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Texas S n' M Aggroes
Skills Pending [L] Dark Elf
Texas S&M Aggroes

Texas Stadistical & Machiavellical, a small college team in darkest Texas, entered the League in Season 15.

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Rivalries: Butler, Vampirebilt

(Rookie) Season XV: With long time coach Paul "Dark" Dryant recently passing and the team only just being admitted 12th-hour into the league after allegations of bounty-assassinations were unproven (if not dis-proven), coach Smeat has taken the reins to build this team from scratch with high hopes for the Aggroes.

Rumours that all/many/most team members are somehow (not too distantly?) related are disregarded but undenied.

  1. (with no apologies to Texas A&M Aggies )

  1. Season 6 (XX) (complete!)

    1. 6 W - (1) T - 2 L
    1. ( In-Conference 4 W - 1 T - 1 L )
    Ssn XX Conference Champions! 2nd best record in League! (behind Oregon Waterfoul)

3 OoC Games: ( Ssn XX Out-of-Conference Schedule )
  1. wk 1: 2-0 W v. Buffalo (Far more of a dogfight than the score would imply)
    wk 2: 0-4 L v. Rolla Gold (Total dicing - pitch cleared in 5 Turns: 15 blocks, 1 foul,
    1. 1 PO, & 2 self-inflicted. Ouch.)
  1. wk 3: 2-1 W v. Hawaii (Both teams had bad luck to allow 1 defensive score each)

Big Beast Schedule: (fluff Conference analyisis)
  1. wk 4: 3-0 W v. Cal Golden Lizards
    wk 5: 3-0 W v. U.Con. Huskies (semi-phyrric) :P
    wk 6: 2-3 L v. Arkansas Laserbacks (ignominy)
    wk 7: 2-1 W v. Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers (only Nuffle's will that it was not a tie, or worse)
    wk 8: 0-0 "T" v. Rutgers Hauers (holiday-aborted foul-fest, ruled "Tie")
    wk 9: bye
    wk 10 2-1 W v. CDI Slannunity College (2nd half defensive dogfight, lucky win)
    Bowl Week: Rose Bowl: #2 S&M v. #2 Rolla Gold Diggers - 1-2 tough Loss in this grudge rematch, as All-American Darkvante Harris snakes the T16 pickup for a walk-in tie to send the game to OT.

    1. The all-American Darkvante Harris departs, but the team remains solid, and for the first time not only starts with a bench (and 13 players at that!), but has surplus cash (80k!) on top of that to start the season. And only 2 rookies, both Blitzers, so both with Block.

      Altho' with no Seniors on the team, the timing of graduation of a larger part of the team casts a shadow on the distant horizon, for now it's highly promising.

      1. 13 starting Players:
        o 2x WE: Junior MB-Blodgestepper (31, Niggled); Soph. Wrodger (6 spp)
        o 4x Blitzers: Sophomore Blodge-MB (19); Sophomore Blodge-Tackler (17); & 2 true rookies
        o 7x Lino's (6 Jrs: Blodge (24); Wrestle/Kicker (25); Wrodge (19*); Block (14); Guard/Block (17), DP (6); Soph. Wrestler (8)
        1. (* Zombified OoC Game 2)

        o 80k in bank
        o 3 RR. Total spp 187 (v. 159 ending last season)
        o TV 1810 (v. 1640)

  1. Somewhat stabilized after the Great Exodus post Season 4, Texas has better prospects than last season, primarily because in place of 7 rookies and a journeyman, Texas has 2 rookie Blitzers and 6 skilled sophomores. They will rely on their +St +MA ballcarrier, senior Darkvante Harris, and hope some stars will rise from the all-sophomore supporting cast.

