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World Cup Personal Report
I suppose everyone's doing one of these things on fumbbl so why not add my own?

My second time outside the US, my first time in Spain, and my first World Cup. It was a blast. I brought my trusty orks to the dance. I was a member of Team Florida. We had some pretty stylin' jerseys. I am so very grateful for everything the WC staff did to run the event.

Team Florida went 4-0-5
My orks (The Sawgee Bottum Boyz) went 3-4-2

Team Florida's main objective was to have a great time and make connections. We wanted to play the teams we had the most fun with personally. Our team had a fling coach and a black ork coach, and we're probably one of the few that didn't bring along an obligatory dark elf coach or a shambling undead/skaven coach. Given this was the case, Im pretty happy with our record. We went in with the expectation that we wouldn't be a top finisher; and walked away with a better record that I think we expected to have.

My first game was a loss to Finland's Dark Elves. It's one of those things in a way - you can set up as many dodge attempts and screens as you want but - after the 38th single die dodge succeeds there's not much you can do. Well coached and well deserved win. I played the Fins in Eurobowl and, they're awesome folks! I'm a Ron Moss fan now.

My wins were against shambling, necro, and underworld. It feels good to get wins against popular team choices. I have a new respect for Varag pretty much just because of jump up.

Like may who have ties, I want them back lol. I spent just about the whole game dominating a woodie coach - 4 spaces in front of the EZ to get the winning TD, and he leaps in on a 4 plus, single die pushes, frenzies, single die pows. No RRs. Much saddness. It was a good cage, but it wasn't ideal because I held my guard blitzer back in case something like this happened - and it happened. I spent the next few turns running after the elf to make sure he couldnt score. Good thing I held a safety back even though he was down to I think 7 players. Yall can stop complaining about the poor woodie elf nerfs now. lol

I want my loss to Tomb Kings back. I managed to stop his scoring drive. But with a single MB mummy, he took my roster of 12 orks down to 7 by turn 2 of the second half. 10, 10, 10, YIKES. And youre supposed to have trouble picking up the ball. At least have to spend a RR on it and make me feel better lol. Good job on the win, well done!

I suppose I could go more into why a tie was a tie, or a loss was a loss. But ultimately both my opponent and myself didn't make any real mistakes. We just played our best game and waited to see who's dice betrayed us first.

Biggest takeaways:

- Set your expectations and your own personal goals, then choose the team you want to play. Dark elf was a clear good choice for this tournament and it shows. If you want to win it all, you discard your own preferences and take the best tools possible for winning.

- Teams have a ceiling for how well they perform in 9 rounds when their MA is mostly less than 6. Location is key, and being able to recover from catastrophe is critical. You can only do that with a decent amount of MA. Of the top individual scores at WC, the only team with mostly less than 6 MA comes in at 25th (dwarves with Griff maybe?), and the best ork team came in at 44th.

- I think when Im taking my orks to larger events like Chaos Cup, I need to stop focusing on trying to win everything and instead, just try to focus on what they can be best at. I think I may just go for best defense with them from now on as my main goal. And if I happen to place higher with it then great. I'm basically playing a team that has to have certain pieces dedicated to parts of the board because they don't have enough MA. If I have to play zone defense, then I'll just play that.

- Orks are not tier 1. They needed to be tier 2 for this. They are tier 2 in GWs official errata so they should be this way in the rules.

- I am beyond thrilled to have this experience to got to Spain for the first time, meet folks from across the pond, and play in a huge gathering. I got all kinds of swag, and gave out these painted florida hillbilly skinks to my opponents along with dice. You CANNOT trade this experience for anything else locally. I dont care how well you do or what team you take. I don't care if you lose every games - youll have a great time! Go to a World Cup at least once in your life. Sitting in a crowd of 2200 plus BB coaches is a beautiful experience - and certainly a highlight of my bloodbowl experience in life.

Thank you so much to everyone that ran it. You guys are the best!
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