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Next season of Tabletop starting in the Hague
The next season of Quickbowl '24, Wet Season Violence is now open for registration. If you want to play Blood Bowl in den Haag, this is the place to be.

Expected start of the season is September 2024.
Structure: Round Robin > Playoffs
Games are to be played in good spirit and at full, with no concessions allowed.

Our regular spot is Korte Houtstraat 13, 2511 CC Den Haag.

Games are coordinated via WhatsApp.
Posted by Zelmor on Jul 23
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Open [L]eague Sprint Season June/July - End
Open [L]eague Season June/July ends midnight July 31st!

The last day for joining the current Open [L]eague Sprint Season is Wednesday 24th July

Next season starts 1st August and runs until midnight 15th September.

There is no schedule. Play as many games as you can/wish before the end of the season.
Results are taken from a team's best 'sprint' of n consecutive games. Different leagues count a different number of games. e.g 6 or 8.

Teams may use Gamefinder to find matches. They may also use a league's discord or Fumbbl discord #lfg.

For coaches new(ish) to blood bowl or looking to improve. NO timeouts!
Also for experienced coaches wishing to offer help, advice, match analysis etc to newcomers. (8 games.)

A more relaxed, less competitive, less rushed environment. NO timeouts. Secret League teams allowed. (6 games.)
Old & new teams welcome. Teams may come here when their 145 run is ended.

A chance to use both Secret League and official rosters. Slann & Simyin too.
Tournaments too. (8 games)
Old & new teams welcome.

2020 Rules. 2016 progression. Endless seasons.
Nelphine's star costings. Mega stars

Secret League and official rosters. Slann & Simyin
Tournaments too. (8 games)
Old & new teams welcome.

If you still like the old BB 2016 rules you can still do it with Secret League and official rosters. Slann & Simyin too. (6 games)
Get some practice in before the next Open [L]eague Cup.
Clone in your old [R] and 2016 [B ] teams.

Teams full of STARS! No sprint but get some practice in before the next All Star Bowl!
Posted by koadah on Jul 22
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FUMBBL Brawls 24 July (6/4/7 Needed)
Palette: #6c706f (gray), #776a59 (tan), #e30007 (red), #f2c61d (yellow), #1b4101 (green)

Brawls are a weekly drawn tourney for Competitive Division teams and will be run on the KotH system, meaning the second round pairing will be generated randomly after the first round is complete.

Tourneys Expected to Draw
Low (up to 1400 TV): 0
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 0
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 0

Teams Short to Draw Next Tourney
Low (up to 1400 TV): 6
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 4
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 7

Please remember that TV is the deciding factor in which Brawl your team will be a part of and includes missing players! (It is not Current Team Value(CTV)!)

Draws will be made on Wednesday if there are enough participants, usually between 1200-1400 server time. You will receive a PM that you're in the tourney when it starts. Tournament announcements on the official FUMBBL Discord #minors channel. Game announcements will be made in my Leagues Discord, in the Minor Tournament channel.

If you are interested in participating, read here: Group Page and FUMBBL Tournament Rules.

Team may apply on the Brawl Team page.

Please be aware:
Only Competitive Division teams will be accepted.

Record on your profile
Random extra MVP

Posted by razmus on Jul 22
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Nereid-fins Explode for First Win in 3-0 Shutout Vs. Middneheim Maulers

Nereid-fins Explode for First Win in 3-0 Shutout Vs. Middneheim Maulers
Plus: The Herald Names its All-Warpstone Award Winners

The Mayemi Nereid-fins packed a season’s worth of proper play into their final game, shutting out the Middneheim Maulers 3-0. Catcher Devyoryn Achyrn scored two of Mayemi’s touchdown’s, while line-elf Aryn Brewyr chipped in the third. The Maulers were unable to find paydirt, as the human team failed to effectively “maul” their elven opponents, with the final blocking numbers fairly even at 23 for the Maulers to 21 for the Nereid-fins.

Devyoryn Achyrn runs away from Mauler defenders to score one of his two touchdowns on the day

“Any time you can go punch for punch with a bunch of rock-breakers and force them to play elf-ball, you’re gonna have a chance,” said Mayemi Coach Mickon McDenial, referring to the Mauler’s history as former quarry men. “I mean, it’s kind of obvious, right? If you’re playing against maulers, not getting mauled seems like it might be a solid strategy.”

