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[R] Uxel Darkies on tour
2011-07-15: Golradir is recruited by the Uxel Darkies on tour and will wear the n°1. For his first professional game, he inflicts 2 casualties to some high elves. The next day he injures a thrall and learns to deal even mightier blows.
2011-07-30: Golradir meets the legend Acacia. A great honor and the dream to become a legend one day is growing in his mind.
2011-09-04: With tackle and dodge, Golradir is now the dedicated hitman of the team. He is one of the key players for the Warpstone Open qualifiers. Unfortunately, the players are still too young for major tournament and fail completely their opening game. A hard defeat but everyone has learned a lot.
2011-10-29: First tournament victory => an elite smack.
2011-11-10: The team is in good shape and decides to enter the XFL dark elve without any preparation games.
2011-11-28: After some backstage difficulties and tension in the organization of the game, the team enters the XFL very late and without any motivation. The game is a disaster with early casualties on key players and epic dice fails. Golradir got his jaw broken on a T14 blitz and misses his first game.
2011-11-28: The team retires from international tournaments and is on the verge of retirement. 2 out of the 3 remaining blitzers leave the team as well as the assassin and a thrower. 4 players remain from the original team : the leader, one guard lino, the star thrower and Golradir.
2011-12-02: Golradir is still recovering from his injury and watches the team suffer through a bashing game against wood elves. Despite the miraculous draw, Golradir threatens to leave the team and the president decides to give him everything he asks for. Here are the main lines in the new contract :
- The apothecary is dedicated to Golradir unless he is removed from the pitch already
- All TD shall be awarded to Golradir unless it can cost the victory
- All blitz shall be made by Golradir unless there is a clean shot at the ball
- The contract stands until Mr. T record falls
2011-12-06: During a game versus a human team, Golradir manages an interception and has already one TD and one Pass. He will do his best to get a Larson but despite his efforts, he will not be able to injure anyone.
2011-12-09: This time the Larson is made against a vampire team.
2011-12-16: During an incredible game against an ogre team, Golradir scores 4 TD and inflicts 4 casualties. He also gets his first MVP and becomes a legend ... giving him a total of 26 spp in a game fit for a legend !
2011-12-26: Christmas season has been awful for Golradir with very few spp and even fewer games ended. He injured himself twice (BH) on failed dodge and gfi. The worst game happened versus a skaven team where he snaked a gfi and got pushed on the crowd (BH) on turn 1. The year is ending badly for Golradir, maybe it is time to die on the pitch as Besar is rising as a potential key player.
2011-12-31: Besar is forced to retirement after a nasty injury. Golradir refused to lend the apothecary to him when his skull got fractured. There were rumors that the managing directors wanted to give apo rights to Besar after his next skill but this has been denied in the bloodier way by Golradir who remains the only worthy player on the team.
2012-01-21: Time has passed and Golradir is breaking new records. He is now the best dark elf player of all time in term of spp, TDs and casualties. He is also the best active player and the best active scorer. He also holds the title of best scoring blocker.
He will now focus more on his passing skills but will not forget to make his way to the top of the all-time hall of fame. Currently #8 in this ranking for Ranked division, he is also close to show his name in the common list among the one-man team players and the hardcore CPoMBers of the Box.
2012-13-05: After a 3 months break from the field, Golradir goes back to business to defend his active records against some new raising legends. The first game sounds like a warning with a 5 TD game, his new record. However, he will still be seeking his initial goals : reach 1100 spp and be the first player to reach a triple 100 (TD / pass & cas).
2012-21-05: The end was near on a T15 spite foul by a lonely skink. A boot in the ribs and Golradir sees the light but fortunately the apoth was skilled enough to reduce the injury to broken ribs. In the aftermatch interview, Golradir declared "this has been a stressful game and I will be coaching the team for the next one. I hope Besar is ready to lead the team and this might be a good opportunity for him to make a name". Is Golradir already thinking about his reconversion ? The fans are puzzled by this declaration ...
2012-03-06: The day Golradir realized he will not be the greatest player of all time. Meeting Vindaloo was devastating, he managed to score a TD and a T16 pass after the apo saved him from a BH but the rest of the game saw him lying on the ground or running after loose players while Besar took the control of the team. Meanwhile the star dancer, even on a bad dice day, showed all his talent and scored twice. Good luck reaching the top Vindaloo, Golradir will soon be watching your back on the top lists.
2013-05-11: After a year of semi-retirement, Golradir reaches his original goal => overcome Mr. T in the top stars list. Meanwhile Vindaloo has pushed the limits even higher. Golradir is now old and tired even if it doesn't show on its performances. Will he have the strength to continue his quest for TOP#1 ?
2013-05-19: Another goal is reached => Triple 100 !! Getting these 100 pass was tough with Golradir mainly focusing on running down the field but it took some nerves from him to refrain from scoring.
2013-05-25: Milestones aren't always a sign of good games. Golradir reaches 1200 spp after 2 awful games of scoring only a pity pass. In the third game, it was going bad again with the team being 2 TDs down. But Golradir woke up at the end scoring a TD for the 2-1 then blitzing the ball in turn 16 to allow the 3-2. Awful set of games but the 1200 spp milestone is there and may be the beginning of a wonderful streak.
2013-05-29: 1200 spp series starts with ... a LARSON !! In a game full of luck against heavily clawed chaos, Golradir crushed the opponent'es hopes by landing 2 key strikes (1 claw/MB and 1 AG4) in half 1, then by scoring 2 TDs and finally by intercepting and passing to TD in half 2.He took advantage of this success to ask for the dismissal of 2 of his teammates : Dande, the fan favorite (7 MVPs) and second oldest player of the team and a veteran blitzer. Will the fans continue to support him after this kind of decision ?
2013-06-22: Finally reached his original goal
* * * Did you know? The brightest star is Golradir with 1287 SPPs.

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