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FUMBBL Brawls 26 June (3/1/7 needed)
Palette: #6c706f (gray), #776a59 (tan), #e30007 (red), #f2c61d (yellow), #1b4101 (green)

Brawls are a weekly drawn tourney for Competitive Division teams and will be run on the KotH system, meaning the second round pairing will be generated randomly after the first round is complete.

Tourneys Expected to Draw
Low (up to 1400 TV): 0
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 0
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 0

Teams Short to Draw Next Tourney
Low (up to 1400 TV): 3
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 1
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 7

Please remember that TV is the deciding factor in which Brawl your team will be a part of and includes missing players! (It is not Current Team Value(CTV)!)

Draws will be made on Wednesday if there are enough participants, usually between 1200-1400 server time. You will receive a PM that you're in the tourney when it starts. Tournament announcements on the official FUMBBL Discord #minors channel. Game announcements will be made in my Leagues Discord, in the Minor Tournament channel.

If you are interested in participating, read here: Group Page and FUMBBL Tournament Rules.

Team may apply on the Brawl Team page.

Please be aware:
Only Competitive Division teams will be accepted.

Record on your profile
Random extra MVP

Posted by razmus on Jun 24
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Nereid-fins Unleash Passing Game Mixed With Magic, Flame, Carnage to Salvage 1-1 Tie

Nereid-fins Unleash Passing Game Mixed With Magic, Flame, Carnage to Salvage 1-1 Tie Vs. Monday Mournings

Despite a slew of miscues and a ball that seemed to bounce everywhere but where they needed it, the Mayemi Nereid-fins scored their first TD of the Bonehead League season to force a 1-1 tie with Monday Mournings. The Monday Mournings chaos renegade squad got its TD from Miss Fortune on a long run, during which the human renegade lineman evaded a pair of elven blitzers as well as a feral squirrel. Outblocked 34-17, the Nereid-fins suffered 9 KO’s and injuries but managed a late equalizer from catcher Jaylyn Woodyl on a pass from blitzer Rahor Mossheart.

Miss Fortune runs for the TD after kicking away Akhorne the Squirrel and his furious attempt at an ankle-biting blitz

“Gotta love the way this team came together today to force the tie,” said Mayemi Coach Mickon McDenial. “It only took four attempts to pick up or catch the ball, about a half-dozen failed dodges, and one perfect pass—oh, yeah, and a 15-foot wide fireball descending from the sky on our opponents at just the right moment. That helped a bit too.”

Things looked promising early for Mayemi when the team executed a perfect onside kick to open the game and Woodyl caught the ball surrounded by three blockers in Monday Mournings territory. However, when blitzer Jalyn Killyps whiffed on a block and instead caught a forearm shiver to the mouth from a renegade lineman, things quickly fell apart.

“I was truly shocked by that failed block,” said Killyps after the match. “First of all, you would think that cursed human rabble like that would have the decency to stand still when an elven lord is trying to block it, but then for it to have the impudence to actually strike me! Is there no etiquette left in this game?”

Jalyn Killyps is appalled at being struck by a human renegade lineman. Moments later he would be appalled on the ground

With Woodyl now exposed, Monday Mournings were quickly able to bash the catcher from all sides, knocking the ball loose and having it bounce right into the waiting arms of their two-headed skaven, Rodney. Mossheart danced around three blockers and delivered a flying kick to the back of one of Rodney’s heads, and the ball was loose again. But once again the ball bounced into a throng of chaos renegades, and Miss Fortune easily grabbed it from the pitch.

From there, Monday Mournings asserted their physical advantage, as their rat ogre, minotaur, and troll pounded elves into the pitch as easily as if they were playing with their own droppings (which a rank smell emanating from the field indicated that their troll, Hangover, may have also been doing). Despite a desperate backside blitz from Akhorne the Squirrel, whom Mayemi had hired along with a wizard for the match, Miss Fortune was easily able to kick the rodent away and cross the goal line to put Monday Mornings up 1-0 halfway through the first half.

“It’s pretty tough to put up much of a defensive stand when they have a troll, a minotaur, and a rat ogre and the best we can throw at them is a squirrel,” said McDenial. When asked whether his lordly players believing that their opponents should not be allowed to touch them also makes it tough to play defense, he replied, “No comment.”