On Middneheim’s opening drive, Mayemi managed not only to avoid getting mauled but also to steal the ball. After stymieing their thrower Luca Silver near midfield, line-elf Lyam Eichinbyrg chain pushed a blitzer into Silver, forcing the thrower to step back and become exposed at the back of the cage. Elf blitzer Jaylyn Killyps immediately took advantage, sweeping around the cage and ramming his shoulder into Silver’s back.

“Chain pushing isn’t something elves normally work on in practice,” said Eichinbyrg. “But last week, we saw some dwarves play elf-ball, so we thought maybe this week we could play a little dwarf-ball. Yuck, sorry … doing it was one thing, but talking about it … Yeah, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.”

Disgusting as it may be, the dwarf-like strategy paid off, as the ball popped loose, and Silver went to the ground. Brewyr then scooped the ball from the pitch in the ensuing scrum and made his way to the endzone to put Mayemi up 1-0 at the end of the first half.

Aryn Brewyr grabs the ball off the pitch before running for the touchdown to complete the scoop-and-score

The Maulers’ defense came out aggressively in the second half, knowing they would likely need to steal the ball to come back for the win. With line-elf Kadyr Koohoo catching the kick-off, Mayemi made their way cautiously up the southern sideline. The team’s catchers sprinted into scoring position as Mayemi's linemen and blitzers established a solid screen of blockers to protect the ball carrier.

Undaunted, Middneheim blitzers Aniyah Mensa and Raymond Wilrow broke through the screen and threatened to bring Koohoo down as he entered Mauler territory. But Brewyr and blitzer Rahor Mossheart were able to push Wilrow back and take Mensa to the ground with a pair spinning roundhouse kicks. As Eichinbyrg blitzed up field to take out the human lineman marking Achyrn at the 3-yard line, Koohoo followed. So it was, as Eichinbyrg took the lineman out with a forearm shiver to the back of the neck, Koohoo handed the ball to Achyrn who raced away for the touchdown, giving Mayemi a commanding 2-0 lead.

“As I saw Koohoo coming behind Eichinbyrg like that, their teamwork reminded me of those great elven chariot racers of yore with one drafting the other to then come out victorious,” said Achyrn after the game. “They had a wonderful phrase for it, they called it ‘shahyk ynd bhahyk’. In the common tongue, it translates loosely to something like ‘jostle and cook’ or ‘stir and fry.’ But I think you’ll agree it sounds much better in elven.”

Down two touchdowns, the Maulers grew increasingly desperate on the ensuing drive, and Luca Silver fumbled a pass attempt to catcher Ayden Dasbeck in an ambitious attempt for a quick score. The Nereid-fins quickly took advantage of the miscue, as elven thrower Tya Tyngafarthrowyr grabbed the loose ball and threw it up field to Achyrn for the third score of the game.

“That was not running up the score,” said a defensive Tyngafarthrowyr after the match. “I was merely trying to help that human fellow better understand the proper passing technique. ‘You see,’ I told him, ‘it’s all in the wrist’.”

The Maulers appeared to get the message loud and clear. On the ensuing kick off, with just seconds left and the game out of reach, blitzer Ellie Pefergg blitzed forward and knocked line-elf Zarak Zealor into a oblivion with a right cross to the jaw. As Tyngafarthrowyr looked down in horror at his teammate’s bludgeoned face, Pefergg was heard to say to the thrower, “All in the wrist you say? Kind of like that, mate?”

Ellie Pefergg repays Tyngafarthrowyr’s passing advice with some punching advice. Moments later, Mayemi catcher Odyl Bekym put that advice to work, using Pefergg’s technique to knock her out of the game

As the season comes to a close, the Nereid-fins end their first go-around in the Bonehead League with a disappointing 1-3-3 record, missing the playoffs but perhaps offering some promise for the future. In the meantime, as other squads prepare for the post-season, the Herald staff has gathered to bestow its end-of-season awards to the top performers throughout the Nereid-fins’ Warpstone Division. Though attention is paid to the awardee’s full season performance, special consideration is given to their achievements against Mayemi, which were witnessed firsthand by our scribes.

The All-Warpstone Awards

The More Blood More Better Award, which goes to the most violent player, is hereby bestowed uponLady Macbeth of the Stratford Ratbags. Lady Macbeth scratched, clawed, and bit her way to 9 casualties across 7 games, including 2 casualties against Mayemi in a dominant 3-0 win. For her unparalleled aggression, her pure animal savagery, and her ability to mistake Tyngafarthrowyr’s leg for a toothpick, the Herald salutes her.

