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42 hours noob play

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[A] Death and Metal 
[B] Sleeping Orcs  

Tournament Members

1. Roster [X2] Sleeping Orcshendrykl1080kOrc10101101010 
2. Roster [L] FillerTourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
3. Roster [L] Filler 2TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
4. Roster [L] Filler 3TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
5. Roster [X2] Death and MetalJustusDelmar1070kOrc101011001-10 

Aufs Maul und noch weiter

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[A] Rattenzauber 
[B] Fledderclub  
[C] Asgard Brothers  
[D] Zeche Duissern  
[E] Faster than the speed of light  
[F] 16 Player to make a phrase  
[G] Gruenzeugfresser  
[H] Powerheads  
[I] Drogen, Doping, Pausenbrot  
[J] Aggi Aggi  
[K] Condemned Crusaders  
[L] Duissern Street-Rats  
[M] Alles fuer die Katz  

Tournament Members

1. Retired [X2] Zeche DuissernA.R.E.S.2310kDwarf412167-1174130 
2. Roster [L] Asgard BrothersMelmoth1620kNorse32106248710 
3. Roster [L] Drogen, Doping, PausenbrotMelmoth1510kElven Union430112571116-50 
4. Roster [L] PowerheadsMelmoth1940kChaos Dwarf11003123300 
5. Roster [L] Faster than the speed of lightMelmoth1970kShambling Undead3120642810-20 
6. Retired [X2] FledderclubA.R.E.S.1410kUndead310225-311830 
7. Roster [X2] 1.FC NürnbergCulle1240kAmazon00000000000 
8. Retired [X2] Big Butt BangasBrainsaw1790kOgre00000000000 
9. Roster [X2] ErdbeerCulle1790kDwarf00000000000 
10. Roster [L] FillerTourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
11. Roster [L] Filler 2TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
12. Retired [X2] Grosses Skeli HauenA.R.E.S.1210kChaos Dwarf00000000000 
13. Roster [X2] Nightfield FalconersCulle1850kDwarf00000000000 
14. Retired [X2] TombrottersBrainsaw2050kKhemri00000000000 
15. Roster [X2] Understate WarriorsCulle2390kChaos00000000000 
16. Retired [X2] Veggies IncBrainsaw1540kWood Elf00000000000 
17. Retired [X2] |-o-| Tie FightersA.R.E.S.1430kOrc00000000000 
18. Roster [X2] 16 Player to make a phraseJustusDelmar1600kElf101011012-10 
19. Retired [X2] Duissern Street-RatsA.R.E.S.1500kSkaven100113-23300 
20. Retired [X2] Condemned CrusadersBrainsaw2220kChaos101011002-20 
21. Retired [X2] Alles fuer die KatzA.R.E.S.1600kSkaven100124-234-10 
22. Roster [X2] Aggi AggiJustusDelmar1640kLizardmen100104-44310 
23. Roster [X2] GruenzeugfresserJustusDelmar2050kWood Elf201135-236-30 
24. Roster [L] Filler 3TourneyFiller00kGoblin100112-104-40 

Snakes and Pain
Alles Teams hier rein

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[A] Understate Warriors 
[B] Condemned Crusaders  
[C] Zeche Duissern  
[D] Nightfield Falconers  
[E] Fledderclub  
[F] Tombrotters  
[G] Aggi Aggi  
[H] Erdbeer  
[I] Duissern Street-Rats  
[J] 1.FC Nürnberg  
[K] |-o-| Tie Fighters  
[L] Faster than the speed of light  
[M] Gruenzeugfresser  
[N] Powerheads  

Tournament Members

1. Roster [X2] Understate WarriorsCulle2390kChaos3300615710-392 
2. Roster [L] Faster than the speed of lightMelmoth1970kShambling Undead220062451468 
3. Roster [X2] Nightfield FalconersCulle1850kDwarf220031244062 
4. Retired [X2] Duissern Street-RatsA.R.E.S.1500kSkaven3111440105546 
5. Roster [X2] 1.FC NürnbergCulle1240kAmazon211052327-538 
6. Roster [L] PowerheadsMelmoth1940kChaos Dwarf110021153233 
7. Retired [X2] FledderclubA.R.E.S.1410kUndead301246-2128416 
8. Roster [X2] Aggi AggiJustusDelmar1640kLizardmen101022017-64 
9. Retired [X2] Zeche DuissernA.R.E.S.2310kDwarf100102-25231 
10. Roster [X2] 16 Player to make a phraseJustusDelmar1600kElf00000000000 
11. Retired [X2] Big Butt BangasBrainsaw1790kOgre00000000000 
12. Retired [X2] Condemned CrusadersBrainsaw2220kChaos100101-12200 
13. Roster [X2] GruenzeugfresserJustusDelmar2050kWood Elf100123-112-10 
14. Retired [X2] TombrottersBrainsaw2050kKhemri100113-23300 
15. Roster [X2] ErdbeerCulle1790kDwarf100112-113-20 
16. Retired [X2] |-o-| Tie FightersA.R.E.S.1430kOrc200206-623-10 

