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Past Players of Team That RNG Forgot
Team Page
16Superstar AinesCatcher610Catch, Dodge, Wrestled
8 Vincent FastsnakeLineman80n
10Chelsea DaggerLineman70-ag
10'The Lips' LennyLineman10-av
8Mick DaggerLineman10-av
9Salacious SallyLineman20d
16John WayneCatcher60Catch, Dodged
3NyxBlitzer1547Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guardm, d
2FranklinBlitzer2243Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, +STn
2ReignsBlitzer310Block, Mighty Blow-st
16SonicCatcher80Catch, Dodge-av
3Hitman HartBlitzer1421Block, Mighty Blow, Tackled
1Event HorizonBlitzer714Block, Mighty Blowd
9Brahma BullLineman349Wrestle-av
7William RegalThrower2748Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Block, Leaderd
4The ArchitectBlitzer924Block, Mighty Blow, Guard-av
5Dirty HarryOgre2222Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Stand Firmd
6Hangman JoeThrower56Sure Hands, Pass, Accurated
14William HardfistLineman3610Wrestled
1RollinsBlitzer1648Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guardm, -ag
6Bobby 'The Brain' HeenanThrower1120Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Kick-Off Return-ma
8The MVPCatcher4085Catch, Dodge, Block, +AG, Guard, Side Step, Dauntlessm, d
11Billy GunnLineman4024Block, Fend-ma, m, n
2Devil in a SportshirtBlitzer52150Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guard, Shadowingm, d
1RollinsBlitzer1985Block, Mighty Blow, +AG, Dodge, Tackle, Fendd
13Serial ThrillerLineman4032Block, Fend, Guardm, m, -av
6Jimmy "Mouth of the South" HartThrower47Sure Hands, Pass, Block-ma
8Billy Goat GruffCatcher2021Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Guardm, -ma
9The Most Electrifying Man in Sports EntertainmentLineman3827Guard, Mighty Blowm, -ma, d
7G.O.A.TThrower2246Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Strong Arm, +AGm, m, d
18Vincent HotstreamLineman10d
18Aaron HardfieldLineman10d
5The DonOgre3750Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Stand Firm, Grabd
12The Flying RedheadCatcher36Catch, Dodged
4The AnvilBlitzer3651Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Tacklem, m, m, m, -ma
9The Legend KillerLineman125m, d
3Randy 'Macho Man' SavageBlitzer65106Block, Dodge, Jump Up, Fend, +MA, Tacklem, m, d
1Ricky 'The Dragon' SteamboatBlitzer1917Block, Guard, Jump Up-av
3Pork Chop Cash IIBlitzer50Block-av
7Mouth of the SouthThrower1921Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Fendm, d
4The AnvilBlitzer1921Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, m, d
3Pork Chop CashBlitzer80Blockm, -st
1AJ StylesBlitzer1931Block, Mighty Blow, +AG, Tackle-ag
13Razor "The Bad Guy" RamonLineman3131Guard, Dodge, Blockm, -av
11Million Dollar ManCatcher3970Catch, Dodge, Block, +AG, Side Step, +STm, m, d
3The ArchitectBlitzer918Block, Mighty Blow, Guardm, d
2RollinsBlitzer4285Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Jump Up, Fendm, d
7Wolverine ExpressThrower2130Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Fendd
7"Ravishing" Rick RudeThrower79Sure Hands, Pass, Blockn
14Bolt "the Fastest Man Alive"Catcher5266Catch, Dodge, Block, Fend, Nerves Of Steel, Side Stepm, m, d
4Tenacious DBlitzer2839Block, Dodge, +MA, Mighty Blowm, m, m, m, m, m, d
13 Big Sexy the Giant KillerLineman2922Dirty Player, Wrestlen, -st
9Nature BoyLineman3925Guard, Dodgem, m, -ag, -ma
7Texas RattlesnakeLineman1714Wrestled
1Hardcore LegendBlitzer3522Block, Guard, Tacklem, d
4The GameBlitzer913Block, Guardd
8The Most Electrifying Man in Sports EntertainmentLineman6664Block, Tackle, Fend, Prom, m, -ma
3The Bionic RedneckBlitzer3132Block, Guard, Stand Firmm, m, d
5Big Poppa PumpOgre6477Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Grab, Stand Firm, Break Tackle, Juggernautm, m, m, m
2Ricky 'The Dragon' SteamboatBlitzer3362Block, Mighty Blow, +ST, Tackle, Fendd
12Doctor Of ThuganomicsLineman5530Block, Kick-ma, -ma
11Latino HeatLineman3311Blockm, m, d
10The Lunatic FringeLineman140113Tackle, Guard, Block, Dodge, Fendm, m, m, m, m, d
6Bobby 'The Brain' HeenanThrower7086Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Kick-Off Return, Hail Mary Pass, Catch, Leaderm, n, -av
9The Ayatollah of Rock and RollaLineman50d
1The Phenomenal OneBlitzer15Blockn