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1320 TV Minor Open for Applications

Minor 1320 TV

Applications due by
22:00pm server time
June 19th

Any Competitive team with a TV of 1320 or less can apply Here. (reminder that TV is now the old TW)

Should note that League teams are not allowed.

This will be as many 16 or 32 team single elimination tournaments as we can draw with minimal byes. Teams will be accepted based on the highest TV at the deadline for applications. If there are more teams with the same TV than places available, the date and time of application will be used to separate the teams.

TV now includes players missing the next game in its calculation.


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Posted by Bazakastine on Jun 12
rating 6 0
Green Dukes Celebrate New Elfletic Facility But Suffer 2-1 Loss to SUNY Buffalo

NCBB Season Opener Brings Mixed Emotions, as Green Dukes Celebrate New Elfletic Facility But Suffer 2-1 Loss to SUNY Buffalo

The Duqueswood University Green Dukes took a huge step forward off the pitch but a step back on it, as they opened the NCBB season 45 with the dedication of a new state-of-the-art elfletic center followed by a 2-1 loss to the SUNY Buffalo Bull Centaurs. Standout SUNY junior hobgoblin Tyree Jackson scored 2 touchdowns for the Bull Centaurs, and the Green Dukes got their lone TD from sophomore Gobyltyr Gusto (acorn analytics) on a pass from freshman thrower Phaedry Featherwind (plant psychology).

Despite ending with a loss, the day began with jubilation when Duqueswood officially opened its new Mirlin Spinleaf Memorial Elfletic Training Center with a vine-cutting ceremony that celebrated the life and career of the team’s former captain. Featuring extensive wardancer training facilities, the new center was fully funded by Spinleaf’s parents, Myrvis and Scyntia Spinleaf. The renowned elfanthropists are co-chairs of the Duqueswood University Parents Council and are also the mother and father of current Green Duke catcher Scootyr Spinleaf (history of dirt), who is returning for his junior season despite speculation that his extensive injuries would force him to focus on his studies instead.

New Center Promises Bright Future for Program, Coach, Player

To celebrate the opening of the new Mirlin Spinleaf Memorial Elfletic Center, the university is offering open-tree tours to alumni, parents, and friends of the university. (To take your tour and try out the leap-training facility click here or on the image above. Use “a” to move left, “d” to move right, and “w” to leap over the obstacle. Move to the ball to pick it up and advance to the next level. If you fail and need to repeat a level, click your browser’s refresh button. Note: tours are unavailable on phones and tablets.)*

“This place is going to be a huge resource for the program, and I can’t thank the Spinleafs enough for their generosity, their vision, and their dedication to Duqueswood University,” said Green Dukes Coach Gerric Smithson moments before the Spinleaf family cut the vine to officially open the center. “I mean, the leap-training facility alone is going to be a game-changer. With the ability to practice jumping over goblins, orcs, and trolls like this, we’re going to have a lot less wardancers dying out there on the pitch. I mean, I guess they’ll be dying on the floor of the training center, but still … this is a big step forward for the program.”

Coach Smithson’s presence at the ceremony surprised many. At the end of last season he’d again been suspended by the university’s Board of Elders for exceeding the school’s acceptable death-to-win ratio for the third straight season and for unsanctioned use of dead players as fertilizer. Apparently, however, the Spinleafs argued for his contract to be renewed for another season, and the board found their arguments persuasive—entirely on their own merits, of course.

“Smithson’s continued tenure with the university was in no way impacted by the Spinleafs’ donation to build the center and fund an endowment to pay for its future maintenance,” said the Duqueswood Board of Elders in an official statement issued after the ceremony. Shortly after that statement was released, Coach Smithson released an official statement of his own declaring that his decision not to cut Scootyr Spinleaf was also “in no way impacted” by the Spinleafs’ donation nor their advocacy for him to retain his position.

“It looks like this was just one of those situations where things worked out well for everyone,” the Spinleafs said in their statement also released after the ceremony.

A Statement on the Pitch

Following all of these statements, SUNY Buffalo began to make their own statement on the pitch with a long first-half drive that produced four combined injuries and casualties. With only 6 elves left to defend (treeman Oakward Weatherborn was rooted at midfield), and shifty bull centaur Naaman Roosevelt dodging a blitzing roundhouse kick from wardancer Curswyn Redgrass (independent studies—vengeance), the Bull Centaurs easily cleared a path for Jackson to find paydirt and put them up 1-0 with only seconds left in the half.

Tyree Jackson scores with nary an elf in sight to put the SUNY Bull Centaurs up 1-0

“I wasn’t aware that bull centaurs could dodge,” said Redgrass, who mistakenly followed up on his blitz, allowing Roosevelt to easily trample him shortly thereafter. “I knew they could charge, defecate on the ground, and chew upon their own cud, but I thought them incapable of higher functions such as dodging.”

