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2012-12-20 14:28:31
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2017-04-03 23:36:04
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DLE fluff - New owner for the Dead Wood Rangers
Mr. Xavier Auzmendi, owner of Dead Wood Rangers, was spending some time in the rocking chair outside the main entrance to his elegant cottage. His wife was knitting nearby.

AA: “Dear, I was with several of our friends today in the Country Club. They told me you are actually the owner of a blood bowl team somewhere in the Empire. Is that true?” muttered her.

With surprise, Xavier´s eyes gazed at her.

XA: “My dear sweetheart Ana, in fact, the company inherited a team due to some unpayed invoices. This was several months ago, though I can hardly find to time to properly manage the team. Why you asked?”

AA: “Well, dear, some of our friends suggested it would be so good to have the famous DLE teams visiting our forgotten lands from time to time. We would be able to attract some VIPs from the Empire or Bretonnia or other cities from Estalia.”

XA: “But honey, it takes hard work to relocate a team from the Empire to Bilbali. We even need a proper Stadium to do so or else the Comissioners would not accept. We lack the proper infraestrcuture to do so”.

AA: “Remember the former Cathedral of Bilbali, dedicated to San Mamés? It is now abandoned and home of beggars and rats due to the heretics found inside the cult. And there is plenty of space inside to develop a proper stadium, with VIP lounges, terraces and the such. Why don´t you purchase the property, which is very low priced now, and make an effort to rebuilt it into the proper stadium you need?”

XA: “Never thought of that, but it seems to be a good idea. May be I should think a bit more about it. But thing is, I will still be unable to find the time to manage the team and I think it is not proper to relocate the team and still not paying it enough attention. How can I handle this issue…, my love?”

AA: “But Darling, you have the answer in front of you…”

XA: “You mean….”

AA: “Yes, Xavier, I can take care of managing the team once it relocates here, effectively becoming the Bilbali Rangers.”

XA: “Well, I might ask comissioners if that is within the rules and….”

AA: “OK, no more words about it. I will go planning next season. Let me know when the team is finally relocated. Thanks dear. I will let you know how much I need for the rebuilding of the Cathedral….”

Mr. Auzmendi, jaw dropped, while his wife was going away, was wondering how, in a couple of minutes, his wife stripped him of a complete DLE blood bowl team… And for free!!!

“Yes, that is why I love her so much…” he smiled to himself.
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Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-04-04 08:16:09
Can't wait to see this develop! nice story.
Posted by Meanandugl on 2017-04-04 08:19:57
Haha, determined lady this Ana
Posted by ben_awesome on 2017-04-04 09:54:34
A Cathedral stadium? Amazing!