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1320 TV Minor Open for Applications

Minor 1320 TV

Applications due by
22:00pm server time
June 19th

Any Competitive team with a TV of 1320 or less can apply Here. (reminder that TV is now the old TW)

Should note that League teams are not allowed.

This will be as many 16 or 32 team single elimination tournaments as we can draw with minimal byes. Teams will be accepted based on the highest TV at the deadline for applications. If there are more teams with the same TV than places available, the date and time of application will be used to separate the teams.

TV now includes players missing the next game in its calculation.


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Posted by Bazakastine on Jun 12
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Nereid-fins Bomb (Quite Literally) in Second Straight Shutout

Nereid-fins Bomb (Quite Literally) in Second Straight Shutout

The Meyemi Nereid-fins suffered their second consecutive shutout to open their inaugural season in the Bonehead League, losing 2-0 in a sloppy but explosive game vs. the Blightring Bog Beasts. The Bog Beasts snotling squad got both of their touchdowns from star player Hakflem Skuttlespike, who delighted the crowd with his blazing speed and acrobatic dodges, but the true difference-maker in the game was Bomber Dribblesnot, who helped the Bog Beasts amass 7 combined stuns, KO’s, and injuries on only 13 successful blocks.

Hakflem Skuttlespike scores his first of two TDs on the day, backed by his snotling teammates and suspicious swirls of thick smoke all over the field

“Yeah, I think some of those injuries didn’t exactly come on blocks, and that’s definitely something we’re going to ask the league to look into,” said Nereid-fin Coach Mickon McDenial during the postgame press conference. “It was clear from the first play there were some kind of exploding contraptions flying through the air, taking my players out, but every time I complained to the ref, he said, ‘that’s just snotlings blocking them. The little fellas are hard to see.’ It took him until late in the second half to finally toss Dribblesnot from the game. I kept telling him, ‘Sir, I actually think they’re using bombs. I mean, that goblin they recruited for this game, it’s right in his name.’ And the ref looks at me and says, ‘He just has a runny nose.’”

The goblin referee fails to spot one of several explosions that sent Meyemi players tumbling through the air in the first half. (This scribe is no expert at the highly complex affair of refereeing a blood bowl match, but it appears the problem may have been his eyes—and the fact that he somehow failed to keep them open.)

Blightring got their first TD at the end of the opening half, after a panicked and aggressive blitz into their backfield allowed Skuttlespike to escape into the open field. After receiving the opening kick and handing it to Skuttlespike, the Bog Beasts had settled in on their own half, content to run some clock and toss bombs at the Meyemi defense (or make blocks with hard-to-see snotlings, depending on whose account you believe.)

After watching 2 players get KO’d by bursts of flame and steel shrapnel, McDenial signaled his elves to charge forward. The team’s two side-stepping blitzers, Rahor Mossheart and Jalyn Killyps were able to surround Skuttlespike amid a pocket of snotling blockers, and the rest of the Nereid-fin team closed in, dangerously marking Dribblesnot and the snotlings, as well as the team’s pump wagon and trolls.

“Look, I’m a blood-alytics guy, but maybe I put too much faith in the numbers there,” said McDenial on the questionable decision. He then went on to talk about percentages and predictive models in ways that bored the scribes at the press conference so thoroughly that they fell asleep. They woke with a start though at the end of McDenial’s explanation when he admitted he forgot about the fact that Skuttlespike had two heads and punched the podium, shouting, “so if you want to crown those heads, then crown them!”

Thanks to those pair of heads, as well as a key blitz by snotling Chase Dimth, who vaulted his entire little body at Mossheart’s face to take the elf to the ground, Skuttlespike danced away from the would-be tacklers, escaped the pocket and raced deep into Meyemi territory. After elven catcher Falyn Woodyl tripped over a snotling (turns out they are quite hard to see, after all) trying to blitz Skuttlespike from behind, the Bog Beasts were able to run out the rest of the clock before scoring to go into half time up 1-0.