The I Wish My Ears Were Pointy Award, which goes to the player who had the greatest offensive highlight, performing with elf-like grace and agility in a game vs. Mayemi, is hereby bestowed upon Thrundin Gemstar of the Barak Varr BrewKings. Surrounded by three elves, Gemstar deftly caught the ball as only an elven catcher might, and then blitzed through a nearby elf as only a dwarf might to score the winning touchdown vs. Mayemi and help vault his team into the playoffs. For his grit, his determination, and his clear desire to be an elf, the Herald salutes him.

The Tallest Halfling Award, which goes to the star player who contributed the most to his team, the league, and to the hopes of stunties everywhere, is hereby bestowed upon Griff Oberwald of the Shire Sherrifs. Six successful blocks, 42 yards rushing, 2 TDs, and 2 casualties in a single game—need we say more? For his punishing blocking, his brilliant dodging, and his gloriously jutting jawline, the Herald salutes him.

The Dirty Boot Award, which goes to the player who demonstrated excellence on the field through fouling, goes to Chase Dimth of the Blightring Bog Beasts. Dimth delivered a stomp with his sharpened cleats to the throat of Mayemi catcher Taryk Hyll as he lay defenseless on the field. For his dastardly cruelty, his ability to giggle while a defenseless player bleeds out, and for finally ending Hyll's bragging about being the fastest player in the realm, the Herald salutes him.

The Who Needs to Walk Anyway Award, which goes to the player who has displayed the most courage, soldiering on despite injuries or other setbacks on and off the field, is hereby bestowed upon Ellie Pefergg of the Middneheim Maulers. "Killed" on a last-second throat-punch by Mayemi Catcher Odyl Bekym, Pefergg was resuscitated by her team’s apothecary, who was forced to use several ligaments from her knee to keep her head attached to her body. As a result, the blitzer, who leads her team in casualties, has lost significant agility, with some apos saying she may never dodge again. Yet she has already committed to playing on next season, saying, "I never did dodge or any of the catching. Gives me an excuse to punch more Elves in the face when I catch them, I'm practicing my tackling all off season. If I get my hands on them, they're the ones ending up at the Apo!" For her grit, her determination, and her absolute lack of concern for the wellbeing of her own body, the Herald salutes her.

The Me Think Me Know How to Play Award, which goes to the player who did the most while overcoming neurological defects or anger-management challenges, is hereby bestowed upon Hangover of the Monday Mournings. Withstanding the blast of a fireball, Hangover resisted his troll impulses and managed to guard the loose ball for most of the second half of the game, without once resorting to picking his nose or any of the dandelions on the field. For his astute understanding of the game, for his commitment to following his coach's orders, and for only soiling himself once during the match, the Herald salutes him.

The Khorne, It’s Got the Juice Award, which goes to the player who suffered the most bloody injury, is hereby bestowed upon Sabrina Morningstar of the Dark Harbour Harriers. When Morningstar found herself a little too close to the sideline in her match against Mayemi, star player Akhorne the Squirrel, took advantage. The furry little terror leapt onto he face, where he sunk his teeth into her nose and raked his claws repeatedly over her eyes, unleashing a shower of blood. Morningstar then stumbled blindly out of bounds where several Mayemi fans stomped on her throat, providing further blood for the Blood God. For her generous contribution of her bodily humors, her willingness to let a feral rodent user her face as a scratching post, and her ability to make fans feel they are truly a part of the game, the Herald salutes her.

As the Herald closes the book on the season, we feel it is only fitting to endorse and root for both teams from the glorious Warpstone division who have made the playoffs. Here’s to the Stratford Ratbags and Barak Varr BrewKings. Good luck, rats, and good luck, dw…

Editor’s Note: As the scribe was finishing this article, he became violently ill upon the page for reasons that remain unclear and was unable to complete his work. Unfortunately, we have no idea what he meant to write in the final sentence above.
Posted by gettym on Jul 22
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First Finished BBT Run
In my quest to try to move to being a not bad player, I really decided to push and do a BBT run, and to do it with teams I hadn't really ever played before. As I really just got back into the game somewhat recently having played mostly in the CRP, there was also some rust to shake off there. Here's my post-mortem of each team and how I felt about them.

Becoming What I Hate - Amazons

First up is the Amazons. Amazons were always one of my least favorite teams to face (only behind Khemri), so I figured part of trying to become a good player should be playing races I don't like to face, to learn their strengths and weaknesses better. I had never played Amazons before, and they got off to a bad start, dropping their first 3 games. They did rally in the end, and got back to .500 by the end. Frankly... I don't know how much I really learned about 'zons in this except that I hate them from both sides in the ball. They were more instructive in teaching me about what I like to play from my own playstyle preferences actually. I'll include a section on my insights into that later in summary. 'Zons simply feel so slow to me. And I never wanted to try to base them more and bash, because they are so fragile as well, and unlike Elves the 3+ dodges left me feeling that I wasn't actually able play the dodge away and avoid hits games, because they would inevitably fail some important dodges and get out of position. Certainly they are still a strong low-tv team, and I snaked some wins off that, but I don't think I will ever be playing with 'zons again.