    1. 11* permanent starting Players:
      o 1x WE: Blodgestepper (21)
      o 4x Blitzers (a +St +MA Blodgestep senior (66); a Blodge-Tackler (21); & 2 true rookies)
      o 6* permanent Lino's (all Sophomores: a Blodge (17); Wrestle/Kicker (19); Wrestler (10); Blocker (7); Guard (6), rookie (3))
      1. (* 1 of whom is killed Game 1)
    1. o (1 Journeyman Lino for player #11)
      o 60k in bank
      o 3 RR. Total spp 159 (v. 131 ending last season)
      o TV 1640 (v. 1520)

      (* 10 spp Wrestler Obsidian Holmes MNG for Game 1)

> Post-season XVIII:

The first graduating class predictably takes a lot of the meat out of the Texas roster...

  1. o Darkball Johnson, Runner 12 spp (Dump-off + Guard) (-ma)
    o Too-Dark Jones, Blitzer, 55 spp (Block + Dodge, Side Step, Tackle, Guard)
    o Linus Delf, lineman, 31 spp (Wrestle, Dodge, Side Step)
    o Darkwood Dickson, lineman, 29 spp (Block, Dodge)
    o Bull Darkson, lineman, 56 spp (+AG, Dodge, Leap, Strip Ball)
    o Black Pete, lineman, 30 spp (Dodge, Guard)

> Post-season XIX:

Only 2 graduate off the team this year, altho' both are exceptional players...

  1. o Darkmontre Moore, blitzer, (67+?) spp (Block, + Mighty Blow, Dodge, Piling On, Tackle) - only 28 games, started Game 8 of Season 2.
    o Marcus Darkley, lineman, (35+?) spp (Block, +ST, Dodge)(-ag, -ag)

  1. Season 5 (XIX) (done!)

    1. 5 W - 1 T - 3 L
    1. ( In-Conference 5 W - 0 T - 2 L - Rated #7 )

    Orange Bowl: 2-1 Win over TCU

~ Pre-Season ~

  1. Half the players and more than half the meat graduated end of last season, including all 3 Guards, the +Ag leaper and several good linemen, leaving a promising Junior ballcarrier and two supporting Senior stand-outs - and half a team of true rookies.

    1. 10 permanent starting Players:
      o 1 true rookie WE
      o 4 Blitzers (a +St +MA Blodge junior; the heavy-hitting MB/Pile-On senior; a Blodger; & 1 true rookie)
      o 5 permanent Lino's (a +St (-2x Ag) Blodge senior; & 4* true rookies)
      1. (* 1 of whom is killed Game 1)
    1. o (1 Journeyman Lino for player #11)
      o almost no bank
      o 3 RR. Total spp 131 (v. 215 ending last season)
      o TV 1520 (v. 2040)

2-2 T v. Arizona Girls Gone Wildcats (heartbreak T16 tie stunner)
1-2 L v. Notre Dame Flying Irish ( )

0-1 L v. Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers (their OTS succeeded, ours snaked the first dodge)
1-0 W v. Old Dominion Monarchs
2-1 W v. CDI Slannunity College (new SS did the trick against the T16 DT's!)
0-F W v. U.Con. Huskies (b/c UConn coaches were drunk, apparently. Annoying on several levels.)
3-1 W v. California Golden Lizards (mostly a dicing, but not entirely)
2-0 W v. Vampirebilt Commonthralls (Rivalry; almost let them pull off a tie - don't do that again.)
1-3 L v. Wisconsin Honeygrues (coaching staff didn't show up 'til 2nd half) o.O

Orange Bowl! v. TCU: Nail-biter 2:1 win.

  1. Season 4 (XVIII)
    5 W - 2* T - 2 L
    1. (* 1 by ruled forfeit vs. a team that dropped out with a losing record)

~ Pre-Season ~
Again ((and almost predictably) Texas lost skilled players during the previous season, but are perhaps (at least on paper) leaner and meaner: 12 players (vs 13), 215 spp total (vs. 176), TV 1620 (vs. 1810). Lost a skilled Witch and a Kicker and plan to gain a (non-Guard) Runner (Game 2) to start the new season.

Senior year for 6 of the 11 starting players, the goal this year is to make the post-season, for the seniors that have lasted. A new (second) Guard and a Pomb blitzer may be the deciding factor...