“It’s clear I’m the best-goodest skaven to ever play this game, as even the great Tarsh Surehands himself was never that quick-fast on the field,” said one of Skuttlespike’s heads after the game before the other head jealously snapped at it. The interview then abruptly ended as Skuttlespike’s heads began hissing and biting each other, arguing over which one was truly the head of the best realm’s blood bowl player.

Despite the fact that Dribblesnot was permitted to come out for the second half, the Nereid-fins still looked to be in good shape to tie the game and potentially go for the win, as the ref would eventually be forced to ban Dribblesnot as well as the team’s pump wagon and fungus flingas. A key positioning mistake, however, derailed that plan when Meyemi set up a solid screen along the sideline with speedster Taryk Hill open deep and Mossheart bringing the ball near midfield.

The problem was that Mossheart got a bit too near midfield and too near his blockers. Dribblesnot easily spotted the mistake and lobbed a bomb amidst the elves, sending all three and the ball flying in a huge ball of fire that finally caught the ref’s attention.

Meyemi blitzer Rahor Mossheart is blasted sky high after he foolishly listens to his coach’s instructions to get a little too close to his blockers and Bomber Dribblesnot

“I know that snotlings do explode from time to time, but when they do it’s an explosion of blood, guts, and bone fragments, not fire,” said the referee after the game. “So, yeah, that one was definitely a bomb.”

With the ball loose in Meyemi territory, Skuttlespike struck quickly, racing forward and scooping it up like a piece of rotting cheese coated in raw sewage. Backed by a cadre of snotling blockers, he then high-stepped his way toward his second TD to establish a firm 2-0 lead for the Bog Beasts.

“Sometimes you just have to doff your cap to the other squad,” said McDenial on the turnover and scoop-and-score. Asked whether his expertise in blood-alytics included statistics on how far away his ball carrier should stay from a bomber, however, McDenial said simply, “no comment.”

With more than half of the second half to play and all the secret weapons now banned from the match, Meyemi still clung to the hopes of a tie as they received the ensuing kick-off. But those hopes slipped away as quickly as a dodging gutter runner, when Skuttlespike and a snotling lineman slipped around three elf blockers and tackled a sprinting Taryk Hyll near the southern sideline.

Hyll, who calls himself “Lord Cheetah” and claims to be the fastest blood bowl player alive, looked shocked to be caught from behind by Skuttlespike, who was clearly the speedier of the two. So it was, Hyll lay on the field in a glum daze a bit longer than usual, giving Dimth time to sneak up to him with an impish gleam in his snotling eyes. Giggling wildly, Dimth stomped on Hyll’s throat with his sharpened cleats, unleashing a geyser of elf blood that spattered most of the first row along the sidelines. As Hyll quickly turned as white as the chalked sidelines, it was clear that Dimth’s boot had found his jugular, and the elven catcher was dead in a matter of minutes.

Taryk “Lord Cheetah” Hyll contemplates whether he may not be as fast as he thought he was as Chase Dimth tiptoes up behind him, his little snotling head filled with bad intentions

As Dimth and Skuttlespike pointed and laughed at the dying elf, this finally gave the Nereid-fins a chance to get their hands on the rat. Killyps and elven lineman Kadyr Kohoo delivered simultaneous spinning back fists to each of Skuttlespike’s snouts, sending him sprawling into the crowd. Rather than throttle the rat, the crowd—who’d been thrilled by his performance thus far—hoisted him on their shoulders, and allowed him to toss the ball back onto the pitch. Naturally, Skuttlespike heaved it as far as he could deep into Meyemi territory, all but sealing the game with only two minutes left to play.

Though The Nereid-fins still had a good opportunity to retrieve the ball and make a pass up field to at least score their first TD of the season, it was not meant to be. In a rather un-elflike series of blunders, line-elf Durym Smythyl fumbled the hand-off to Killyps, who then clumsily kicked the ball around the pitch as he leaned down to pick it up. Snotling lineman Aliya Britney then showed the elves how it was done, easily snatching the ball from the grass and heaving a one in a million and lucky perfect pass to Jaxson Tyjen, who stood all alone in the end zone. Tyjen, however, could not pull off his own elf impression and had the ball slip through his hands a smash into his oversized nose as the clock expired.