Khorny Punchline - Khorne

Now I have played chaos before, but it was mostly in CRP, and Khorne felt different enough to try out them. In the end, I find I just like them less than chaos. I like bash, but the frenzy on the ST4 pieces felt like I was just getting out of position all the time. The team did get off to a good start, 4/0/0, but then they ran into a couple of games where they took a lot of injuries and wrecked their development. From there, everything kind of went downhill and they ended my only team with a losing record. Frankly, if I'm going to play a chaos team, I think I'll stick to Chaos or Nurgle at this point. I like bashing, but I want to still be able to control my positioning better. I'm sure there are many coaches better at being able to mitigate the frenzy downsides than me, but I'm just not there yet.

Wardancing With My Elf - Wood Elf

My main takeaway from this team is, wood elves feel undercosted in terms of BBT points. Teams at low TV are best when they have a couple of star players with a bunch of bodies, wood elfs just start like that. War Dancers are so good at low TV, and this team got off to a great start, with only 1 loss with 4 games left to go. The first of those last 4 games though, blasted the development of the team, with mass casualties including 2 SI and 2 deaths. From there, they lost all their remaining games, with 2 of them being games, I think, were pretty unlucky games where dice turned ties into losses. Of course I know I got good dice at many stages along the way, and it all balances out in the end, I simply think this team ended up the short end of the dice at the end of its run. Even still, those losses did not change my opinion on the overall strength of the team, I think they are undercosted by points. In terms of my enjoyment of this team, limiting blocks and just using the war dancers lead to a lot of wins, but frankly bored me. I like to be able to hit some too, and even when they were winning, this teams particular playstyle wasn't the most enjoyable for me. Still, I may use them again in some future BBT run if they remain cheap on point cost.

Skink And Dunk - Lizards

Oh Lizards, my new beloved. I find out Lizards are my perfect team. They fit my playstyle perfectly, I love them in every way. There's not much more to say about them honestly, every part of them clicked with me. This team got very lucky in a lot of ways, from matchups to dice and ended up doing very well, finishing 9/4/2 and grabbing the racial lead. I acknowledge winning is more fun than losing, but I honestly believe I would loved this team even if they had done worse from a win/loss perspective. The bash, they're fast, they're everything I want.

Final Thoughts:

This run taught me what I want in a team. I like to make the menz die, so I want some bash capability. But I also really like speed. I like to reposition a lot, and run around the other teams. Lizards, with their large number of high strength players and high movement everywhere fit my playstyle perfectly. Woodies give me the movement I want, but lack the bashing potential. 'Zons felt slow and substandard bashers, so I hated them. Khorne can bash, but isn't just slow, it sends itself out of position on its own, so they also aren't among my favorites.

In terms of my attempts to stop being bad at the game, I think all I really succeeded in doing was shaking off my rust from years off. I suspect I'm about as good now as I was then, which isn't terribly good. Ah well, the only way to get better is to keep playing, I suppose.

This run also taught me that I am not a good sport under pressure, and need to regulate my emotions better. When playing games with the Lizards toward the end of the run where they had the chance to take the lead, I felt stressed and was MUCH more likely to whine and complain during the game. There was a game with the woodies where the dice were comical and they lost (happens every once in while to everyone of course), and I was laughing and happy enough with it. But minor things would go wrong in my later Lizard games and I would whine and complain and rage. This isn't acceptable and I need to do better. On the one hand, playing more in high pressure games would probably acclimatize me more to it, so that I could handle myself better (I will always be a very competitive person though), but on the other its not reasonable for me to act that way as I practice in those situations.

As for my next steps, I'm at a bit of a loss of what to do. I don't think I have the time to run another BBT squad this season, so I'm really not sure what to do in the meantime. I'll probably start building a Lizard team for majors, but I'm open to suggestions of what to do now. Also as to what races to try in my next BBT run to continue learning and trying new things. Anyone who's bothered to read through this, thank you! And let me know any advice you have for me moving forward.
Posted by Drrek on Jul 20
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The Maryland Terrible Terrapins persist to a hard fought tie
The Maryland Terrible Terrapins were able to fight to a tie against the Cleaverland State Hornets in a game that featured multiple weather changes forcing both teams to adapt. Coming off an impressive streak of three straight wins, the Terrapins were riding a wave of confidence coming into this game, in spite of the knowledge that this would be one of their tougher tests of the season with the Hornets boasting an equally impressive record and an aggressive roster. While there were several chances for the Terrapins to take the lead, both teams seemed equally matched throughout the hard fought and entertaining game.