    1. 12 starting Players:
      o 1* WE (Wrodger, having lost Blodge/Tackle/stepper Witch)
      o 4 Blitzers (a Blodge/Tackle/Sidestep; a Blodger; a Blodge MB plus Pile On; & one true rookie)
      o 1* Runner (Guard)
      o 6* Lino's (a -2 MA Wrodge; Blodge; +St (-Ag) Block; +AG Dodge; Dodge Guard; true rookie)
      o 3 RR. Total spp 215
      (Significant improvements/changes over last year underlined)

      * Plans for a new Runner QB to groom this season are delayed due to limited finances. With 2 playes MNG after Game 1, a 7th Lino is brought in for Game 2, further delaying that purchase. A 2nd WE is on indefinite hold until other players are skilled. (There are no plans for an assassin atm, nor in the foreseeable future.)

Big Beast Schedule:
wk 1: (bye) Texas S n' M Aggroes Smeat 162/163 Dark Elf
wk 2: 0-2 loss v. California Golden Lizards ex-convict 167/171 Lizardman
wk 3: forfeit tie v. UCLA Brusiers fangbanger 143/137 Orc
wk 4: 3-1 win v. Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers Relezite 134/123 Elf
wk 5: 2-0 win v. Maryland Terrapins Drrek 138/167 Dwarf
wk 6: 1-1 tie v. U.Con. Huskies ryanfitz 162/152 Necromantic
wk 7: 1-2 loss v. Wisconsin Honeygrues happygrue 189/168 Dark Elf
wk 8: 2-0 win v. Ohio State Drunkguys Jeffro 176/173 Norse
wk 9: 3-0 win v. (rival!) Vampirebilt Commonthralls somertown 153/156 Vampire
Game 9: 1-0 win v. (out-of-conference rival) Butler Bullfrogs.

...and Texas goes to a Bowl game!!! \o/

wk 10: 1-2 L v. BYU Boys https://fumbbl.com/p/match?op=view&id=3556088 crushingly dull game.

~ Pre-Season ~
Altho' Texas lost skilled players during the season, they are better off than this time last year: Two Witches (a Blackle and a Season 17 rookie*), a new MB Blitzer and Tackle on our Blodge-stepper*, a +St (if also -Ag) Blocking lino, Dodge on our long-time +Ag lino*, and a Wrodger lino for LoS duty, among others. (But the original Runner is still the team's only Guard.) 13 players, 176 spp total, TV 1810.

(* Thanks to an unexpected cash and spp influx (70k & 22 spp!) from a surprise appearance in the McNurgle's Bowl, which they won 3-0.)

The goal this season is to re-build and survive to maintain that build, and to achieve that by better field position and winning. After last year's mid-season devastation at the hands of U.Conn, the coaching staff vows "never again!" - or words to that effect.

  1. A lackluster year but not a disastrous one, ending 3-2-4 with several heartbreaker games turning out less than expected. The one dark spot was the loss of junior Dirk Blackkiss in the season's last game, but that is balanced by some decent new development across the team in general.

  1. 13 Players:
    o 2 WE (Block, Tackle; & a true rookie)
    o 4 Blitzers (a Blodge+Sidestep Tackler; a Blodger; a MB; & one true rookie)
    o 1 Runner (Guard)
    o 6 Lino's (Wrodge; Kick+Wrestle; +St (-Ag) Block; +AG Dodge; Block; Dodge)
    o 3 RR. Total spp 176*
    (Improvements over last year underlined)

    (* Before the 22 from McNurgles, that was only a net 57 spp increase over last season, entirely due to -42 spp devastation at hands of Huskies mid-season (game 14), the only losses all season; lost 17 spp Blodge Guard Blitzer, 25 spp Dodge SS lino, and a rookie Blitzer.)