In a somber mood after the second straight loss and the death of one of his most promising players, McDenial offered a heartfelt tribute to Hyll during the postgame press conference, praising the elf’s legendary (though perhaps slightly exaggerated) speed. “Considering that this was only his second game, it’s fitting that Taryk died the way he played,” said the coach, as he choked back tears. “Fast.”
Posted by gettym on Jun 13
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FUMBBL Brawls 12 June (Low Draw)
Palette: #6c706f (gray), #776a59 (tan), #e30007 (red), #f2c61d (yellow), #1b4101 (green)

Brawls are a weekly drawn tourney for Competitive Division teams and will be run on the KotH system, meaning the second round pairing will be generated randomly after the first round is complete.

Tourneys Expected to Draw
Low (up to 1400 TV): 1
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 0
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 0

Teams Short to Draw Next Tourney
Low (up to 1400 TV): 7
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 2
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 7

Please remember that TV is the deciding factor in which Brawl your team will be a part of and includes missing players! (It is not Current Team Value(CTV)!)

Draws will be made on Wednesday if there are enough participants, usually between 1200-1400 server time. You will receive a PM that you're in the tourney when it starts. Tournament announcements on the official FUMBBL Discord #minors channel. Game announcements will be made in my Leagues Discord, in the Minor Tournament channel.

If you are interested in participating, read here: Group Page and FUMBBL Tournament Rules.

Team may apply on the Brawl Team page.

Please be aware:
Only Competitive Division teams will be accepted.

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Random extra MVP

Posted by razmus on Jun 10
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WOBBL season 1 - now recruiting

Looking for a new league?
Why not join WOBBL!

We have:
Secret League rosters
2016 skill progression
A great community!

WOBBL is a bi-weekly, global league that's open to everyone who wants to play.
The first season kicks off soon, so if you're interested, come check out the group page, or join our discord HERE.

Posted by StrangeFeller on Jun 08
rating 6 1
Nereid-fins Kick Off Season With Embarrassing 3-0 Loss to Stratford Ratbags

Nereid-fins Kick Off Season With Embarrassing 3-0 Loss to Stratford Ratbags

The Meyemi Nereid-fins started their first Bonehead League season with a whimper, suffering a 3-0 shutout at the hands of the Stratford Ratbags. The Ratbags enjoyed 3 touchdowns from standout gutter runner Goneril, who led the league in TDs last season and is off to a solid start to do the same this season. The skaven squad also outmuscled the elves, more than doubling them in successful blocks at 28-13 and producing two casualties on a day that gave the Nereid-fins nothing to boast about.

Goneril scores the first of 3 TDs on the day for the Stratford Ratbags

“I wouldn’t say there was nothing to boast about,” said Meyemi catcher Taryk Hyll, holding his bruised chin high after the match. “Our uniforms were much more elegant than the flea-ridden kits those filthy rats were wearing, and I’d like to think style still counts for something in this game.”

Despite the lopsided score, the match looked to be a defensive battle early, as Meyemi kept the Ratbags’ offense stagnant for most of the first half. After skaven thrower Tamora secured the kickoff deep in her own territory, the Nereid-fins settled into a conservative column formation to try to slow the dangerous skaven attack. Though the effort kept her deep in her own half, Stratford’s rat ogre Lady McBeth strung together a series of frenzied blitzes that helped her squad remove 4 elves from the pitch before the end of the half.

“At least there’s no way you could try to say that was a concussion,” said Meyemi Coach Mickon McDenial on the smashed knee Nereid-fin thrower Tya Tyngafarthrowa suffered in the first half when Lady McBeth bit into his leg, lifted him into the air, shook him like a rag-doll, and tossed his limp body to the pitch. “Tya’s head is fine, so he won’t be entering concussion protocol. His knee on the other hand … yeah, the apothecaries are telling us all the skeletal structure there is basically shattered. Nothing but bone dust. But not a concussion, so … yeah.”