Ahjoteams III

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[A] Zeche Duissern 
[B] Tombrotters  

Tournament Members

1. Retired [X2] TombrottersBrainsaw2050kKhemri11001016333 
2. Roster [X2] Aggi AggiJustusDelmar1640kLizardmen00000000000 
3. Retired [X2] Alles fuer die KatzA.R.E.S.1600kSkaven00000000000 
4. Retired [X2] Condemned CrusadersBrainsaw2220kChaos00000000000 
5. Retired [X2] Duissern Street-RatsA.R.E.S.1500kSkaven00000000000 
6. Roster [L] FillerTourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
7. Roster [L] Filler 2TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
8. Roster [L] Filler 3TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
9. Roster [L] Filler 4TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
10. Retired [X2] FledderclubA.R.E.S.1410kUndead00000000000 
11. Roster [X2] GruenzeugfresserJustusDelmar2050kWood Elf00000000000 
12. Retired [X2] Zeche DuissernA.R.E.S.2310kDwarf100101-136-30 

Noobteams II

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[A] Grosses Skeli Hauen 
[B] Veggies Inc  
[C] 16 Player to make a phrase  

Tournament Members

1. Retired [X2] Veggies IncBrainsaw1540kWood Elf21104314314 
2. Roster [X2] 16 Player to make a phraseJustusDelmar1600kElf101022013-21 
3. Retired [X2] Grosses Skeli HauenA.R.E.S.1210kChaos Dwarf100112-12110 
4. Roster [L] FillerTourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 

Ahjoteams II

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[A] Aggi Aggi 
[B] Big Butt Bangas  
[C] Duissern Street-Rats  
[D] Fledderclub  
[E] Tombrotters  
[F] Zeche Duissern  
[G] |-o-| Tie Fighters  
[H] Gruenzeugfresser  

Tournament Members

1. Retired [X2] TombrottersBrainsaw2050kKhemri421154116977 
2. Retired [X2] Duissern Street-RatsA.R.E.S.1500kSkaven220051414-36 
3. Roster [X2] GruenzeugfresserJustusDelmar2050kWood Elf11004222203 
4. Retired [X2] Zeche DuissernA.R.E.S.2310kDwarf210113-27613 
5. Retired [X2] Big Butt BangasBrainsaw1790kOgre402246-2510-52 
6. Roster [X2] Aggi AggiJustusDelmar1640kLizardmen10101102111 
7. Retired [X2] |-o-| Tie FightersA.R.E.S.1430kOrc201123-16601 
8. Retired [X2] FledderclubA.R.E.S.1410kUndead201135-256-11 
9. Retired [X2] Alles fuer die KatzA.R.E.S.1600kSkaven00000000000 
10. Retired [X2] Condemned CrusadersBrainsaw2220kChaos00000000000 
11. Roster [L] FillerTourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 

Alles bis TS 200

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[A] |-o-| Tie Fighters 
[B] Tombrotters  
[C] Condemned Crusaders  
[D] Zeche Duissern  
[E] Gruenzeugfresser  
[F] Duissern Street-Rats  
[G] Fledderclub  

Tournament Members

1. Roster [X2] GruenzeugfresserJustusDelmar2050kWood Elf54101248715-813 
2. Retired [X2] Condemned CrusadersBrainsaw2220kChaos32109188627 
3. Retired [X2] TombrottersBrainsaw2050kKhemri4211651201197 
4. Retired [X2] |-o-| Tie FightersA.R.E.S.1430kOrc302136-3911-22 
5. Retired [X2] FledderclubA.R.E.S.1410kUndead301213-268-21 
6. Roster [L] FillerTourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
7. Roster [L] Filler 2TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
8. Retired [X2] Duissern Street-RatsA.R.E.S.1500kSkaven100113-214-30 
9. Retired [X2] Zeche DuissernA.R.E.S.2310kDwarf3003111-1011740 

Alles bis TS 150

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[A] Big Butt Bangas 
[B] 16 Player to make a phrase  
[C] Aggi Aggi  
[D] Veggies Inc  
[E] Grosses Skeli Hauen  
[F] Alles fuer die Katz  

Tournament Members

1. Roster [X2] 16 Player to make a phraseJustusDelmar1600kElf22007074226 
2. Retired [X2] Grosses Skeli HauenA.R.E.S.1210kChaos Dwarf22003125416 
3. Retired [X2] Big Butt BangasBrainsaw1790kOgre420247-39546 
4. Roster [X2] Aggi AggiJustusDelmar1640kLizardmen21016333123 
5. Roster [L] Filler 2TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
6. Roster [L] Filler 3TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
7. Roster [L] Filler 4TourneyFiller00kGoblin00000000000 
8. Retired [X2] Veggies IncBrainsaw1540kWood Elf200215-436-30 
9. Retired [X2] Alles fuer die KatzA.R.E.S.1600kSkaven200227-506-60