Season 3:
  1. 2 W - 3 T - 4 L

Big Beast Conference Schedule:
  1. o Texas S n' M Aggroes Smeat 181/187 Dark Elf
    1 Oklahoma Rat-ers WingedHuman 127/153 Skaven
    2 Ohio State Drunkguys Jeffro 136/142 Norse
    3 Vampirebilt Commonthralls somertown 138/151 Vampire
    4 Maryland Terrapins Drrek 145/168 Dwarf
    5 Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers Relezite 160/160 Elf
    6 U.Con. Huskies ryanfitz 187/184 Necromantic
    7 UCLA Brusiers fangbanger 158/160 Orc
    8 California Golden Lizards ex-convict 158/173 Lizardman
    9 Wisconsin Honeygrues happygrue 148/101 Dark Elf

~ Game 1 ~
3-0 W v. Oklahoma Rat-ers

~ Game 2 ~
0-1 L v. Ohio State Drunkguys

I played too slow and got timed out before I could cage, which prevented the tie, maybe the win. Old story.

~ Game 3 ~
4-1 W v. Vampirebilt Commonthralls

Vamps got diced... no, seriously. (27 spp, broke V's 16-game non-losing streak, and didn't even try last 2 turns.) :/

~ Game 4 ~
- ? v.
( )

~ Game 5 ~
- ? v.
( )

~ Game 6 ~
- ? v.
( )

~ Game 7 ~
- ? v.
( )

~ Game 8 ~
- ? v.
( )

~ Game 9 ~
- ? v.
( )

~ (Bowl?) ~
- ? v.
( )

~ Pre-Season ~
We'll see if starting a season with a semi-skilled cadre doesn't help just a little. Now up against veteran teams, might prove to be another builder year, but coaching staff is optimistic that it will prove different from last.

Specifically, the team is still not as skilled as the coaching staff had hoped after 8 games*; and still only 1 WE, and 2 of 4 Blitzers are -stat (and one a new rookie) - another building season. But a dozen skills on 12 players (even if some are injured and perhaps not long for the team) plus 4 more poised to skill, so better than last start, and "DElfs can do anything!". Coaching staff has high hopes... again...

  1. o Game 6 (14): ...And, again, all hopes are dashed. ~30% of the team is lost, straight across the board no matter how you measure it. 3 players killed and 1 more -MA, and the season effectively ends. Lost a (-Ag) blodging Guard, a dodging sidestepper (for a total of 42 spp lost), and a first-game Blitzer, plus the Wrodger lino gimped.

    Any thoughts of recruiting a second Witch Elf are put on hold while the support team is rebuilt. With luck, early next season... and so begins another building year...

    o Late News Bulletin - hapless Texas is voted in to McNurgle's Bowl, based on principle of "shoulda been a contenduh" (or something). Rematch of previous game with Kansas Elvenhawks.... and 22 spp in a 3-0 rout!

  1. 12 Players:
    o 1 WE (Block)
    o 4 Blitzers (a Blodge+Sidestep; a Blodge(-Ag); one no-skill -AV; & one true rookie)
    o 1 Runner (Guard)
    o 6 Lino's (Wrestle; Kick+Wrestle; Sidestep; +AG)
    o 3 RR. Total spp 97*.

    (* 97 spp/8 games = 12 1/8 spp/game = 12 skills - good, but not "elf" good. Rough goal for a 2 score game would be 14-16 spp/game imo, with the occasional 18-20+ blowout.

  1. Season 2 (XVI)
    1 W - 3 T - 5 L
    1. 1 W - 0 T - 2 L Out-of-Conference pre-season

      o Season 2: Despite opening the season with two Out-of-Conference routs, the team feels better than last year. Maybe something is starting to click (besides the coach's trick knee...)

