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2015-02-16 21:27:13
rating 4.4
2015-02-16 21:27:13
7 votes, rating 4.4
Tournament play on Fumbbl
Epic concept but after signing up and trying to plan a match with someone whom doesn't show and is impossible to plan with forcing my life to halt for almost a week ending up playing on a horrible time for me I´ll say never again until there is extremely clear rules on exactly when someone concedes. A good rule is 30 min in game and to force people to give suggestions close to the game draw.
For tournament training its fantastic though. And I really hope the next tournament will be better n ways of game planning.
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Posted by koadah on 2015-02-16 21:37:14
You don't have to put your life on hold.

You tell them when you can play. Then get on with your life.
If they don't respond after a couple of days inform the commissioner.

Everything else goes on as normal.
Posted by Purplegoo on 2015-02-16 21:55:51
Hello Nifel.

We are aware of timezones and the issues they can create, and we've alluded to future plans concerning this. We also mentioned in the rulespack that this is a European themed tournament (due to the tie up with the NAFC), and that coaches should bear that in mind when it comes to entering / scheduling.

Koadah is right - this is fundamentally for fun. You should not be 'forcing your life to a halt'. I love the commitment, but you / we all should be sensible when scheduling games.

You were kind enough to involve me in the PM chain early, and I thank you for that. I recommend in future you mention that this is working out poorly for you (perhaps you did, but emphasise more) and not overstretch yourself in the manner you seem to have done.

Thanks for your patience in these early days of online tournaments, and I hope your experience improves.
Posted by Calcium on 2015-02-17 01:05:56
Badass profile pic :)
Posted by happygrue on 2015-02-17 01:34:36
Nifel, I sympathize with your frustration as can most folks who've been doing this a while. In fact, our normal tournaments have pretty clearly defined rules regarding who is at fault in such situations, and those deemed to break those rules are usually banned for some months afterward from playing again. However, we also have (with one exception that I can think of) *NO* swiss style official tournaments because of the complications that can arise when trying to schedule such things, among other reasons.

This NAF tournament was under strict time deadlines and is quite a bit different in many respects than our usual FUMBBL tournaments. There were many _many_ hours of work that clearly went into making this prototype tournament work, and I can say as a FUMBBL regular that I am personally nothing short of amazed at how well it has gone. I was really expecting a lot of jiggery pokery to just get the thing off the ground. Given the technical challengs and keeping in mind that there are a lot of new players taking part that aren't used to online scheduling etiquette I think despite your frustrations you should give this another chance in a regular FUMBBL tournament or in the next NAF event.

For myself, I am also frustrated with scheduling, as I am based in North America and I have 4 kids at home so my windows of time I can play are very complicated. But I really, really wanted to do it, so I signed up desperately hoping that most players would be available on the weekend... which has proved true 1/4 times so far... (Doh!) So I ended up playing at some times that weren't really ideal and didn't play my best at some of those times, but I've gained the perspective over the years playing here that I was able to play at those times without leaving my house (and for FREE). Perhaps even with a beer in my hand and in my underwear and... but I digress - the point is you may have had a bum run so far but we've all been there. Give it another go and keep in mind that sometimes people are a real pain to schedule with due to something going on in RL that week and you may have just run across a few tough situations in that regard.
Posted by koadah on 2015-02-17 09:01:09
Really, I think that the number of forfeits have been remarkably small.

Props to the tournament staff and participants for helping the tournament run so well.

Personally I didn't play as I knew that I would not have the patience for scheduling problems. But I am sure that Uncle Purplegoo has some ideas up his sleeve that might suit guys like me better. ;)
Posted by keggiemckill on 2015-02-17 15:20:22
I have the same problem on a regular basis. This is because I am 9 hrs behind BB time. So my schedule doesn't work well with the population. Doesn't stop me from entering every major. It just makes me very proactive when scheduling games.