tactics is to bring the ball to a stunty near your tosser and toss him deep into the half of your opponent. That's the moment when you need an ogre, because a Long Bomb won't end in a fumble on a 5+. Getting an AG increase on an ogre helps a lot.

Some opponents feel the need to line up all their players one square in front of the end zone. For such moments I pray! Usually it's way more easy to knock down their frontline, move forward with ball carrier and your tossing ogre and toss the sweet little guy one turn later. The shorter the toss, the more likely it will succeed.

If you roll a double on a skill, use it first on Sure Hands. This will save a lot of rerolls on your offence turns. Some coaches like Dirty Player a lot, and I must agree a bit. Sometimes it's really good to foul one after the other to get a big advance on the pitch. You should never forget that fouling a stunty usually hurts more than fouling anyone else, but true stunties fight back! Show them that there is nothing able to stop a stunty.

If things are really bad, try the irregular moves if there is still a chance to get the TD. Sometimes it may be better to flee but hey, you are stunty, and stunties can do anything.

Gobbo Defence

Difficult. Depending on your opponent's strategy and his players, you can put your big guys on the frontline or keep em a bit in the back to blitz a worthwhile target. If you ever get the chance to roll a double on a skill, take Kick as soon as possible, right after Sure Hands. Then you have a way better chance to decide where the ball goes. This may give you a great shot on a blitz or a failed opponent's ball-handling to toss a stunty into his backyard and go for the ball.

Another good skill is Strip Ball. Nowhere on the field is any player safe and protected from a flying stunty aiming to knock the ball out of his hands. And most coaches forget to go for Sure Hands, which will give you a big chance to get the needed pushback.

Some good skills I always take are Side Step and Diving Tackle. Those annoy your opponent a lot and give you some good moves on his turn. More than once I was able to slip through his LOS (line of scrimmage) and put extra pressure on the ball carrier. Diving Tackle is just perfect against elves, who think they can dodge away all the time.

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