Mayemi had a chance to even the score before half-time, driving into Monday Mournings territory on a pass from thrower Tya Tyngafarthrowa to Mossheart. However, a dazzling, multi-dodge blitz from Rodney ended the threat. Making good use of both of his heads to avoid three Nereid-fin blockers, Rodney whipped his tail around Mossheart’s ankles as he delivered a solid rat paw to the elf’s face.

“There should be some sort of regulation on the number of heads players are allowed to have,” said Mossheart, who has had his fill of two-headed rats after facing Hakflem Skuttlespike last week. “At the very least, it should only be allowed if both heads are as handsome as mine.”

Tya Tyngafarthrowa throws for his first completion of the season as orc renegade lineman Yaaagrha charges toward him

Despite being down 1-0, holding a wizard in their back pocket still gave Mayemi a solid chance in the second half if they could manage a quick score after receiving the kick. Unfortunately, after a promising start, their plans for that quick score fizzled, when elven catcher Faylyn Woodyl dropped a hand-off from Mossheart wide open in Monday Mournings Territory.

“I really expect Faylyn to make that play,” said a perplexed McDenial after the game. “I mean, he bobbled it at first, but he still had a chance to make the catch and still dropped it. It was almost as if he dropped it twice. There’s a college coach I know who’s dealt with this kind of thing. He says the elves have a phrase for it in their language. They call it ‘wrolyn dubyl wunz.’ Not sure what the literal translation is, but I definitely don’t like the sound of it.”

Elven “catcher”Faylyn Woodyl bobbles the ball moments before dropping it to the pitch

With the ball on the pitch, the game quickly descended into a scrum as both teams bashed each other while trying to take possession. The loose ball was still bouncing around the bloody grass, and three more elves had been KO’d or injured by the minotaur and troll when Coach McDenial finally decided to unleash his wizard in the game’s final minutes.

The hunched, bearded old man beside the Mayemi bench chanted in an ancient tongue, and a 15-foot wide ball of flame fell from the sky. The fireball crashed down upon the minotaur and troll, as well as Monday Mournings' orc lineman, Yaaagrha, goblin Defoe, and a loner lineman, who were all crouching over the ball to keep the elves at bay. In an explosion of fire, blood, and a at least few body parts, all were knocked prone, stunned, or KO’d, except for the troll, Hangover, who seemed to mistake the ruckus for his own flatulence.

With the ball now unguarded on the pitch, and Hangover turning his head to check to see if he’d yet again soiled himself, Mossheart charged forward and scooped up the ball. Spotting Woodyl on the other side of the troll, the elven blitzer tossed the ball high above the troll, and this time, Woodyl caught it. With a quick one-handed cartwheel to dodge away from Hangover, Woodyl raced away toward the end-zone, tying the game in the closing seconds.

Rahor Mossheart rears back to throw the ball over Hangover, as Woodyl waits for the pass on the other side of the troll

“As someone with a taste for the smoky elven dreamwine of Ulthuan, I have to say I have plenty of experience dodging hangovers,” said Woodyl to the groans of all the scribes gathered for the postgame press conference. “See what I did there? The troll … his name was Hangover … and I dodged him … Get it? Get it?” The scribes all quickly exited as Woodyl continued speaking to the empty room: “I guess high elven humor is just too complex for you lot.”
Posted by gettym on Jun 23
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Seasons and Re-drafting open testing
As you may have guessed from my previous blog post, I am working on re-drafting a season support for the site. As part of this, the next step is to open this up for general use in custom leagues, which I have now done. These features are still in alpha-testing state and are not necessarily fully functional but they are in a state where I need to start doing things that affect the site "for real".

Any ruleset that has seasons enabled may end up having their state set to an end-season state and will be pushed into re-drafting.

To avoid surprising leagues, I have force-disabled the season setting in all rulesets on the site, and you will need to enable it when you are ready to do so on your ruleset.

Note also that if you have a league using someone else's ruleset, you will have to pay extra attention to this.

Ruleset 4 (the BB2020 ruleset that the C division uses) is NOT going to enable seasons for some time yet, but eventually that will happen as well.

Current state of features, will update as questions arise, bugs are found, and things are implemented:

- When a team readies up, they will enter End of Season state if they have played a number of games in the current season that equals to or exceeds the configured season length in the ruleset and they have no un-played scheduled matches (e.g. in a tournament). This includes open-round-robin tournaments they may have remaining games.
- The mechanical re-drafting process is working, including all ruleset-configured options for caps, agent-fees, etc.
- League staff controls to enter and perform re-drafting.
- Electing to end a season early
- Scheduling teams into tournaments if they are in the End of Season state.

