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BoCK - Anatomy of: Dust
Unfortunately those dirty elves have 'won Mud' (bloody cheats) so here is the battle for silver. This week the Beasts of Crimson Keep (2-2-1) faced the venerated team Geheb's Lions (4-0-1) in a must win situation. To - ahem - assist our endeavours I hired the services of one of these newly advertised guild wizards. Lady Lenore also assured me that she had help on the way but was rather tight-lipped about what form it would take. It was only when I caught sight the Black Knight stepping out of her dressing room with a spring in his step that I discovered the nature of this 'arrangement'.

The BoCK receive and try to capitalise on the poor agility of our opponents with a push down the sidelines.

The Kar Sabar cover, but are caught napping by the switch back. I don't think those skeletons have been working on their cardio.

It's time to pull the trigger. The BoCK surge through the centre of the pitch and Ana has an unobstructed path to scoring. However the Ushabti Mêmnon has break tackle and could threaten Ana if Sir Corduin can be floored.

Some good fortune and strong legs on Sir Corduin there mean that the best they can do is to put a tackle-zone on Ana. But such minor resistance is no problem to deal with and Ana makes her break for the line. But what's this? She's begins to slow and taunt the Lions.

That's over confidence right there. But we get away with it!

There isn't long for an equaliser but Geheb's Lions get themselves in position for a chance. Can the BoCK keep them out?

Things are looking good. 1-0 up going into the second half and we still have all of our players plus the 12th player with the beard in the pointy hat ready to fireball.

Well, they were looking good until two self-inflicted boo boos...

Yeah 9 games in and I still don't seem to have grasped how blood lust works. Plus you can't expect me to get 50/50 choices of spell selection right every time... yeah.

It looks like things will have to be done the old fashioned way. Sir Corduin!

It was at this point that coach Zedu_21's prayers to Geheb/Nuffle reached a frantic pitch. Will that be enough?

It just might well be. However they are out of re-rolls. Oh great Nuffle, grant them double skulls! Is this a spoiler and/or a literary device called foreshadowing?

Oh dear. Our hopes of victory are handing by a thread. The only thing standing (sort of) between Ratari Medaa and the goal line is Terrible Ivan. The same Terrible Ivan who once mistook one of our cheerleaders for an opposing player, went for the take-down, and got his ass handed to him. The same Terrible Ivan who keeps disintegrating, so that one time when trying to foul a hapless halfling he accidentally kicked his own nearby head.

Sometimes Nuffle is with you (quite often as of late in fact). Terrible Ivan - Ladies and Gentlemen - Terrible Ivan. An unlikely hero.

Beast to watch:

Predictable, yet great as always. A corner stone on the offense and that lovely sack started the unraveling of the Lion's offense.

Beast of the match:

This is a sham award. Turns out skipping the second half to satiate yourself on the crowd is a good enough performance in Lady Lenore's eyes.

Join us next week for the final round of Mud. We have to outperform these same defeated Ka-Sabar. We go against the first team we ever played Hellfire Inferno (it was a thrilling draw). Since then each team has 8 skill-ups apiece, so it looks set to be another blinder.
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