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Welcome to the DLE Headhunters

With the second half of season 2, Draft League Europe allowed players to be traded the same way draft rights could be. Of course coaches started trading players like there was no tomorrow, although the rules state: Whenever a player involved in a trade gets permanently injured or dies, the trade becomes null and void.

And this became the birth hour of the ...

... DLE Headhunters !

And you can be a part of it. Enjoy!

Free to Boot


This trade is between -Barboza Marauders- and -Broekwater Patriots-.
Deone Bucannon is the gem of this deal. Steal the deal by hitting him hard.
But you could also aim for injuring both Lamarcus Joyner and Marcus Smith.


This trade is between -Monte Castello Wreckers- and -Broekwater Patriots-.
Ryan Mallet is the 2nd Quarterback of the Patriots and is worth a 3rd rounder.
One nasty blind side hit and this deal has a dark future.


This trade is between -Broekwater Patriots- and -Akendorf Griffins-.
Patriots' Lineman with +Str, but -Av. Small prey only... so is the reward.


This trade is between -Carroburg Crimson Cascade- and -Skar Bay Sharks-.
Both teams have agreed to trade not only picks but although two players.
Hunting this deal down will be challenging, as both players are protected
by some mighty fumbbl magic. But always remember the famous words:
If it bleeds, you can kill it... Death is forever!


This trade is between -Broekwater Patriots- and -Barboza Bruisers-.
Bruisers' will get one of two One-Skill-Catchers.
Really not a trophy for the hunting lounge.


This trade is between -Kemperbad Knights- and -Brionne Buccaneers-.
Bucs letting go a Lineman with +Str, +Ma and Block. The catch with stat freaks?
From a hunter's perspective: None! Just so many stats to aim and maim for.


This trade is between -Brionne Buccaneers- and -Carroburg Crimson Cascade-.
This is a three-player trade, that voids if any of them gets permed or killed.
The weak spot of this trade is Cody Latimer, the Av7 catcher who already is
Ag-injured. The other two are Ogres and therefore much more difficult to hit.


This trade is between -Broekwater Patriots- and -Middenheim Classics-.
The first trade that involves trade capital from earlier trades. Needs some clarification about legality. Anyway, kill Khalil Mack, and this deal is done. Alternatively, stop both Trades #58 and #60 and you stop this one, too.


This trade is between -Broekwater Patriots- and -Altdorf Thunderbolts-.
Altdorf, looking for a killer-type blitzer, get their hands on Patriots' crown prince.
Either injure him or directly go for King Hightower and this deal is off the table.
The King is dead, long live the king.


This trade is between -Norden Legion- and -Kemperbad Knights-.
Paul Dickson is a strong talent, but is he worth a 1st, a 2nd and a 4th rounder?.
If you don't think so, double your efforts to cut this deal by weakening Dickson.


This trade is between -Norden Legion- and -Monte Castello Wreckers-.
A moderate blitzer for a 2nd rounder... you can do that. And you can stop it, too.


This trade is between -Norden Legion- and -Monte Castello Wreckers-.
A moderate blitzer for a 1st rounder? Really?? Really!!! Oh come on, STOP it...


This trade is between -Monte Castello Wreckers- and -Averheim River Bandits-.
The gem of this deal is for sure J. Looney, a block / guard / thick skull lineman.
But the softer cookies to cut should be T. Turner and P. Desir, both with Av7.

Hunted down


This trade was between -Norden Legion- and -Dunkelberg White Wolves-.
Dri Archer dismantled this trade all on his own by not only failing to
go-for-it for a touchdown but also killing himself in the attempt.


This trade was between -Dunkelberg White Wolves- and -Brionne Buccaneers-.
Predator cowhead hunted this prey down on the last occasion of regular season.

Dodged the Bullet


This trade is between -Dead Wood Rangers- and -Barboza Marauders-.
This is really a fast ferret. Jason Verrett is an Ag4 catcher who leaps
and some Nerves of real Steel. Cut them and you will cut this deal.


This trade is between -Talabheim Sluggers- and -Averheim River Bandits-.
River Bandits are getting another Ag4-Blitzer!? Not, if we can stop this trade.


This trade is between -Broekwater Patriots- and -Nuln Gunners-.
This trade made really big waves. Other teams feel threatened by what
Broekwater will look like next season and therefore sharpen their knives.
Only a handful of games are left to bury this deal before it gets booked.
Free to Boot


This trade is between -Wolfenburg Wolfskins- and -Norden Legion-.
That's not just a deal, that's a SUPER-deal. Danish_Dan grabbin' deep in his pick-purse with two 1st and one 3rd rounder plus the above mentioned Green.
In return, he gets some hot good: the very likely first overall pick in draft 4
(plus some change with a late 4th). The weak link of this deal is Green.
Only one good hit is needed to make this trade go into voidness.

This trade is worth 6 bullets.
You're right: One shot worth a full barrel of bullets. Now get him down!

Hunted down

none so far

Dodged the Bullet


This trade was between -Brionne Buccaneers- and -Akendorf Griffins-.


This trade was between -Averheim River Bandits- and -Skar Bay Sharks-.


This trade was between -Barboza Bruisers- and -Carroburg Crimson Cascade-.


This trade was between -Brionne Buccaneers- and -Norden Legion-.


This trade was between -Skar Bay Sharks- and -Norden Legion-.


This trade was between -Dunkelberg White Wolves- and -Broekwater Patriots-.


This trade was between -Talabheim Sluggers- and -Praag Grizzlies-.


This trade was between -Flashfurt Universe- and -Talabheim Sluggers-.


This trade was between -Monte Castello Wreckers- and -Skar Bay Sharks-.