Missing features:
- Temporary retirement
- Tournaments that can force a team into re-drafting once teams complete their participation.
- Tournament "types" in general (ie. minor, qualifier, major), which decide how the tournament interacts with teams (who can join, what happens after, etc).

If you find any issues, please get in touch with me (preferably over the Discord, but any other means will work as well).
Posted by Christer on Jun 22
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From the Desk of Freek da Finker: Gnawing at the Truth: Griff Oberwald’s Not-So-Squeaky Clean Image
Hey there, sports fans! It’s your favorite ex-Skave Slave and former Roger’s Rogres player, Freek da Finker, here to nibble on some hard truths. Today, we’re chewing over the recent scandals involving the so-called legend of Blood Bowl: Griff Oberwald.

Let’s get one thing straight – I’m no fan of Griff. This guy’s got more holes in his reputation than a slice of Swiss cheese! First up, let’s talk about his off-the-pitch antics. There’s been a rat’s nest of reports about Griff mistreating team staff, fans, and even his own teammates. Blood Bowl is supposed to be about the community, and this big cheese thinks he’s above it all? That really gets my whiskers twitching!

And then there’s the potion problem. Rumor has it, Griff’s been guzzling performance-enhancers like a rat in a cheese factory. Bloodweiser, Bugman’s – if it’s got a kick, Griff’s probably slurped it. His so-called "skills" are as artificial as a slice of Amorical cheese!

I know some of you might think I’m just a jealous rat in the walls. Sure, Griff’s got the fame and the fans, but I’m not here to gnaw on his glory. I’m here because I’m disappointed. Blood Bowl is brutal, but it still has a thread of honor running through it – even if it’s a bit chewed up.

So, what’s the takeaway here? Whether you’re a sneaky gutter runner like me or a big-shot star like Griff, we all need to play fair and respect the game. Griff, it’s time to clean up your act – your behavior is cheesing off everyone who loves Blood Bowl.

This is Freek da Finker, signing off. Keep your eyes sharp, your cheddar sharper, and let’s keep the spirit of Blood Bowl alive and kicking!

#BloodBowl #GriffOberwald #FreekDaFinker #PlayFair
Posted by Kieren on Jun 22
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From the Desk of Antonio Boltcrest: Sprinting from Justice
Greetings, fellow Blood Bowl enthusiasts! Antonio Boltcrest here, your favorite Skink Star Player from the Lustrian Lizard Squad. Today, let’s talk about a subject that's been buzzing around the league—Griff Oberwald and his notorious past.

You see, Griff Oberwald is like a Kroxigor with a limp: no matter how fast he tries to run, his past is always nipping at his heels. Now, we all know Blood Bowl is a game of speed and agility, where the fastest and the fittest reign supreme. But let me tell you, there are two things in this world that are almost impossible to outrun—your past and, well, a Skink or a Skaven on a good day.

Griff’s past is a heavy burden, much heavier than he thinks. The ’82 incident, where he couldn’t keep it in his pants with the coach's daughter, is just one of the many skeletons rattling in his closet*. It’s a stain on his reputation that even the shiniest trophies can’t polish away. No matter how many touchdowns he scores or how many accolades he amasses, the whispers of his indiscretions follow him like a shadowing Chameleon Skink.

As a Skink, I know a thing or two about speed. We’re built for it—sleek, quick, and nimble. We dart across the pitch, leaving our opponents in the dust. But even we know that no one can truly outrun their past. It’s always there, a constant reminder of where we’ve been and the choices we’ve made. Griff might fancy himself as fast and untouchable, but he’ll never be fast enough to escape the consequences of his actions.

So, to Griff, I say this: You can keep running, but you’ll never be able to hide. Embrace your past, own up to your mistakes, and maybe—just maybe—you’ll find some redemption. But if you’re looking to outrun it, remember, only a Skink or a Skaven can pull off that feat, and you, my friend, are neither.

Until next time, keep your tails high and your spirits higher. This is Antonio Boltcrest, signing off.

