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2016-02-14 18:36:03
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My first legend!
It took me 1203 matches on Fumbbl, but finally I managed to get a player to legend status. And it is... a hobgoblin!?! Yes, it is. And what a player indeed. Burping Belly's got it all! Speed, power and agility! That's what bloodbowl is about after all, isn't it?

My first legend isn't a clawpombing monster (not a big fan of them anyway, the only one I've ever had is a werewolf), it's not a leaping elf nor a one-turn-touchdown gutter runner. No, it's a simple hobgoblin! Yes, he bloats the team's TV (but less so than the minotaur), but he's won more than a single game on his own. I was hoping for a double roll on his last skill roll - or another stat - but it was a normal roll. Guess sure hands isn't a bad choice for him either.
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Posted by JellyBelly on 2016-02-14 19:02:09
Congrats - what a great player! This shows that any player has the potential to become a star (with a handful of stat-ups) :)
Posted by jdm on 2016-02-14 19:14:00
Wow, truly been drinking some crazy witches brew to develop like that. Congrats on the first legend mate. Always nice to see non-cpomb rookie legends
Posted by coombz on 2016-02-14 19:27:10
can someone edit a trigger warning into the title of this blog for harvestmouse?
Posted by Patator on 2016-02-14 21:22:10
Nice one ! Make me regret go have retired a team with a 7537 hobgob inside :-/

Gogogo mini griff oberwald !
Posted by PaddyMick on 2016-02-14 22:22:09
nice one
Posted by harvestmouse on 2016-02-14 23:08:25
Oh Bram how could you. Legend and finally in the first sentence. :(
Posted by harvestmouse on 2016-02-14 23:10:11
I have to say though he is very nice, well done.
Posted by harvestmouse on 2016-02-14 23:16:53
I've kind of moved on from legends and finally. My new pet hate is people who post sum posts in Facebook. The ones where it could be 26 or 32 or whatever depending on if a blur is half a banana or whether you subtract after multiplying etc.
Posted by bram on 2016-02-14 23:18:14
Hey, it's my first one! And it took me well over a thousand games to get there. And it's a nice player! That gives me some credit, right ;-)