The Green Dukes attempted to even the score before half time, using the ancient elven “un tirn tee dee” strategy Angorn Windfoot taught the team two seasons ago. Even though the elven blockers were able to shove a bull centaur Khalil Mack into Scootyr Spinleaf’s back to give him the speed needed to streak down the field and potentially score before the whistle, Spinleaf was unable to dodge through a column of defenders and fell to the pitch to end the first half.

“Scootyr did everything he could out there—kid made a heck of an effort,” said Coach Smithson during the postgame press conference as he glanced uneasily toward the Spinleafs. “We’ll have to see what we can do to put him in a better position to score next time.”

Undaunted, the Green Dukes quickly got back into the game in the second half when highly recruited freshman thrower Featherwind found Gusto open deep in SUNY Buffalo territory. Recruited from the western seed-casting woodland tribes, Featherwind had gained legendary renown for her ability to throw beech nuts so hard and accurately that they could sail past foraging birds and plant themselves in the ground seconds after leaving her hand. As Bull Centaur defense pushed forward, bashing her blockers, she put that skill to good use, zipping the ball to Gusto, who then ran untouched for the TD.

“It’s actually quite similar,” said Featherwind on the process of adapting her throwing style from seeds to blood bowl balls. “The only difference is that in seed-casting I throw as part of the glorious cycle of life, the verdant forest breathing, blooming, and blossoming; and in this sport, I throw as part of a dark pageant of bloodshed, death, and destruction. But either way, it’s all in the wrist.”

Featherwind prepares to throw the first touchdown pass of her career, perhaps studying the ball to consider how it might throw differently from a seed

The quick score, however, left plenty of time for the Bull Centaurs to bash their way toward a potential winning TD. With Jackson securing the kick cleanly, his blockers quickly formed a cage and escorted the hobgoblin up field through the elven defense with all the grace and subtlety of an anvil falling through a pile of leaves.

After losing two more elves to injury, Duqueswood got desperate and swarmed the ball. Despite four elves surrounding Jackson, the aggressive move had all the effectiveness of a pile of leaves throwing themselves at an anvil. In a matter of seconds, the Bull Centaurs had throttled every elf within reach in a series of brutal blocks that got Jackson out of jeopardy, sent six more Green Dukes to the casualty and KO boxes, and cleared a path for the winning TD.

A Face From the Past, A Treeman Felled
One of those brutal blocks even took down Weatherborn, who had been having a strong day with 10 successful blocks until he tangled with chaos dwarf blocker Tim Russert. At first, it was unclear how exactly Russert was able to overpower the treeman, who stood more than four times his height, but a close look at the magecast replay offered some insight.

It appeared that as the dwarf approached the towering tree, he spotted some sort of wooden face emerging from Weatherborn’s bark just a few feet above his roots. When Russert lowered his shoulder to drive a steel spike into the face, Weatherborn lifted one of his roots to block the blow. Russert then hit the root, and the now off-balance treeman careened to the ground, his bark cracking as loudly as a clap of thunder.

Russert stands victoriously upon the trunk of Weatherborn, whom the dwarf blocker felled despite giving up nearly 15 feet in reach and 800 pounds in body weight

“Yeah, uh, apparently after Zephyra died last year, Oakward planted his roots in the grass that was covered in her brains and blood, and I guess he kind of, like, I don’t know, resorbed her spirit or soul or something,” Coach Smithson struggled to explain after the match. “Honestly, I’m not sure how any of this works. A few years ago, I didn’t even know trees could walk and talk, let alone play blood bowl, and now I guess … resorb human souls? Anyway, we’re going to have to work with him on not favoring that side of his trunk. If Zephrya’s bark-embossed face needs to take a shoulder spike from a charging dwarf from time to time, he’s just going to have to deal with it. We can’t have our treeman going down to protect a line-elf who’s already dead.”

*Note on the wardancer trainer mini-game (elfletic center tour): I don’t claim to be much of a programmer. I only know scraps of javascript, and I borrow stuff from other games and tutorials I mess with from time to time, so it’s highly likely this “game” has some bugs. Feel free to let me know if you encounter any—though I don’t think I’ll be able to fix them. (I already failed at creating actual levels for the game, so each level opens up on a new index.html page, and I was too lazy to find a way to make this work on phones or tablets, so you’ll only be able to “play” it on a computer.) Also, obviously this was built by using FUMBBL sounds and FUMBBL sprites, so big thanks to the site for making those available, and if I should credit anyone specifically for those, please let me know.