Stay cool and scaly,
Antonio Boltcrest
Star Player • Skink Runner Lineman

* settle down, all you Werewolf readers
Posted by JamesLangley on Jun 22
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From the Desk of Oggy-Boggy: A Challenge
Oi, listen up, me mates! Oggy-Boggy here, ready to set the record straight. Griff Oberwald struts around like he's the big cheese, but let me tell ya, I could drink him under the table any day of the week. A halfling's tolerance for Bugman's brew is legendary, and I've got a belly full of stout that'd put a troll to shame!

And don't get me started on a hot dog eating contest. Griff might think he's got a big appetite, but when it comes to chowing down, I'd wipe the floor with him faster than you can say "extra mustard, please!" Halflings know their way around a feast, and I've got a knack for packing away pies like there's no tomorrow.

So, Griff Oberwald, if you're listening: next time you wanna challenge the king of the kitchen, you know where to find me. Bring your appetite and your best brew, 'cause Oggy-Boggy's ready to show you how it's done, halfling style!

Come to the Gourmet Hearth for Brunch, Sundays at 9-1, no Griff's Allowed.

Oggy-Boggy, executive chef at the Gourmet Hearth and owner of the Culinaryton Hamfists.
Posted by jackpassanisi on Jun 22
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Player Pixel Artist Needed - Apply here!
Hello Fumbblers...

I need an icon maker or two to complete some work for some projects on this site.

Making stuff like this

and this

If you have the skills and fancy lending a hand please contact me. I only need about 20 players designed.

Thank you :)
Posted by Garion on Jun 21
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From the Desk of Oggy-Boggy: BIG Appetites
Oi, listen up, folks, 'cause Oggy-Boggy's got a tale that'll make your ears curl like a gnome's beard! You see, there's been whispers—nay, rumors swirling around the Blood Bowl scene. Word on the cobblestone is that Griff Oberwald ain't just scoring touchdowns—he's been caught in a scandalous affair with none other than Micheline Tendresse, the Ravenous Ogress herself!

Now, I'm not one to gossip, but when you see those two whispering in the shadows, heads close enough to share a pie, you start to wonder. They say Micheline's appetite knows no bounds, and Griff? Well, he's got a reputation for getting into places he shouldn't be. Put two and two together, and you've got a recipe for scandal that'd make even a daemon blush!

I've seen 'em, you know. Micheline giving Griff that hungry look, Griff batting his eyelashes like a dandy in a tavern brawl. It's enough to make you lose your lunch faster than a goblin on a roller coaster. Blood Bowl's supposed to be about honor and glory, not sneaking around like a pair of love-struck goblins!

So mark my words, friends: keep your eyes peeled when Micheline and Griff take the field together. There's more going on than meets the eye, and it's enough to turn the stomach of even the heartiest halfling.

For a lunch that you won't be able to lose, come to the Gourmet Hearth this thursday at 5. Half-off on our special "OGRE-SIZED" Cheeseburgers.

Oggy-Boggy, head chef at the Gourmet Hearth and owner of the Culinaryton Hamfists
Posted by jackpassanisi on Jun 21
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Green Dukes Celebrate New Elfletic Facility But Suffer 2-1 Loss to SUNY Buffalo

NCBB Season Opener Brings Mixed Emotions, as Green Dukes Celebrate New Elfletic Facility But Suffer 2-1 Loss to SUNY Buffalo

The Duqueswood University Green Dukes took a huge step forward off the pitch but a step back on it, as they opened the NCBB season 45 with the dedication of a new state-of-the-art elfletic center followed by a 2-1 loss to the SUNY Buffalo Bull Centaurs. Standout SUNY junior hobgoblin Tyree Jackson scored 2 touchdowns for the Bull Centaurs, and the Green Dukes got their lone TD from sophomore Gobyltyr Gusto (acorn analytics) on a pass from freshman thrower Phaedry Featherwind (plant psychology).

Despite ending with a loss, the day began with jubilation when Duqueswood officially opened its new Mirlin Spinleaf Memorial Elfletic Training Center with a vine-cutting ceremony that celebrated the life and career of the team’s former captain. Featuring extensive wardancer training facilities, the new center was fully funded by Spinleaf’s parents, Myrvis and Scyntia Spinleaf. The renowned elfanthropists are co-chairs of the Duqueswood University Parents Council and are also the mother and father of current Green Duke catcher Scootyr Spinleaf (history of dirt), who is returning for his junior season despite speculation that his extensive injuries would force him to focus on his studies instead.

