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  Team Coach TV/TW Race Score  
1. Skills Pending [B] 2000V Bolts (4h) DrDeath 1500k/1630k Necromantic Horror 0  
2. Roster [R] 4 Ground Below Bashers (9h) Flytime 970k/970k Necromantic Horror 0  
3. Roster [R] 4th Annual Necros (2d) spinball 1820k/1820k Necromantic Horror 0  
4. Roster [R] A Horrific Collection (33m) PrivateNiCeGuY 1560k/1600k Necromantic Horror 0  
5. Skills Pending [R] A Smack in Da Face! (1h) DaCoach 1980k/1980k Necromantic Horror 0  
6. Roster [R] Another bites the dust (23m) GotrekSlayer 2250k/2250k Necromantic Horror 0  
7. Skills Pending [R] Big and small failures Nobbaet 2050k/2070k Ogre 0  
8. Roster [B] Big Boys Without Any Toys (4h) MrCushtie 1670k/1670k Ogre 0  
9. Roster [R] BlackSad Miners (47m) CroixFer 1900k/1970k Chaos Dwarf 0  
10. Roster [R] Brain Farts (7h) Jokaero 1880k/2110k Ogre 0  
11. Roster [B] BullyBowl! (1h) Joost 1830k/1850k Ogre 0  
12. Roster [R] Burglar King (6h) itzla 1770k/1770k Necromantic Horror 0  
13. Roster [R] Calins !! Doofr 1950k/2130k Ogre 0  
14. Roster [B] Cheap Shot (11h) tussock 1640k/1680k Necromantic Horror 0  
15. Roster [B] Classic Classical (17m) petalwarfare 1420k/1530k Chaos Dwarf 0  
16. Roster [B] Conventional Brutality (11h) tussock 2280k/2280k Ogre 0  
17. Roster [R] Curly Mustache (8h) Rafe 2090k/2090k Necromantic Horror 0  
18. P [R] Dragon Isles Dreadnaughts (22h) KhorneliusPraxx 740k/760k Ogre 0  
19. Roster [R] Flesh Gamers (17m) petalwarfare 1690k/1690k Necromantic Horror 0  
20. Roster [B] Forged Beards (43m) WALGIS 1700k/1770k Chaos Dwarf 0  
21. Skills Pending [R] Gbangoos (7h) Jokaero 2140k/2360k Necromantic Horror 0  
22. Skills Pending [R] Germanys Next Topmodel (28m) Hollaender 2330k/2330k Chaos Dwarf 0  
23. P [B] Gezwirbelte Bärte (7h) Jokaero 2140k/2140k Chaos Dwarf 0  
24. P [R] Grim Moor Gators (22h) KhorneliusPraxx 1180k/1240k Necromantic Horror 0  
25. Roster [R] Iheed Icall (3h) Popcorn 1820k/2090k Chaos Dwarf 0  
26. Roster [B] Les Fils du Nécronomicon (41m) AZALNUBIZAR 1540k/1620k Necromantic Horror 0  
27. Roster [B] Lupus Necrotus (2h) doclystria 2360k/2360k Necromantic Horror 0  
28. P [R] M'goth Skullkrunchers (9h) ClayInfinity 2070k/2090k Ogre 0  
29. Roster [B] MicroSons of Anarchy B1017 (23h) karrashantemi 1510k/1510k Chaos Dwarf 0  
30. Skills Pending [B] Middle-Earth Shadowside (1h) Pirigin 1960k/1960k Chaos Dwarf 0  
31. Roster [B] Mission XFL (36m) lautrehamon 1320k/1340k Ogre 0  
32. P [B] MMA p4p (1h) Pirigin 1820k/1860k Necromantic Horror 0  
33. Roster [B] Mordheim Howlers (21m) ivan-hr 1110k/1110k Necromantic Horror 0  
34. P [R] Necrohell (6h) The_Demon 1510k/1620k Necromantic Horror 0  
35. Roster [R] Necromantikal Screams cdassak 2110k/2220k Necromantic Horror 0  
36. Retired [B] O'GREtsch (3h) Popcorn 1250k/1690k Ogre 0  
37. Roster [B] Olajszőkítő FC (6h) itzla 1430k/1670k Chaos Dwarf 0  
38. Roster [B] Oldheim Oger´s (9h) Flytime 980k/980k Ogre 0  
39. P [R] Only Legend (7h) Relezite 1870k/1870k Necromantic Horror 0  
40. Roster [R] Short Wild Purple (5h) PurpleChest 1890k/1890k Chaos Dwarf 0  
41. P [B] Skull White and the 7 Chorfs (1h) Joost 1960k/2040k Chaos Dwarf 0  
42. Roster [R] Smashmouth Allstarz (11h) GnoblarBezer 1650k/2080k Ogre 0  
43. Roster [R] Smedby Trollslayers (15m) DrClaes 1650k/1650k Ogre 0  
44. Roster [R] Stud Men (20h) studmandudebro 2280k/2300k Ogre 0  
45. P [R] Taste the BS (17h) Timmy318 1950k/1950k Chaos Dwarf 0  
46. Roster [B] Tortured by Ella Nobbaet 1860k/1860k Necromantic Horror 0  
47. Roster [R] TotalBrutal (6h) itzla 1600k/1640k Ogre 0  
48. P [R] Uzkular Wolfpack (22h) KhorneliusPraxx 1010k/1010k Chaos Dwarf 0  
49. Roster [R] Walla-blins of Goblitan (23m) GotrekSlayer 2230k/2400k Chaos Dwarf 0  
50. Roster [B] Zharr Naggrund Enslavers (9h) Flytime 940k/940k Chaos Dwarf 0  
51. Roster [B] Zomb BD (36m) lautrehamon 2120k/2120k Necromantic Horror 0  
52. Roster [B] [BBT2] Mouthbreathers (1h) Pirigin 2240k/2240k Ogre 0  
53. Roster [B] [B] Ogres in Togas (1h) Sweep12121 1680k/1700k Ogre 0  
54. Roster [B] [JBT] Howling Rage (17h) blackGigio 2250k/2250k Necromantic Horror 0