Posted by gettym on Jun 19
rating 0 1
From the Desk of Oggy-Boggy: A Prayer to Nuffle
By the crusted crusts of a thousand pies and the simmering stews of ages past, Oggy-Boggy beseeches the Dark Gods to send forth Lord Borak, the feared and mighty Chaos Warrior, to foul Griff Oberwald into oblivion! May Lord Borak's wrath descend upon the pitch like a storm of fire and brimstone, laying waste to Griff's reign of terror and dirty play.

Oh, Dark Gods of the Blood Bowl pitch, hear my plea! Grant Lord Borak the strength to deliver justice where it's due, to smite the cheaters and bring balance back to the game. Griff Oberwald's days of skating by on fouls and deception must come to an end. Let Lord Borak be the instrument of retribution, the avenger of fair play and honor!

So raise your goblets, fellow halflings and fans alike! Join me in invoking the power of the Dark Gods to banish Griff Oberwald's unearned reign of terror from the Blood Bowl gridiron once and for all. And may Lord Borak's cleats find their mark with righteous fury!

P.S. Come to the Gourmet Hearth this Wednesday at 5, 15% off your meal if you have proof that you have beseeched the dark gods in this manner!

Oggy-Boggy, executive Chef of the Gourmet Hearth and owner of the Culinaryton Hamfists.
Posted by jackpassanisi on Jun 19
rating 0 1
Promising First Half Devolves Into Another Tough Loss for the Terrible Terrapins
A tale of two halves is an apt description for this game as the Terrapins continue to live up to the 'Terrible' in their name. The Terrapins started the game receiving the game, David easily snapping up the ball (a week of practice picking up the ball seems to have paid off) and moving swiftly down the field, gleefully dodging the attempts of the various humans to try and tackle him down. Although it looked like they would take an easy 1-0 lead into half time, the drive started to fall apart when Alessandra fell to the Ogre's fist forcing David to jump into the endzone for his first career touchdown.

Artist rendition of David Damascus gleefully scoring his first touchdown while dodging the attempts of blitzers to get him down

"We had to score," David said afterwards, who made up for his abysmal first game performance with a TD and a successful foul of a lineman. "Being down a saurus is tough but even at that point we thought we had it. I have to say though, it felt good to get that first touchdown under my belt, hopefully the first of many. Felt only slightly better than putting my foot into that slimy hummie's face..."

While the game looked still winnable, it was then that things took a turn for the worse. First, a time out by the opposing couch stopped play and allowed the human team just enough time to weasel into the endzone and tie up the game. Then the second half had Harmony, the Terrapin's loveable Krox, forget that there was a game to play.

"I just started smelling the flowers," the Krox was heard saying after the game while being berated by their coach. "I forgot where I was..." It has been noted by Harmony's English teacher that 'The Story of Ferdinand' is his favorite book with several reports written about it, many focusing on the mother (who was a cow).

Needless to say, without their loveable big guy for four turns the Terrapins could not stop the relentless advance of the humans. However, even with all of that, the last two turns gave the Terrapins a chance for the tie. A pickup and quick handoff put the Terrapins in scoring position, allowing only the slightest gap for the humans to stop the drive. Alas, it was not meant to be as the humans continued to dodge like elves and seal the win.

"Its a disaster," coach Lancelott was heard saying after the game. "We played well but sometimes that's not enough. We need something quick to spark this team or this is going to be a long season..."

We'll just have to wait to see how Terrible this season will be...
Posted by lancelott on Jun 19
rating 6 2
SNOT LEAGUE SEASON 6 - Round 2 Recap
Welcome coaches in another TELESNOT! The SNOT League SHOW!

In todays episode!
-We will find why you cannot trust the bombers!
-Insane "religious powers" of the witch hunters!
-And many more you will fin in this episode!
Posted by Avreus on Jun 18
rating 0 0
In the last couple of days, I've been working intensively towards getting re-drafting to a state where it is seemingly functional. The process is in a state where I am in need of broad testing both for functionality and for general UI/UX feedback.

To make this less intensive on my end, I am looking for a few people who fulfill these criteria:
- Experience with custom leagues / rulesets
- Have access to team(s) in said custom leagues which are not important. The testing process will likely genuinely break these teams.
- Have some time over the next couple of days to do testing, meaning verifying that things are working as expected and being able to provide feedback to me
- Know how re-drafting works in the BB2020 rules
- Willing to communicate over Discord

If you think you are a good canidate, please get in touch (on the Discord) and I'll set up the appropriate permissions for you to do the testing.

The fact that this is testable at this point means that those of you who are running custom leagues and do NOT want redrafting to be enabled, I would recommend verifying that the appropriate ruleset settings are disabled. The feature is likely to be enabled not too long from now, and will immediately take effect on rulesets where it's enabled, which includes the C division.
Posted by Christer on Jun 18
rating 6 2
RRR 602 drawn, next needs 4 coaches
Hey everybody, the RRRs are always recruiting - 24/7 - so keep applying those teams!