Down four players with another one stunned on the field, Meyemi could only muster a shell of a screen in the closing seconds of the half. After a perfect pass from Tamora to Goneril, skaven blitzer Shylock II lowered his shoulder spike into Meyemi blitzer Jaylen Killups. The blow took less than a pound of flesh but still sent the elf to the pitch to open a path for Goneril to scamper past and put the Ratbags up 1-0 at the end of the first half.

Lady Macbeth thrashes Tyngafarthrowa moments before tossing him to the turf, where he suffered a smashed knee

In a touching moment, Goneril tossed the football to her elderly father, who was watching from the stands with her two sisters, and she dedicated her touchdown to him, professing that she loved him much more than her littermates did. The kickoff for the second half was delayed as the three sisters then began tearing each other’s fur out in a scuffle in the stands.

“That was nice to see,” said McDenial. “Must be a close family. And speaking of family, word to the wise, I saw Tamora snacking on some pies after the game, and I just want to recommend you don’t join her in eating those. Seriously, you don’t want to know what was in them.”

Meyemi still had a chance to make a game of it early in the second half despite being down 4 players, but a key blocking miscue on the line of scrimmage put the team in hot water. Lineman Lyam Eichinbyrg got his legs tangled with a linerat while trying to make a pulling block, and when both went down, it opened up a chance for the Ratbags to get to the ball before Meyemi could secure the kickoff. Tamora rushed forward, pushing Hyll away from the ball, and Malvolio pounced on it, taking possession deep in Meyemi territory.

The aggressive move left the Nereid-fins with no choice but to unleash the wizard they’d hired for the match. Opting for a fireball, the mage knocked out Malvolio and stunned Tamora, opening up a window for the Nereid-fins to tilt the game back in their favor. After a pick-up, a hand-off and a few dodges, Meyemi were able to get the ball in Hyll’s hands across midfield in the area left open by the Ratbags’ aggressive defense. But as line-elf Aryn Brewyr tried to dodge away from Lady McBeth to protect Hyll from a backside blitz, he tripped over the rat ogre’s tail, leaving a dangerous opening for the Ratbags.

“I really thought I could make that dodge, because Lady MacBeth seemed highly distracted,” said Brewyr after the game. “Ever since her violent first-half, she’d been rubbing her hands together trying to wash off the blood and muttering something about a ‘damned spot.’ But I guess that tail has a mind of its own.”

Hyll runs into the clear, unaware that Macbeth is closing in fast from behind

Ratbag gutter runner, MacBeth took advantage of the clear path to glory his wife’s tail had carved for him and caught Hyll in the open field. As he attempted to strip the ball from the elven catcher, his head collided with Hyll’s knee, knocking him out but also sending Hyll and the ball to the pitch in the process. Kyllups was able to scoop up the loose ball and run forward into scoring position, but he was chased down by Angelo, Tybalt II, and Goneril.

Tybalt II delivered a vicious forearm to the back of Kyllups’ head, ending the Meyemi scoring threat. Goneril then quickly snatched up the ball and skittered down the southern sideline for the team’s second touchdown, effectively putting the game out of reach with little over a minute left.

However, that minute was more than enough time for Goneril to score another TD, as the Nereid-fins came out highly aggressive after the next kick-off, and another line-of-scrimmage blocking miscue left the ball open. Goneril was quick to snatch it up and high-step her way to her third TD of the day.

Despite the embarrassing score, the Nereid-fins (those who were still conscious and able to walk, that is) quickly assembled on the sidelines after the game and began parading for the crowd. As they turned this way and that, showing off their fine orange and aqua eleven silks and gleaming polished silver armor plates, the mostly skaven crowd began to boo and toss garbage at them. Yet the team still seemed to think their sartorial superiority won them some sort of victory on the day.

