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2021-04-03 14:46:21
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2021-07-21 19:49:40
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First [SL] tournament win for Dyrinor's Drifting Dolphins!
It took them 69 games, but finally Dyrinor's Drifting Dolphins managed to win a tournament! In the [SL]UMBBL Shield XVI (∞) Secret League's fattest teams (granted, the turnout was a bit disappointing) met each other for a fight for the Shield!

As the only team with a bye in round 1, the Dolphins immediately pushed through to the second round. There Nuffle rewarded the Dolphins with no less than 5 snakes in one game. Facing a wizard and misclicking a blitz didn't help either. But somehow the Dolphins still won, thanks to Thularin's AG6.

In round 3 the Dolphins faced Papa's Roaches and another hired wizard. Nurgle's followers didn't know what to do when they found themselves completely surrounded and boxed in by sea elves. The hide-and-seek game continued until a crucial dodge was failed by the ballcarrying plaguebearer in turn 4. The elves stole the ball and got rewarded with a fireball, opening up the path to the ballcarrier. The ball was lost, but recovered again by Thularin. Risky stalling made the Dolphins lose the ball in the second half, until the very same Thularin came in and saved the day.

The final was a bloody affair (got fouled 13 times!). Luckily the stevedore syndicate was predominantly focusing on my players, and less on the ball. Many thanks to the referee who sent off four stevedores during the game for putting in the boot. The elves put a lot of pressure on the ball which eventually bore fruit. Once more Thularin's AG6 proved crucial (he intercepted the ball on a 3!), leading to a somewhat lucky 0-1 lead at halftime, much to the consternation of both coaches. For the third time in a row the Dolphins would face a wizard, but luckily the fireball didn't do much. After a quick score in the second half, the Dolphins had to defend for another 5 turns. The syndicate got bogged down and got sucked into yet another scramble with the sturdy sea elves. At some point the Dolphins even managed to steal the ball once more. The win - and the first team trophy - were secured!

Thularin won this tourney almost by himself. What a great player!
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Posted by koadah on 2021-07-21 21:59:57

A famous old team onto the roll of honour!
Posted by Arturidas on 2021-07-21 22:51:57
Gratz Bram!!I hope to meet the Dolphins again soon :)