    1. Smack 7
      o Texas S&M (TV 1470, 8 games)
      o Missouri (elf, 1690, 66 games)
      o Vampirebilt (vamp, 1610, 100 games)
      o U Con (Necro 1500, 103 games)
      o Tennessee (undead, 1320, 9 games)
      o Arizona (amazon, 1500, 21 games)
      o Notre Dame (dwarf, 1410, 12 games)

(Season 1 records lost in database errour. Inter-collegiate hijinx suspected but unproven.)


o 200k 8 3 4 7 Eldril Sidewinder Dodge, Catch, Nerves of Steel, Pass Block, Hypnotic Gaze (Loner)
o 210k 7 3 4 7 Horkon Heartripper Dodge, Leap, Stab, Multiple Block, Shadowing (Loner)
o 220k 7 3 3 7 Ithaca Benoin Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Dump Off, Nerves of Steel, Regeneration (Loner)
o 250k 8 3 5 7 Roxanna Darknail Dodge, Leap , Frenzy, Jump Up, Juggernaut (Loner)
o 260k 7 4 4 8 Hubris Rakarth Block, Mighty Blow, Strip Ball, Jump Up, Dirty Player (Loner)
o 430k 6 6 3 10 Morg 'n' Thorg Block, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, (Throw Team-Mate) (Loner)

(Search "Tex (etc) preview" for overviews)

See: 2014

Returning Starters/Key Players
QB Kyle Allen-So Kenny Hill-Jr
RB Tra Carson-Sr Brandon Williams-Sr
WR Josh Reynolds-Jr LaQuvionte Gonzalez-Jr
WR Speedy Noil-So Edward Pope-Jr
WR Ricky Seals-Jones-So Sabian Holmes-Sr
WR Boone Niederhofer-Jr Jeremy Tabuyo-Jr
OT .. ..
OG .. ..
C Mike Matthews-Sr ..
OG Joseph Cheek-Sr ..
OT Germain Ifedi-Jr ..
K .. ..

Returning Starters/Key Players
DE Julien Obioha-Sr Jarrett Johnson-So / Qualen Cunningham-So
NG Alonzo Williams-Sr Jay Arnold-Jr
DT Hardreck Walker-Jr Zaycoven Henderson-So
RUSH Myles Garrett-So Daeshon Hall-Jr
LB Jordan Mastrogiovanni-Jr Otaro Alaka-So / Josh Walker-So
LB Shaan Washington-Jr A.J. Hilliard-Jr
CB De'Vante Harris-Sr Nick Harvey-So
CB Victor Davis-So ..
SS Donovan Wilson-So ..
FS Armani Watts-So ..
NB Devonta Burns-Sr Sam Moeller-Sr
P Drew Kaser-Sr ..


[list][list][b][url=https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=6888&p=tournaments]NCBB Ssn 21[/url][/b], Game #[/list][/list]

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 Darkian ClaiborneWitch Elf7347Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Block, Side Step, Mighty Blown193506135110k (110+70k) 
2 Ben Malicin'ya iiWitch Elf7347Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Wrestle 8020108110k (110+20k) 
3 Speedy NoirBlitzer7448Block, +ST 41301117100k (100+50k) 
5 Tra DarksonBlitzer7348Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle 156308031100k (100+70k) 
6 Cyrus Dark-Gray ivBlitzer6348Block, Dodge-ma, m51000211100k (0k) 
7 Floyd RavenBlitzer7348Block, Dodge, Tackle 142101217100k (100+40k) 
8 Hardark WalkerLineman6348  100000070k (70+0k) 
9 Darkshazor EverettLineman6347Block, Dodge-av28300422170k (70+40k) 
10 Darkien Obioha iiLineman6358Dodge, Block, +AG 22720233270k (70+80k) 
12 Darkvis HarrisonLineman6348Kick, Wrestle 22300142570k (70+40k) 
14 Popolo ManukainiuLineman6348Dirty Player 1210011870k (70+20k) 
15 Darkie BaggsLineman6348Wrestlem22100211070k (0k) 
16 Cedark OgbuchiLineman6348Guard, Block 19340012070k (70+50k) 
11 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach:Smeat Re-Rolls (100k):3  
Race:Dark Elf Fan Factor:10  
Team Value:1720k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:200000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:1930k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:60 (23/16/21) |TD Diff:8 (82 - 74) |Cas Diff:-15 (59/30/18 - 59/50/13)
Last Opponent: U.Con. Huskies