“We may have lost the match, but we clearly shut them out and won the post-game fashion show in dominating style. I’d say not since the days of Prince Moranion himself have players cut such fine figures on the pitch,” said Hyll. When reminded that the crowd was so unimpressed with the spectacle that they booed threw garbage at him, Hyll protested, “I believe you are mistaken. They weren’t booing, but rather trying to use the coming tongue to cheer, ‘boo-tiful.’ And as for the trash they threw our way, well, skaven are known to treasure garbage, so to them, I’m sure that was the equivalent of showering us with gold coins and flowers.”

Hyll basks in the adulation of the crowd after the game. Unfortunately, that adulation came mainly in the form of flying garbage.
Posted by gettym on Jun 08
rating 6 2
OWOBB #47 Return to BB part 2: BB3
So episode 46 of One World, One Blood Bowl went well, available at your usual podcast stop, or youtube, or twitch highlight, but as promised (and as there still seems to be an audience), OWOBB is back and looking at all Blood Bowl, and its time to cast an eye over BB3.

Has it thrived? is it good yet? is it dying? So many questions, and i've lined up the perfect panel to ask. The BIG BEASTS of the BB3 streaming scene. Is anyone watching them? Is it popular? Is BB3 worth the time yet? Should PC get back to streaming?

Chatting about Blood Bowl in general and BB3 mainly will be:

PurpleChest: This used to be my playground.
MrPage: He's been into the groove from the start, BB3's original cheerleader.
AndyDavo: His guides have been a ray of light for many, can he talk PC into BB3?
JimmyFantastic: BB3 drove Jimmy away from Blood Bowl, but he's back, is it now in Vogue?

Answering those questions, chatting and occasionally shoe horning in Madonna references is what OWOBB was made for, so come join us at 9pm BST this sunday, as we thrash out BB3, its past, present and future. The show ism live on https://www.twitch.tv/purplechest and (legally required) a day later on YouTube, spotify and all other good podcasting sites.
If you have any questions, like 'what does Andy do with his BB3 riches', leave them here, or ask them live, and we'll try to find answers.
Posted by PurpleChest on Jun 07
rating 5.2 0
My new novel - Demon's Tear - is available now!

I've just released my second full-length novel.
It's called Demon's Tear and it's an epic fantasy in the mould of Lord of the Rings or Wheel of Time.

This is Book One in an ongoing series called the Jantakai Saga.

If this is interesting, have a look at the links below (goodreads for early reviews and Amazon if you want to buy it).




Posted by CrookfangRob on Jun 06
rating 6 12
All Star Bowl XII! - 2016 Swiss! - Big teams!
Coming soon!

The All Star Bowl

Make a team of STARS!

Sing it loud!

O[L]C Swiss coming soon!

The O[L]C 2016 Swiss is a three round Swiss tournament open to League division teams.
Original & cloned from Ranked or Box

No TV limit!. Each coach is allowed to enter ONE team. Bring your biggest and best.

The Cup is open to [L]eague division teams that use BB2016, Secret League 2016, Slann or Simyin rosters.

If you want to clone a team from Ranked or 2016 Box, do that here.
Then sign them up here.
Posted by koadah on Jun 05
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Thrud NAF Fumbbl event - charity event
Next Fumbbl NAF event taking sign ups, this will be the last event until the Eurobowl - Thrud Ruleset


It will be an individuals event with a EU and NA timezone. If a group of you from the Australia/New Zealand timezone want to get enough interest to make your own timezone group, then do ping me a message.

This will be the last event until October as we will have a summer break to the schedule and also time won't start another event until after the Euro bowl has finished.
Posted by neilwat on Jun 04
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XFL Update - 24 hours to go


Dwarf - 9
Goblin - 10
Tomb Kings - 9
Skaven - 12

Tournament draw starts
22.00pm server time
Wednesday 5th June

Any Competitive team in any of the selected races can apply Here.

This will be 4 separate tournaments, one for each race. You may only enter one team per race, any duplications will be removed.


The prize for winning an XFL is a random MVP and a free lineman! (Or the most common player on the roster). To collect your free lineman, contact an Admin.
Record on your profile

Posted by Valen on Jun 04
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