New Center Promises Bright Future for Program, Coach, Player

To celebrate the opening of the new Mirlin Spinleaf Memorial Elfletic Center, the university is offering open-tree tours to alumni, parents, and friends of the university. (To take your tour and try out the leap-training facility click here or on the image above. Use “a” to move left, “d” to move right, and “w” to leap over the obstacle. Move to the ball to pick it up and advance to the next level. If you fail and need to repeat a level, click your browser’s refresh button. Note: tours are unavailable on phones and tablets.)*

“This place is going to be a huge resource for the program, and I can’t thank the Spinleafs enough for their generosity, their vision, and their dedication to Duqueswood University,” said Green Dukes Coach Gerric Smithson moments before the Spinleaf family cut the vine to officially open the center. “I mean, the leap-training facility alone is going to be a game-changer. With the ability to practice jumping over goblins, orcs, and trolls like this, we’re going to have a lot less wardancers dying out there on the pitch. I mean, I guess they’ll be dying on the floor of the training center, but still … this is a big step forward for the program.”

Coach Smithson’s presence at the ceremony surprised many. At the end of last season he’d again been suspended by the university’s Board of Elders for exceeding the school’s acceptable death-to-win ratio for the third straight season and for unsanctioned use of dead players as fertilizer. Apparently, however, the Spinleafs argued for his contract to be renewed for another season, and the board found their arguments persuasive—entirely on their own merits, of course.

“Smithson’s continued tenure with the university was in no way impacted by the Spinleafs’ donation to build the center and fund an endowment to pay for its future maintenance,” said the Duqueswood Board of Elders in an official statement issued after the ceremony. Shortly after that statement was released, Coach Smithson released an official statement of his own declaring that his decision not to cut Scootyr Spinleaf was also “in no way impacted” by the Spinleafs’ donation nor their advocacy for him to retain his position.

“It looks like this was just one of those situations where things worked out well for everyone,” the Spinleafs said in their statement also released after the ceremony.

A Statement on the Pitch

Following all of these statements, SUNY Buffalo began to make their own statement on the pitch with a long first-half drive that produced four combined injuries and casualties. With only 6 elves left to defend (treeman Oakward Weatherborn was rooted at midfield), and shifty bull centaur Naaman Roosevelt dodging a blitzing roundhouse kick from wardancer Curswyn Redgrass (independent studies—vengeance), the Bull Centaurs easily cleared a path for Jackson to find paydirt and put them up 1-0 with only seconds left in the half.

Tyree Jackson scores with nary an elf in sight to put the SUNY Bull Centaurs up 1-0

“I wasn’t aware that bull centaurs could dodge,” said Redgrass, who mistakenly followed up on his blitz, allowing Roosevelt to easily trample him shortly thereafter. “I knew they could charge, defecate on the ground, and chew upon their own cud, but I thought them incapable of higher functions such as dodging.”

The Green Dukes attempted to even the score before half time, using the ancient elven “un tirn tee dee” strategy Angorn Windfoot taught the team two seasons ago. Even though the elven blockers were able to shove a bull centaur Khalil Mack into Scootyr Spinleaf’s back to give him the speed needed to streak down the field and potentially score before the whistle, Spinleaf was unable to dodge through a column of defenders and fell to the pitch to end the first half.

“Scootyr did everything he could out there—kid made a heck of an effort,” said Coach Smithson during the postgame press conference as he glanced uneasily toward the Spinleafs. “We’ll have to see what we can do to put him in a better position to score next time.”

Undaunted, the Green Dukes quickly got back into the game in the second half when highly recruited freshman thrower Featherwind found Gusto open deep in SUNY Buffalo territory. Recruited from the western seed-casting woodland tribes, Featherwind had gained legendary renown for her ability to throw beech nuts so hard and accurately that they could sail past foraging birds and plant themselves in the ground seconds after leaving her hand. As Bull Centaur defense pushed forward, bashing her blockers, she put that skill to good use, zipping the ball to Gusto, who then ran untouched for the TD.

“It’s actually quite similar,” said Featherwind on the process of adapting her throwing style from seeds to blood bowl balls. “The only difference is that in seed-casting I throw as part of the glorious cycle of life, the verdant forest breathing, blooming, and blossoming; and in this sport, I throw as part of a dark pageant of bloodshed, death, and destruction. But either way, it’s all in the wrist.”

