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Group managers: Colin, Janzki
The Cult of Tzeentch: A group for random mutating teams
A very long time ago, when the Pact roster was still just an idea, I proposed a rule for Random Mutations.

Here's the link to TalkFantasyFootball.

When LRB 5 and 6 essentially fixed the problem of mutations I was struck by the idea of resurrecting this rule.

Therefore, Cult members will follow this self-imposed rule:

If a Marauder / Chaos Warrior / Beastman /Nurgle Warrior / Pestigor / Rotter / Underworld player / Skaven / Chaos Dwarf (and if you really want, on Big Guys and Renegades too!) on this team rolls a regular skill choice (Pact, Chaos, Nurgle's Rotters) or a double (the ones that mutate on a double), and the coach chooses to take a mutation, they will then roll randomly on this table to choose which one:

  1. Big Hand
  2. Claw
  3. Disturbing Presence
  4. Extra Arms
  5. Foul Appearance
  6. Horns
  7. Prehensile Tail
  8. Tentacles
  9. Two Heads
  10. Very Long Legs or Reroll*

If a player rolls doubles when he can take a mutation on a normal skill roll, the coach can choose a mutation.

*The reason for the option of a reroll on Very Long Legs is simple; Marauders, Beastmen etc. have no regular access to Agility skills and thus Leap, the skill that makes VLL tick. In the likely event the player does not already have Leap or has somehow earned two skills in one go and has a double skill in the bag, I'll opt for the reroll. The only exceptions to this that I know of are the Underworld Goblin and Skaven Gutter Runner, that can have Leap on a normal roll.

<h3>The Cult Membership requirement</h3>
<p>It's simple - when your player rolls a regular / double skill choice and opts for the random mutation, type this command in channel (not the main #FUMBBL one, so I'm informed, it doesn't work) so everyone can see:</p>
<p><strong>Channel: #botchannel<br />
Command: bb mutations </p>
<p>Check the result against the table, and select the appropriate mutation.</p>

<h3>The Group Thread</h3>
For ongoing discussion, bragging, information or anything vaguely related to the group, please post on the <a href=http://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=19663>group thread.</a>