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2017-07-21 15:57:45
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Using or not using a Troll in an Orc team has been debated many times. Personally I like adding them because they add variety to the roster and because they add a one-turner option to the team (in combination with a goblin, which even adds more variety). In addition, Trolls are (supposed to be) good roadblocks soaking up hits and barring the opposition's advance. Once they have guard, they don't even need to act most of the turns. Just being there usually suffices. Adding stand firm on top is nice too and makes them more useful against daring coaches who are not afraid of -2d blocks. Obviously block makes a Troll a lot better still and allows a more active use by reducing the chance of a turnover. On the other hand, you'll suffer more failed "really stupid" rolls when using them every turn, resulting in loss of assists and tackle zone.

However, after two recent games of Gilgorod's Tribe in a Lustrian Open qualifier, the first one against Rasping Reptiles, while the second game facing Accion Social, I'm starting to question the Troll's durability. Losing two trolls in two successive games does that kind of thing I suppose.

After consulting the team's past players page, I noticed that most of its Trolls don't last long at all! Out of 5 Trolls that have played for the team, 3 have died within 6 games! That sounds more like snotlings than Trolls to me... The two remaining Trolls did a little better, with 18 and 33 games played, respectively. A little better, sure, but still far from impressive I'd say.

So, what's the conclusion here? Bad luck? Too small a sample to draw any conclusions? In any case, while Trolls are supposed to be enduring roadblocks, I'm getting the impression that they're not up to the task they're supposed to perform...

How do other coaches look at Trolls? How do your Trolls perform?
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Posted by finsterface on 2017-07-21 16:24:07
I have no exp. with a Troll on an Orc team, but about 20 matches with an Orc team w/o Troll (in Box). It's purely personal preference - the team's players are all physics nobel laureates, so a really stupid player wouldn't really suit the theme :-P

I like the reliability of Orcs, but they're bashy and durable even w/o a big guy. Trolls should be super-durable in theory (regeneration on a team with apo), but the lack of Block on normals would annoy me. They're relatively cheap (as compared to other big guys), but with 4 Bobs on the team I'm not too much in need of extra-bashiness (and another ma=4 - guy).

If I'd be playing with a troll, I'd probably sack any troll who hasn't gotten Block on 1st or 2nd skill-roll (since the 3x-mvp-rule) - but that's just my theory w/o having had one on my team, so far...
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2017-07-21 16:26:01
I like trolls, and have done since lrb4 (miss them on chaos, cdorks etc). They're cheap, regen, and don't need to do much. The UW troll is a necessary part of the arsenal, and the pact troll is probably the best of the three big guys to have in terms of durability.

Orcs don't really "need" the troll, but I took him in CRP and would argue with PO gone, there's even less reason not to now. He does, as you say, add more options, and he's also a quite overpowering st5 when surrounded by (and adding) guard. Plus my box orc troll is a blodger :D

But in terms of deaths/perms, they do happen - simply because a troll is almost choice number one to initiate contact. He's going to get hit, and as he gets hit his AV is going to break, and when it breaks... etc etc

It's all very well saying st5 Av9 Regen should stand up to a lot, but blocks do tell. And in the end, they are cheaply replaced.
Posted by Loew on 2017-07-21 17:03:49
It would be interesting to have a "blocks against" statistic - being a roadblock means getting hit often...
and I suspect most trolls don't get apo privilege
Posted by bram on 2017-07-21 17:08:45
Yeah, such a statistic would be interesting in this case.
Posted by MonkeyMan576 on 2017-07-22 01:42:40
I thought you were talking about bad posters.
Posted by bram on 2017-07-22 17:32:29
Nope, it's about actual trolls :-)
Posted by stowelly on 2017-07-23 11:56:30
What's everyones opinion on pro for a troll after block? Seems like it could make rerolling really stupid and failed blocks a realistic possibility
Posted by DrDiscoStu on 2017-07-23 23:34:56
I used one for a while that was very successful, but my side spammed guard and stand firm. This attempt to "outstrength" all opponents could only work with a troll.

If you took the orc side in other directions (I never even used a thrower) then I think you can leave it out.

Are Trolls good? In a word "usually"
Posted by bram on 2017-07-25 14:29:06
Pro on a troll? No thanks.

On a double I'd prefer block any time. Another double would be dodge. Maybe a third could be pro, but even then I'd probably take tackle.

But I don't like pro anyway; either you need a reroll or you don't. When you need it, it shouldn't come at the cost of a 4+.