The game started with the Hornets catching the kick off, after a gust of wind that portended future weather changes pushed the ball, and quickly moving down the field inducing three knockouts of various Terrapin players. While on the back foot, the Terrapins were able to grind the drive to a halt around minefield with some impressive skink dodging while taking advantage of the relative slowness of the necromantic players. The turning point of the drive came midway through the first half when the saurus Raymond Hagerston (major - economics) was able to execute a block on the ghoul ball carrier Travis Fudder despite being surrounded by guarding players on the Hornets side. "I knew I just needed to push him and he'd be trapped between me and Harmony," Raymond was quoted after the game. "I worked hard to get the ball carrier into the position and it looked like we had it in the bag at that point."

Unfortunately, the Terrapins would not be able to 'bag it up'. Harmony One-Love (major - underwater biodegradable container construction) was not able to understand the coaches shouted commands. "Sometimes thoughts no think so good," the Krox was quoted on after the game. "I try, but coach not happy. Must get better." Indeed, despite the coach spending several focused moments trying to coach Harmony in the moment, the inability of the Krox to be able to understand the fundamentals of blocking was her undoing as the nimble ghoul was able to demonstrate to Harmony how a proper block is executed. After Harmony went down the Hornets were able to push through the gap and despite some last minute heroics were able to score at the end of the half. Despite a heroic effort by David Damascus (major - biomechanics), the Terrapins were unable to score by the end of the half.

Harmony One-Love looking clearly confused at the actions of the undead while the Terrapin coaching staff continue to ask what she's going from the sideline

The second half saw the weather turn to rain, with the ball bouncing out of bounds and placed in David's hands. The Terrapins move methodically downfield, despite some confusion by Harmony who was clearly shaken given the first half mistake. A gap in the Hornet's defense allowed David to sneak through and score the equalizer, in spite of the Hornets forcing the ball out through some impressive dodging and blitzing by the wraith Damion Doshack. The final kickoff saw the weather change yet again to sweltering heat, however the game ended with both teams deadlocked at the center of the pitch. After the game coach Lancelott was heard saying, "we got to work on Harmony's block technique. It's been a focus all season and something we've consistently invested in. We know she can get there, it will just take time. In the meantime, we're happy with the way David's progressing and excited to see the development of Tac-oma Park and Hayden Laurel. They'll both be needed in our next game."
With only four games remaining in the regular season, the Terrapins need two more wins to make it to a bowl game. Their next chance comes against a talented U of Louitch-vile Angry Birds squad, we'll see if they are up to the task.
Posted by lancelott on Jul 20
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Short-handed Green Dukes Steal 2-1 Victory over Drexel for Third Straight Win

Short-handed Green Dukes Steal 2-1 Victory over Drexel for Third Straight Win

Despite being reduced to 4 players for most of the second half, the Duqueswood University Green Dukes pulled off a shocking 2-1 win over the Drexel Draugrs to move for their third consecutive NCBB Season 45 win. The Green Dukes got a pair of touchdowns from sophomore wardancers Dethwyntyr Whitebranch (elven military science—RETC) and Curswyn Redgrass (independent study—vengeance) to earn their third consecutive win on the season. The Drexel norse team produced an impressive 11 KO’s and casualties but could only generate one touchdown from sophomore yhetee Karen II, who made her way to the endzone late in the game while shouting a frenzy of complaints.

Karen II scores while apparently shouting at stadium staff members beyond the end zone

“That was definitely … odd,” said Green Dukes Coach Gerric Smithson. “It’s rare that you see a yhetee score. But it’s probably even rarer yet that you see a yhetee shouting, ‘I demand to speak to a manager’ the whole time she’s lumbering downfield.”

For the second straight week, the Green Dukes got off to a fast start, stealing possession of the opening kick before their opponent could secure the ball. This week, an onside short sideline pooch kick enabled sophormore wardancer Deathwyntyr Whitebranch to catch the opening kick-off among a cage of his own blockers in Draugr territory.

Rather than rush up field, Whitebranch circled back into Green Duke territory, as the enraged norsemen immediately began bashing every elf they could get their hands on. Whitebranch then cut across the field to the other sideline and penetrated deep into Drexel territory, as his blockers established a screen that made a TD look inevitable. That’s when things got chippy.