Featherwind prepares to throw the first touchdown pass of her career, perhaps studying the ball to consider how it might throw differently from a seed

The quick score, however, left plenty of time for the Bull Centaurs to bash their way toward a potential winning TD. With Jackson securing the kick cleanly, his blockers quickly formed a cage and escorted the hobgoblin up field through the elven defense with all the grace and subtlety of an anvil falling through a pile of leaves.

After losing two more elves to injury, Duqueswood got desperate and swarmed the ball. Despite four elves surrounding Jackson, the aggressive move had all the effectiveness of a pile of leaves throwing themselves at an anvil. In a matter of seconds, the Bull Centaurs had throttled every elf within reach in a series of brutal blocks that got Jackson out of jeopardy, sent six more Green Dukes to the casualty and KO boxes, and cleared a path for the winning TD.

A Face From the Past, A Treeman Felled
One of those brutal blocks even took down Weatherborn, who had been having a strong day with 10 successful blocks until he tangled with chaos dwarf blocker Tim Russert. At first, it was unclear how exactly Russert was able to overpower the treeman, who stood more than four times his height, but a close look at the magecast replay offered some insight.

It appeared that as the dwarf approached the towering tree, he spotted some sort of wooden face emerging from Weatherborn’s bark just a few feet above his roots. When Russert lowered his shoulder to drive a steel spike into the face, Weatherborn lifted one of his roots to block the blow. Russert then hit the root, and the now off-balance treeman careened to the ground, his bark cracking as loudly as a clap of thunder.

Russert stands victoriously upon the trunk of Weatherborn, whom the dwarf blocker felled despite giving up nearly 15 feet in reach and 800 pounds in body weight

“Yeah, uh, apparently after Zephyra died last year, Oakward planted his roots in the grass that was covered in her brains and blood, and I guess he kind of, like, I don’t know, resorbed her spirit or soul or something,” Coach Smithson struggled to explain after the match. “Honestly, I’m not sure how any of this works. A few years ago, I didn’t even know trees could walk and talk, let alone play blood bowl, and now I guess … resorb human souls? Anyway, we’re going to have to work with him on not favoring that side of his trunk. If Zephrya’s bark-embossed face needs to take a shoulder spike from a charging dwarf from time to time, he’s just going to have to deal with it. We can’t have our treeman going down to protect a line-elf who’s already dead.”

*Note on the wardancer trainer mini-game (elfletic center tour): I don’t claim to be much of a programmer. I only know scraps of javascript, and I borrow stuff from other games and tutorials I mess with from time to time, so it’s highly likely this “game” has some bugs. Feel free to let me know if you encounter any—though I don’t think I’ll be able to fix them. (I already failed at creating actual levels for the game, so each level opens up on a new index.html page, and I was too lazy to find a way to make this work on phones or tablets, so you’ll only be able to “play” it on a computer.) Also, obviously this was built by using FUMBBL sounds and FUMBBL sprites, so big thanks to the site for making those available, and if I should credit anyone specifically for those, please let me know.

Posted by gettym on Jun 19
rating 6 4
From the Desk of Oggy-Boggy: A Prayer to Nuffle
By the crusted crusts of a thousand pies and the simmering stews of ages past, Oggy-Boggy beseeches the Dark Gods to send forth Lord Borak, the feared and mighty Chaos Warrior, to foul Griff Oberwald into oblivion! May Lord Borak's wrath descend upon the pitch like a storm of fire and brimstone, laying waste to Griff's reign of terror and dirty play.

Oh, Dark Gods of the Blood Bowl pitch, hear my plea! Grant Lord Borak the strength to deliver justice where it's due, to smite the cheaters and bring balance back to the game. Griff Oberwald's days of skating by on fouls and deception must come to an end. Let Lord Borak be the instrument of retribution, the avenger of fair play and honor!

So raise your goblets, fellow halflings and fans alike! Join me in invoking the power of the Dark Gods to banish Griff Oberwald's unearned reign of terror from the Blood Bowl gridiron once and for all. And may Lord Borak's cleats find their mark with righteous fury!

P.S. Come to the Gourmet Hearth this Wednesday at 5, 15% off your meal if you have proof that you have beseeched the dark gods in this manner!

Oggy-Boggy, executive Chef of the Gourmet Hearth and owner of the Culinaryton Hamfists.
Posted by jackpassanisi on Jun 19
rating 6 1