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Blood Bowl Websites

There are a wealth of BB sites peppered across the Internet and you can find some real gems too!

TalkFantasyFootball - The busiest Blood Bowl forum on the web, ask a question here, you will get an answer! - Previously Talkbloodbowl.

The NAF - The NAF is the worldwide Blood Bowl organisation, useful for finding tabletop tournaments and leagues and all sorts of Blood Bowl resources (including links to more websites...)

Zlurpee Bowl This is the main site for all things street bowl related. You can find out about real life Street Bowl tournaments here as well.

Blood Bowl Miniatures - Traveller's excellent site has detailed pictures of every BB mini released, as well as limited edion minis etc. It also has guides to making a stadium and his gorgeous converted Orc Games Day team. (is that possible!)

Blood Bowl Central - Online source for Bloodbowl

Frank TBB's Site - This site has pictures of the many stadiums that Frank has built from scratch, and look amazing! It also has pictures of the many teams he has painted

Blood Bowl Old Skool Picture Archive - Want to see old miniatures painted and all the old 1st and 2nd edition artwork? This is the site to visit. It also has some of the finest painting of BB minis that I have ever seen!

Blood Bowl on Wikipedia - If you don't know what Wikipedia is, check it out now! The greatest encyclopedia ever created now has a Blood Bowl article.

These sites were historically good, but (temporarily?) down:

Gamesworkshop specialist games section - The official BB site on the web. Home to the LRB, Vault LRB and some tactics articles available for download.

Specialist Games - A great resource for custom rosters, fanzine articles and unique bloodbowl rules such as advanced weather rules, simultaneous play rules and so on.

MixX's Play Creator - a tool for recreating manoeuvres on the field of play. Requires Macromedia Flash plug-in. This site is down for the moment.

Lore of Nuffle - Ithilkir's site. A central depository for all your Blood Bowl facts, figures, names, flavour, background and anything else ever mentioned in the world of Blood Bowl!

The Mongol's Yurt - The Mongol's Yurt, the site of Djengis_Khan featuring his painted models

Last update: September 8, 2014