After a block from senior treeman Oakward Weatherborn broke the arm of senior norse raider lineman Æsa Kiartandóttir, removing the team’s best tackler from the game, the rest of the Drexel players gave up on guarding the endzone and pealed back toward Weatherborn near midfield. As multiple Draugr defenders surrounded the treeman, Karen II charged him growling, “This is unacceptable! Do you know who I am?”

A furry shoulder to the trunk knocked Weatherborn off his roots, and seven Drexel players began stomping on his branches. Sophomore lineman Hersteinn Fálkison delivered the boot that finally cracked through Weatherborn’s bark, knocking the treeman out of the game but not escaping the notice of the referee, who tossed Fálkison.

Karen II takes down Weatherborn, setting him up for the foul that would knock him out of the match

“Look, any time you snatch your own opening kick right out of the sky before your opponent can even touch the ball, it’s going to upset the other squad,” said Coach Smithson. “Then, when that squad is already a bunch of drunkards who happen celebrate a culture of violence so enthusiastically their highest honor is to die in battle … well, you can’t expect them to sit back and politely applaud you.”

Before scoring, Duqueswood exacted revenge for the foul on Weatherborn. Trailing the play, catcher Oberyn Windrunner kicked senior valkyrie Helga Bragidóttir in the side of the head as she lay on the pitch, knocking Drexel’s second ball hawk out of the game. The referee spotted this foul as well, and ejected Windrunner in a futile attempt to get the game under control.

“It was important to send a clear message there,” said Windrunner after the game. “If you mess with the wood, you get the … branch, or maybe I should say, if you mess with the tree, you get the … wood? Not sure of the best way to phrase it. To be clear, we’re more used to running away from a fight, so we do better with catch phrases for stuff that like. For instance, we used to just say, ‘If you mess with the tree, we just leaf as fast as we can. But coach keeps telling us we need to get more physical, so … yeah, we need to work on a new catch phrase for that.”

As most of the Drexel team ran back from midfield following their brutal pruning efforts on Weatherborn, Whitebranch ate up much of the rest of the first half clock before scoring to put Duqueswood up 1-0. Drexel then used the little time left in the half to remove as many Green Dukes players as they could in a frenzy of yhettee claws and ulfwerener fists that left 7 elves in the KO and casualty box by the start of the second half.

Whitebranch scores to put Duqueswood up 1-0

Accordingly, the second half started with the Green Dukes in a strange position. They were receiving the kick up 1-0, poised to put the game out of reach, but the only problem was they had just four players on the field to try to do that. Naturally, they dropped back in a Dakka offense. Freshman thrower Phaedry Featherwind grabbed the ball and settled in behind only two blockers, since Ganderly Truegrass immediately stunned himself as he tripped while trying to run away from Karen on the line of scrimmage.

As the Drexel defense pressed forward, Featherwind faced a difficult choice—fall back further to eat up more clock, or cut toward the northern sideline and hope to get the edge around the Drexel defense. She made the bold choice, reaching near midfield along the sideline and handing the ball to Redgrass, so that she and sophomore catcher Gobyltyr Gusto (acorn analytics) could try to block for him in a half cage.

Drexel closed in quickly. Sophomore ulfwerener Eðna Óblauðrs blasted Featherwind with a shoulder to the ribs just after she handed the ball to Redgrass. At the same time, Karen and three norse linemen formed an impenetrable column defense just a yard ahead of the wardancer, and two more Draugrs bracketed Truegrass, as he lay on the ground nearby, leaving Redgrass with only Gusto to block for him.

“I carry the blood of vengeance and the tears of rage inside me,” said Redgrass after the game. “As the elves in that great woodland legend, ‘Treasure of the Tree-era Madre,’ put it, ‘Blockers? I don’t need no stinking blockers.”

True to his word, Redgrass spun away from Óblauðrs and blitzed straight forward. Vaulting into the air, the wardancer delivered a flying kick to one norse lineman’s face, sending him to the pitch in a splatter of blood but also using his face to propel himself a dozen feed into the air, where he executed a front flip to leap over the second lineman in the column. Landing behind the defense, Redgrass then sprinted deep into Drexel territory.

Curswin Redgrass uses one norse lineman’s face to leap another one behind him and break into the clear

The brilliant maneuver would be pointless, however, if his teammates couldn’t somehow screen off Karen and the rest of the Draugr defense. In a stunning display of agility, that’s exactly what Truegrass and Gusto did, dodging and weaving past multiple defenders to race up field ahead of Karen.

