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One year in fumbbl
And one year playing blood bowl since my 1st bb game was on this awesome site.

I found out about Blood Bowl 2 accidentally on steam around november-december 2015. I ignored it 1st since fantasy nor warhammer was never my thing. But tactical games were. So few weeks later i remembered the game, searched some videos about it, got semi-interested, gave some time, couldn't get it out of my head and i went and studied the shit out of it.

All videoturorials i could find, all forum topics about tactics, rosters and basics.. and.. i found crendors tubers cup (played in bb1 chaos edition).. and watching them doing mistakes i was like "heck, i haven't played one game and even i had chance to beat them up".

Then i tried to find illegal copy* of blood bowl (i had no money at the time and i wasn't sure if cyanide was worth the money or not).. any version.. and i found out that there is FREE blood bowl game!

After 3 months of learning and searching i was this glorious site.

What did i fit in this year:

- 2 chainpush 1ttd's (+ more with natural oneturner)
- Entering 4 leagues with variable success
- Entering SL cup twice (both times with Clan Eshin, 1st time i got my rookies to round 2 and 2nd time i had them developed a bit and the 1st round matchup was rought and game got much more tight than it was supposed to)
- Killed one clawpomb
- I have beaten site admin!!! (I admit that i was more about dice and less about tactics)
- Got my 5-0 win too
- Got my 100th win in bit more than 300 games (ranked+box+league) (i think it was like 306th game or so)
- Had 7-1-0 run with Vampires (until i bought 3rd vamp and record went to 8-3-7)
- My Ogres are undefeated (1-1-0... lol)
- Played every CRP race except Goblins and Halflings
- Much learning, especially about positioning and prioritizing

I had planned to achieve 100th win before 300th game but that did't actually happen.

I planned also to have at least 365 games before tomorrow but now sitting at 354 games (+ 1 league game later tonight) it just doesn't happen.

For future year i plan to:
- Try out gobbos and halflings
- Play more secret league games
- Developing teams for majors and cups
- Trying to have 730 games before/during 2 year anniversary (hopefully with increased win%, currently at 42-43%)
- Hunt some badges
- Build some more funny and fluffy teams

(*= Note that i now also own legal copies of BB1:CE and BB2, both of them i bought on sale)
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Posted by Danish_Dan on 2017-03-29 12:48:46
Not bad for a first year Kummo! And I must say it is a pleasure playing against you in the three leagues we share. And I will even up that record soon enough, 2 draws and a win to you so far!

Also, git yo' finga out and play da gobbos 'n' flingz. I've played both a fair bit (mainly in leauges) and they are a lot of fun!
Posted by darkwing2k6 on 2017-03-29 14:09:57
Gratz buddy! if you make it to 730 games by the end of next year then you will be pretty much level with me except mine has taken 10 years, really should play more.
Posted by garyt1 on 2017-03-29 17:35:46
Well done Kummo!
Posted by mrt1212 on 2017-03-29 17:58:22
A welcome addition and can't wait to face you again!
Posted by kummo on 2017-03-30 01:41:26
Thanks guys :)

Nice to see mostly "opponents" commenting ^^

Hope to see you on field again at some point :)