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* * * Did you know? The best interceptor is Leena with 22 interceptions.
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Group managers: Emeric, Dalfort

You've reached the group that gathers those who race for showing they bring variety to blackbox !
Can the box grid (576 different matchups) be filled completely?
How long will it take before YOU can draw another fling team with yours?
Will you finally manage to meet goblins with your underworld team?

This group is meant to track those achievements - just apply to the group (only 1 team need apply) and get in the competition :)

Note : for now data comes from each coach's Home >> Statistics >> Division : blackbox page - and is afterwards simply (and not completely automatically) analysed through a spreadsheet – so do not expect an everyday update :) (NB: Its much easier to update if your Grid contains entries all the way to [X] all you need to do is create a missing race and play once with it or versus the race and it will show up. Dal)

- 2012-07-14 : Group now exists.
- 2012-07-17 : update (11 coaches now, new [but still far from perfect] variety indicator).
- 2012-07-21 : 6 more coaches. A very impressive 76% fill rate for BillBrasky !
- 2012-07-22 : Now with a real variety indicator – and 17 coaches total.
- 2012-08-15 : New update, one more coach – check out the blog post too.
- 2013-05-13 : BB Code compiled by Dalfort - with scores updated
- 2013-05-16 : My internet availability is severely compromised, I will update this as soon as I get back online firmly! Dalfort.
- 2013-5-30 : Access enabled on my internet, very strange but who's complaining :)
I have updated the new members to the group and will endeavour to sort the tables out into Alpha-numeric order as I believe it will be easier to update for me and figured you'd all prefer more updates than order specific tables (also easier to find yourself on the tables too.)
- 2013-5-30 : Update NEWS : Congratulations to BillBrasky for hitting 85% Grid Fill in 5700 games, also just as big an achievement is jamesfarrell129 hitting another 12 match-ups in his latest 15 games and topping the variety list at 75 VI
- 2013-6-9 : Updated again with 2 new members; Mossbeard and Tymless, Welcome to you both.
- 2013-9-4 : Moved House, got interwebz, updated group page \o/; Also added New Memeber; Espionage.
- 2013-10-24 : Added New member Zompa; updated the group page.
- 2014-02-06 : I have updated this year once already, but failed to note it it seems. My apologies. Update includes 4 new members, welcome all :)
New members will be accepted when I am back as its easier for me to update as I accept you. YOU are NOT being ignored :D
- 2014-06-23 : BillBrasky completes the first grid in 6610 games. Many Congratulations on this phenomenal achievement!
- 2015-02-04 : Started update upto garyt1
- 2015-07-02 : LATEST UPDATE complete.
- 2015-11-11 : Kam has provided the new banner, I have used the olds as Badges/page links on each page. Actual update to follow soon!! honest! :D
- 2016-04-16 : Will only be updating coaches who have been online in the last 50 days. Quite a few coaches in the group have been away a long time.

Here is be the section of grid filling awards. Once you have them, feel free to brag wherever you want with them, and link to this group :) Feel free to propose your own (as long as it can be determined by analysing the grid, sound good) !

Different Matchups Awards

(Only showing the best award reached by each coach)

5 Different Match Ups 100 Different Match Ups 150 Different Match Ups 200 Different Match Ups Grid 50% Filled Grid 75% Filled Grid 100% Filled

Variety Indicator
Variety indicator represents the variety of races one coach plays - the higher your indicator, the easiest for oher coaches to fill new grid spots :) Calculation : N = total number of matches played. For each race, you get points for each match played, in the limit of N/24 (so you don't get points for matches that make a race more played than others). Indicator is the sum of these points, divided by N, multiplied by 100 to get a readable indicator.