As Redgrass ran to paydirt to give the Green Dukes a commanding 2-0 lead, Karen was heard shouting at the ref. “They can’t screen me off like that!” she shouted. “I have a medical condition! This is discrimination!”

With the game nearly out of reach, Duqueswood set up their players as far as possible form the line of scrimmage, expecting Karen and her teammates to look for blood on the ensuing kick-off. But after cleanly picking up the ball, Drexel did something unexpected. Þióðhildr Hrosskells threw a long pass to Karen, who shockingly caught it at midfield, and then charged into Green Dukes territory in a blur claws, gnashing teeth, and groundless complaints.

As the clock wound down, Most of the Green Dukes simply moved out of the raging yhettee’s way, willing to let her score and take the 2-1 win without suffering any more injuries. But freshman catcher Zindari Dawnwind refused to heed Coach Smithson’s call to protect herself. Courageously, the elf maiden stood her ground, giving up at least 300 pounds and one terrible haircut in her attempt to hold Karen out of the endzone and preserve the shutout.

“I come from a proud line of elven folk who protected the forest for generations,” she explained after the game. “When the Ungar orc tribes tried to cross our treeline a century ago, we stood our ground. When the dwarf lords of Cloud Claw Peak tried to fell our trees for lumber to feed their forges, we stood our ground. I saw this as no different. And I stood my ground.”

Dawnwind was quickly and easily trampled, and Karen ran over her unconscious body to cross the goal line as the game ended.

Dawnwind shortly after she stood her ground against Karen II

The win places the Green Dukes at 3-2 on the season and vaults them into the top 15 of the NCBB rankings at 13 on the AP(ojar) ranking. As conference play opens up next week, however, Duqueswood looks to have a tough road ahead, with more than one top-10 opponent on the schedule.

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BB2020 Rules, BB2016 skill progression, ENDLESS SEASONS!

NO forced re-draft! NO forced cut!
O[L]C 2020 will run BB2020 with ENDLESS SEASONS and BB2016 skill progression!

This is a group for tournaments and open play for official (BB2020) and Secret League ([SL]2020) teams. (Also Slann & Simyin).

The Open [L]eague Challenge (2020) will run in the [L]eague division.

It will use Nelphine's Star Player pricing. See discussion.
Mega Stars ARE allowed.

Teams start with 1100k

Lightweight & Weltereight championships coming September!
You can build your teams now and get playing.
The O[L]C Sprint starts from August 1st. But sign up NOW!

If you want to play OLC 2016 go HERE!

Between events, you may play as many "open" games as you wish.
You can look for games via Gamefinder or on discord

Tournament apoths that patch up MNG players up before round 1 of a tournament will be employed. They cannot heal permanent injuries.

Championships will be 8 team KO tournaments.
The Open [L]eague Cup will have no limit to the number of entrants.

There will also be occasional 3 or 4 round progression Swiss tournaments.

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Nereid-fins Lose 1-0 to BrewKings on Walk-Off TD

Nereid-fins Lose 1-0 to BrewKings on Walk-Off TD

The Mayemi Nereid-fins fell 1-0 to the Barak Varr BrewKings on a last second TD to end their glorious tie-streak and fall to 0-3-3 in the Bonehead League. Dwarf blitzer Thrundin Gemstar scored the game’s lone touchdown to give the BrewKings the win in a game they dominated physically, out-blocking the elves 32-13. Despite being in the game until the very end, Mayemi managed to rush for a disappointing net 0 yards, as blitzer Jalyn Killyps carried the ball for 4 yards, and line-elf Aryn Brewyr ran for -4.

Thrundin Gemstar runs for the game-winning touchdown in the game’s closing seconds.

“It’s going to be tough to win a game when you move the ball a total of zero yards,” said Nereid-fin Coach Mickon McDenial after the game. “Seems like something an ogre team could manage to do, but it’s definitely not a winning strategy for elves.”

The first half looked promising enough for Mayemi as they were able to stifle the BrewKings opening drive. After securing the kick, dwarf runner Ragnar Steelfist was forced to waddle from one sideline to the other, as the speedy Nereid-fin defense assembled columns of defenders in his path. Then the elves struck.

With a slight opening in Steelfist’s cage as he tried to cross midfield, elven blitzer Jaylyn Killyps circled around the dwarven blockers to find an opening on the runner’s flank. He delivered a spinning roundhouse kick to the back of the dwarf’s helm, sending him and the ball forward onto the pitch. After a brief scrum, Brewyr secured the ball, and backed away from the furious dwarf blockers, who’d already KO’d two elves and badly injured a third in the fight for the ball.

