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Starting a Group

Tournaments can only be conducted within a group. To start a group, click on the Create Group link in the Groups box under your team lists on your FUMBBL page. Type in your group's name, choose to make it public or private (this determines whether it shows up on the group lists) , choose whether to enable scoring (this is scoring for the entire group, not for individual tournaments), and type in a description for your group.

The description should include information about:

  • the theme of the group
  • what tournaments will be conducted within the group
  • how many teams will be allowed in
  • what races will be allowed
  • how many teams of each race will be accepted
  • the divisions from which teams will be approved
  • the TR and/or ST requirements of newly-accepted teams (e.g. rookie means TR100 and no games played)
  • any other approval rules you will apply (e.g. only coaches with ratings below 150)
  • the URL of any related forum threads
  • the name of the channel you create at irc.fumbbl.com to meet other group members (e.g. Meet us at #blahbowl to find your next opponent!)

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Last update: April 4, 2005