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Albion Fae

The Albion Fae race was developed by Whatball, Harvestmouse Zakatan and Garion

Albion Fae Roster

 Positional  MA  ST  AG  AV  Skills  Allowed Skills  Price 
   0-16  Brownie  6  1  3  7  Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty  A  25k 
   0-4  Pixie  8  1  3  6  Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Stunty, Very Long Legs  A  60k 
   0-2  Leprechaun  6  1  3  7  Dodge, Right Stuff, Strip Ball, Stunty  GA  60k 
   0-3  Fenbeast  2  6  1  9  Bone-Head, Disturbing Presence, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate  S  120k 
 Re-Rolls  50k (100k after team creation) 
 Apothecary  Yes 
 Stars available for inducement 
 Star Player  MA  ST  AG  AV  Skills  Price 
   Leeloo Lion Tamer  4  2  2  7  Loner, Dirty Player, Dodge, Frenzy, Stunty, Dauntless (Niggle)  70k 
   Blarney Bill Bastidge  6  1  3  7  Loner, Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Titchy, Fend, Sure Hands, Stab  70k 
   Wil-O the Wisp  8  1  5  8  Disturbing Presence, Dodge, Foul Appearance, Hypnotic Gaze, Loner, No Hands, Regeneration, Side Step, Stunty, Titchy,  115k 
   Lorebass  6  3  3  8  Diving Tackle, Kick, Stand Firm, Stunty, Thick Skull  125k 
   Shadow  8  2  4  9  Loner, Shadowing, Dodge, Side Step, Strip Ball, No Hands, Regeneration  160k 
   Puck  6  1  3  7  Loner, Dauntless, Dodge, Right Stuff, Strip Ball, Stunty, Thick Skull, Wrestle  200k 
   "Big" Pudwick  4  4  2  8  Loner, Guard, Grab, Thick Skull, Wrestle  Comes as a pair with Puck 
   Cusimano the Gentle Giant  4  6  1  9  Loner, Thick Skull, Block, Fan Favourite, Grab, Throw Team Mate  280k 



Last update: January 22, 2014