For those who are wondering why RRR 600 was skipped, the centennial RRR is being held as a grand invitational tournament for all former RRR winners and will kick off tomorrow tonight (19th at 22:00). If you won one and didn't receive the invitation PM, give me a shout.

Congratulations to our most recent winners:

Jambon (RRR 594 with Shambling Undead),
MerryZ (RRR 593 with Human),
Java (RRR 591 with Chaos Renegade),
MerryZ (RRR 589 with Black Orc),
Solaris (RRR 587 with Chaos Dwarf)!

There are currently 4 teams missing to start another Royal Rookie Rumble!

As soon as the required number of teams is reached, a new tournament will be started and all participating coaches will be notified via PM.

If you are interested in joining, read here: Rules

and then apply here: Application

Please be aware

Only teams from the Competitive division with 0 games played will be accepted.

Every coach is welcome but the "Rookie" in Royal Rookie Rumble refers to the teams, not necessarily to the coaches!



Winner gets 100,000 gold pieces and
a record on the coach profile.

Posted by Rawlf on Jun 18
rating 6 3
Our way is the Old Way!

Big Teams, BB 2016 Tournament. One Last(?) Time.

You are cordially invited to the O[L]C 2016 Swiss
This tournament runs under BB2016 rules!

Kick off is Wednesday 19th June 2024!

The O[L]C 2016 Swiss is a three round Swiss tournament open to League division teams.
Original & cloned from Ranked or Box

No TV limit!. Each coach is allowed to enter ONE team.

We're expecting big teams. If you do not have a big team you could clone one up to a maximum of 2000TV. No TV limit on cloning your own teams.

The Swiss is open to teams that use BB2016, Secret League 2016, Slann or Simyin rosters.

If you want to clone a team from Ranked or 2016 Box, do that here.
Then sign them up here.

If a coach is unfortunate enough to have their teams drawn against each other, the coach may choose which team progresses.

Deadlines 10/11 Days. Sunday and Wednesday

Tournament apoths that patch up MNG players up before round 1 of a tournament will be employed. They cannot heal permanent injuries.

Do NOT be timing your opponent out when they are away from the keyboard. This is against Fumbbl rules.

BRB = Be right back

Wait for the opponent to return. If the opponent does not return close the client and follow disconnection procedures.
PM the opponent. If the opponent does not respond within 24 hours contact the commissioner.

Additional O[L]C rule.

Do not time the opponent out immediately the first time they exceed 4 minutes.
If you wish to time them out, post a warning at or before 4:00 but do not time them out before 4:30.

The second time you can time them out on 4:00.

Generally, try to avoid timing people out.

Posted by koadah on Jun 17
rating 6 0
FUMBBL Brawls 19 June (No draw)
Palette: #6c706f (gray), #776a59 (tan), #e30007 (red), #f2c61d (yellow), #1b4101 (green)

Brawls are a weekly drawn tourney for Competitive Division teams and will be run on the KotH system, meaning the second round pairing will be generated randomly after the first round is complete.

Tourneys Expected to Draw
Low (up to 1400 TV): 0
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 0
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 0

Teams Short to Draw Next Tourney
Low (up to 1400 TV): 4
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 1
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 7

Please remember that TV is the deciding factor in which Brawl your team will be a part of and includes missing players! (It is not Current Team Value(CTV)!)

Draws will be made on Wednesday if there are enough participants, usually between 1200-1400 server time. You will receive a PM that you're in the tourney when it starts. Tournament announcements on the official FUMBBL Discord #minors channel. Game announcements will be made in my Leagues Discord, in the Minor Tournament channel.

If you are interested in participating, read here: Group Page and FUMBBL Tournament Rules.

Team may apply on the Brawl Team page.

Please be aware:
Only Competitive Division teams will be accepted.

Record on your profile
Random extra MVP

Posted by razmus on Jun 17
rating 6 0
Meat Grinder Season 3
Hello Ultra-marathon Blood Bowlers!! Welcome to MGM Season 3

I'm looking for at least 10 intrepid coaches (more if able) to join a year-long (ish) KO tournament consisting of 128 teams - one from each race (some races count twice because they have different big guy options).

Race selection is partly by preference/draft and partly randomized.

NA evenings for game times. There will be a posted schedule so we all know which games are due in any given week (vice just picking and choosing - which was a problem in Season 1).

Commitment is one game a week - hard timings, no extensions for Round 1 or Round 2. Kick off when we hit around ten coaches.

Have what it takes? PM knine.
Posted by knine on Jun 17
rating 0 0