Jaylyn Killyps frees the ball with a flying kick to the back of Ragnar Steelfist’s head

“I saw their coach take out the great book of grudges on the sideline and write upon its pages,” said Brewyr. “I knew not whether it was my name or Rahor’s, but I thought it best to merely back away from the fray and issue apologies to all the stout little fellows.”

As Brewyr retreated all the way into his own end zone calling out “sorry” and “I meant no offense,” the BrewKings cordially introduced his teammates to their mailed fists and knuckle dusters, littering the field with prone and stunned elves. By the closing seconds of the half, Brewyr’s only option was to sprint forward and attempt a deep pass to catcher Odyl Bekym, the only Mayemi player who’d managed to get down field into scoring position.

Still focused mainly on apologizing, Brewyr cocked his arm back and cried out, “Please don’t be insulted if this works!” Speaking, trembling in fear, and throwing at the same time proved too much for the line-elf. The ball slipped out of his hand and fell to his feet, as the half ended 0-0.

Aryn Brewyr fumbles the pass while apologizing profusely to his opponents

Mayemi was still in a strong position as they received the second half kick with 8 players still able to stand and take the field. Killyps grabbed the ball quickly, and the team settled back deep in their own territory, trying to avoid contact for as long as possible. As the BrewKings lumbered forward, Killyps waited until midway through the half, and then cut toward the northern sideline to try to get the edge.

“They always say we elves just try to cowardly run away from our dwarf opponents, but this vicious slander is far from true,” said Killyps of his approach on the drive. “Sometimes, we try to run around them.”

As Killyps neared midfield, he was close to doing just that but needed to escape a throng a dwarf defenders closing in on him like a fist gripping a glittering gem. Killyps tried to juke past runner Jakob Bugman and spin away from Barodin Granite-chin, who was closing in from behind. But Granite-chin was able to get enough of his stubby-fingered hand on Killyps ankle to trip him.

With Killyps and the ball on the ground, the dwarves and elves battled for possession in the closing minute of the game. For a moment, Granite-chin had it, until Mossheart staggered him with an uppercut, sending his beard flailing and the ball flying. Killyps and dwarf blitzer Gotrek Blitzby then bobbled the ball back and forth before it settled just on the BrewKings side of the pitch.

With only seconds left in the game, it looked like the Nerid-fins would add a fourth game to their tie-streak, but then on the sidelines, the BrewKings coach pounded his fist against the book of grudges and called out, “We shall not be insulted by a bunch of elves!” Inspired, the dwarves began to rally. A new energy entered their stunted legs and arms. They set about the field methodically, singing an ancient work song mostly composed of “yo ho, yo ho” and something about going off to work, as they assembled a last-second touchdown attempt.

Bugman seized the ball from the pitch as surehandedly as a miner wresting a chunk of ore from a deep chasm. Up field, Gemstar was in scoring position, but surrounded by three Mayemi defenders. He didn’t care. As Bugman sprinted toward him, he ignored the defenders and reached out to take the handoff. As a former goat-herder, Bugman’s hands were strong from wrangling beasts on the mountain side, and they did not fail him. Ge gripped the ball tightly and turned toward the end zone.

Still singing in low tones, the rest of his team had assembled around the elves marking Gemstar to assist in the blitz he would need to break free. Lowering his shoulder, he burst forward, drove his steel pad into the nearest elf defender, Tya Tyngafarthrowa. He then trampled the elf thrower on his way to the end zone to score the winning touchdown just before the final whistle.

Thrundin Gemstar runs through Tya Tyngafarthrowa on his way to the end zone for the winning TD

“One never likes to lose, but I take some solace in the manner in which we lost,” said Mossheart after the game. “It’s not everyday you see a dwarf team manage a pick-up and a hand-off, and then traverse half of the field in mere seconds like that. I’d say it looks like we taught the little fellows how to play elf ball today, and for that we can be quite proud!”

Additional Game Note: A Tasty Explosion

Though the BrewKings hired star player Cindy Piewhistle, the fact that the game only had two possessions meant that they never got around to actually deploying the baker-bomber on the field. As she departed from the stadium disappointed with her inaction, Piewhistle left behind several of her baked goods, which led to a mishap when Mossheart mistook the pies for a spread for a postgame celebration similar to last week’s.

“I’m not sure what sort of spices this halfling chef used in her pies,” said Mossheart after he was doused with a bucket of water. “But they’re definitely too hot for my liking.”

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