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SEASON 4 PLAYOFFS (Show Schedule)
SEASON 4! (Show Schedule)
SEASON 3 PLAYOFFS (Show Schedule)

Season 3

(Show all rounds)
[A] Battenburg Rising 
[B] [WB] Eh OWA  
[C] Ama Told You Not To Come  
[D] WBREC Enjoy the Violence  
[E] Dragged into the Gutter  
[F] David Kessler's SE Brexit Crew  
[G] [WB] Not English but Close  
[H] [WBRec] Fort E Miners  
[I] Murderer of the Universe  
[J] Noble Art of Self-Defence  
[K] Pustulent Plagued Packers  
[L] Da Melloosa Stompers  
[M] Rats the way to do it  
[N] Wulfenstein Wanderers  
[O] Blightsmore Cravens  
[P] Plyheim Argonauts [WBRec]  
[Q] Barak Varr Waterbowl  
[R] Insalubrious descanting  
[S] Idols of Dafo  
[T] Sporting Lisbone  
[U] Inthralling  
[V] Only Fools N Norses  
[W] Manchester corsairs  
[X] Memphis Mastaba  
[Y] No Resurrections  
[Z] Hawkshaw Hammerheads  
[BA] Skane Skull-Smashers  
[BB] Tor Alessi Buccaneers  
[BC] Zharr-Naggrund Firelances  
[BD] Brass Keep Bloodcleavers  
[BE] [WB] blood.co.uk  
[BF] Hearthguard Hammerers  
[BG] Poison Skull Caste  
[BH] Mother knows best  
[BI] [WB] Dan and the nasty boys  
[BJ] Nuffles Forsaken  

Tournament Members

1. Retired [L] Ama Told You Not To ComeTintenfisch1590kAmazon17953221393530532 
2. Roster [L] Nuffles ForsakenSacredChilli1940kChaos Chosen181026211923933632 
3. Retired [L] [WB] Eh OWAJava1180kOld World Alliance149412261632221031 
4. Retired [L] Rats the way to do itdeeferdan1710kSkaven148512512131938-1929 
5. Retired [L] Battenburg Risingdeeferdan1640kNecromantic Horror157712010102034-1428 
6. Retired [L] Dragged into the Guttersann06381500kUnderworld Denizens157622812162140-1927 
7. Retired [L] No ResurrectionsBarney_The_Lurker1610kChaos Chosen156721813534221225 
8. Roster [L] Da Melloosa Stompershavaji1510kOrc1465313852719823 
9. Retired [L] [WB] Dan and the nasty boysSpecialOne1470kShambling Undead9630135825101521 
10. Retired [L] Wulfenstein WanderersCharlieBanks1440kNecromantic Horror156362518743301321 
11. Retired [L] Zharr-Naggrund Firelancesthebeanbag1670kChaos Dwarf1261514953973219 
12. P [L] InthrallingWidram1560kVampire175481418-41832-1419 
13. Roster [L] Only Fools N Norsesthor871310kNorse165381420-63339-618 
14. Roster [L] [WB] Not English but CloseEczemabeard1520kNecromantic Horror134451220-82229-716 
15. Roster [L] Blightsmore Cravenszoglug1320kSkaven8413151051615113 
16. Retired [L] WBREC Enjoy the Violencespleggy1500kDaemons of Khorne104061012-22117412 
17. Retired [L] Noble Art of Self-DefenceMonnikB1420kHigh Elf933389-11214-212 
18. Skills Pending [L] Mother knows bestSacredChilli1380kShambling Undead8323111102016411 
19. Roster [L] Murderer of the UniverseScugnizzo1170kNorse103251215-31722-511 
20. Retired [L] Poison Skull CasteXpherAndTheAxes1220kChaos Renegade152491125-143328510 
21. Retired [L] Skane Skull-SmashersLeipziger_Waterbowl1050kNorse822449-52021-18 
22. Retired [L] [WB] blood.co.ukJava1110kVampire5131440610-46 
23. Retired [L] Insalubrious descantingTintenfisch1230kNecromantic Horror612369-3197125 
24. Retired [L] Idols of DafoBarney_The_Lurker1290kGoblin121291124-132257-355 
25. Retired [L] Hawkshaw HammerheadsLeipziger_Waterbowl1080kOld World Alliance411246-214684 
26. Retired [L] [WBRec] Fort E Minersspoboyle1130kDwarf411235-2610-44 
27. Roster [L] Memphis Mastabahavaji1060kTomb Kings21011106513 
28. Retired [L] Tor Alessi Buccaneersthebeanbag1140kHigh Elf210133024-23 
29. Roster [L] David Kessler's SE Brexit CrewMorpheous1300kNecromantic Horror11029422-182126-52 
30. Retired [L] Hearthguard HammerersLittleleadperson1030kDwarf10101102021 
31. Retired [L] Barak Varr WaterbowlValen1170kDwarf201115-47251 
32. Roster [L] Manchester corsairswalkingginger1050kDark Elf101011012-11 
33. Retired [L] Pustulent Plagued PackersScugnizzo1010kNurgle401305-549-51 
34. Roster [L] Flies EaterDinolai980kLizardmen00000000000 
35. Roster [L] Kemperbad KaisersRingbeard940kHuman00000000000 
36. Roster [L] Brass Keep BloodcleaversSizzler1060kDaemons of Khorne100102-201-10 
37. Retired [L] Plyheim Argonauts [WBRec]Littleleadperson1020kHuman300316-54310 
38. Retired [L] Sporting Lisbonezoglug1000kShambling Undead200215-43300 

SEASON 2 PLAYOFFS (Show Schedule)
Recreational Waterbowl Season 2 (Show Schedule)