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DLE Newsflash: Carroburg loss against reigning champions, but what a season!
We have seen fantastic scenes here at the "pool" this beautiful and sunny evening. First, the game that was fought bravely by our heroes, but finally lost as TJ couldn't convert the final try into a TD as the evening sun was setting. And then, the lecters simply exploded. Carroburg fans, though disappointed by the loss, was invited to celebrate on the Pitch, despite hefty protest from our local dwarf groundkeeper, who was reported to have kicked Friedrich in the skin to show his mood. Nicola handed flowers over to the Universe team captain while Inga conducted the rest of the team in a highly atonal, but wildly ethusiastic "You are the Champions", a rewriting of a famous hit from olden times, as a tribute to the reigning champions. CAW paid for the beer and the Universe players were saluted by home fans and away fans alike, and all the time a watchful eye from Friedrich made sure no homefans used the opportunity to foul a member of the away team... Our reporters are on the Pitch. Let's hear what they have to say!

Hertha: "We stand here with the two quarterbacks and the head coach of the Cascade." She turns to Anders. "Tell us about todays match, Anders!"

Anders: (grins) "I can surely think of games were we have performed better, but the nerve in this game was exhilarating. And you got to hand it to the Universe, they may not look like much, but man, can they ever play ball! I think the most impressive is their coolnesss under fire. They never panic or haste their actions, but takes the time to do it right, even when Friedrich or Dietmar bores down on them with murder in their eyes. And they hardly ever fail in what they try for. I think that's the big difference between the teams. We are technically as good as they are, but this ability to stay calm and do what you need to do when things heats up, that's the challenge. And I think it takes time to learn that. I confidently believe that we will get to that point too, possibly as early as next season!"

Günther: "But you had a good chance at the Draw at the end there, so that must rankle, or what?"

Anders: "Sure. No professional player likes to loose. You know, coach had planned for that mad TJ run to the goal line as a last chance, so he kept me and TJ off for most of hhe second half, and fielded us in the final attempt (OTTD with Anders' Leader RR), but TJ couldn't round the ogre (1 and 3 on the 4+ dodge)and that was that. But I mean, we tried our best. Today, we met a better team."

Günther: "Do you agree, Inga?"

Inga: "Oh, Yeah" Her blonde ponytail whips up and down as she nods. "For sure. We played well against them in the first half, but then in the second we got to be too eager, like early on when they left an opening to sack the ballcarrier, only to have Turbin fail going-for-it (snaked a GFI). I don't think we were in a hurry there, so we should have just stayed back and consolidated, but they fooled us into trying for a big break, and when that failed, we unravelled."

Hertha: "You won the MVP for the Cascade team today, Inga. What does that mean to a player?"

Inga: "You know, it always nice to be appreciated. And I guess it was beacuse we never gave up, even though we played six against ten towards the end of the second half. Thanks everyone, btw" She waves enthusiastically to the crowd, who cheers back.

Günther: "And how will you summarise the season, Coach Vatn?"

Vatn: "I think we did much more than we settled out to do. With only 4 draftees and a couple of homegrown talents like these two louts here...", he indicates his quarterbacks with a proud gesture,and both of them grins "...we are somewhat limited in what we can do, and it usually comes down to whether our blitzers have a good day or not. Sometimes, like in the matches against the Grizzlies and the Cardinals match, they are effective and we win or draw, sometimes, like today, they are not, and then we loose."

Günther: "So you think that will change next season, then?"

Vatn: "For sure. We will have six more draftees and the locals have developed as well. We will have opportunities and versatility we lack today. Maybe the blitzers can even become a TD threat as well as a weapon. We will likely improve more than our competitors, and a reasonable goal for next season would be to aim for the SHC North divisional crown"

Hertha: "Actually, you could still win that title, if the Vikings loose to the Foxes!"

Inga: Shakes her head. "I would of course be thrilled to be in the play-offs if that happens, but the Vikings deserve that Crown after their trouncing of us in round 12."

Günther: (skeptically) "How is that for a competitive spirit?"

Inga reddens, but Anders puts his arm around her shoulders. "You know as well as I do, Günther, this quarterback is one tough cookie. It's just that she shouldn't spend time thinking about things that are out of our capable hands. What she meant to say, was that we had a fair chance, and wasted it. If the Vikings also waste their chance, well, that's their loss, but not our credit." He lets go of a thankful Inga and adds with a grin: "And then we have sent the Foxes some good advice on how to handle Kendricks, and we will be in Marienburg for certain, cheering on the Foxes!"

Günther: "Good for you, and then the question to our readers will be, will YOU be in Marienburg in time for the exciting game between the Foxes and the Vikings?"

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by spelledaren on 2016-11-25 09:51:02
Exciting news, and a great run by the Cascade, a delight to have as a part of the league and a competitor.

The Vikings thought the deal was done after Kendricks knocked out rival franschise player Clinton Portis in our last game, but the Wolfskins came back and actually got closer to victory than we ever did.

Now we have to take care of the Foxes, and we'll be sure to give our all. 16 players standing ready, how the opposition will look is yet to be decided, as their round 6 game has been granted an extension and is yet to be played.

Exciting times!
Posted by Meanandugl on 2016-11-25 10:05:04
Nice report, as always. News from Carroburg are one of many reasons to look forward to season 3.

But first things first. Will the Vikings claim the no.1 spot in SHC North? Will Cascade slip into the finals last minute? Will we see a trading frenzy, now that more and more teams finish the regular season? And how many more trades will be cancelled because a traded player receives a perm injury or even dies, like Dri Archer (Norden Legion) yesterday evening. And finally, who will win the DLE Super Bowl this season?
Posted by bghandras on 2016-11-25 10:06:30
Excellent read!
Posted by darkwing2k6 on 2016-11-25 11:36:45
brilliant as always :)