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Open [L]eague Sprint Season March/April
Open [L]eague Season March/April is OPEN! Last two weeks!

The season runs from 17th March to midnight 30th April.

There is no schedule. Play as many games as you can/wish before the end of the season.
Results are taken from a team's best 'sprint' of n consecutive games. Different leagues count a different number of games. e.g 6 or 8.

Teams may use Gamefinder to find matches. They may also use a league's discord or Fumbbl discord #lfg.

For coaches new(ish) to blood bowl or looking to improve. NO timeouts!
Also for experienced coaches wishing to offer help, advice, match analysis etc to newcomers. (8 games.)

A more relaxed, less competitive, less rushed environment. NO timeouts. Secret League teams allowed. (6 games.)
Old & new teams welcome. Teams may come here when their 145 run is ended.

A chance to use both Secret League and official rosters. Slann & Simyin too.
Tournaments too. (8 games)
Old & new teams welcome.

If you still like the old BB 2016 rules you can still do it with Secret League and official rosters. Slann & Simyin too. (6 games)
Get some practice in before the next Open [L]eague Cup.
Clone in your old [R] and 2016 [B ] teams.

Teams full of STARS! No sprint but get some practice in before the next All Star Bowl!

Posted by koadah on Apr 15
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Star Player - shameless plug
A friend of mine has painted every Star Player there is. And a few that was... and a few that has come back to life. This has inspired me a bit... So;

Now I am on my third. I finally have a Morg. He joins Akhorne and Karla as miniatures I have painted that will probably rarely see the pitch.

I have made bases for 3d printing (see post below) in my wee little shop. (Thanks to all of you who bought bases. I hope you like them and find them useful.) (The shop is here: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/TomasTiden

Now I've made one for Star Players. Totally free. Available here: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-base-for-fantasy-football-star-player-373226

And underneath, Prone and Stunned, the one you can easily read is the one valid. Not really necessary for this large model, but it is good for the small ones when you only have the base pointed at you.

Posted by DonTomaso on Apr 14
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SCBBL Season 2, Week 4: Sludge River Shamblers
"Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?"

"Are you asking me or the viewers at home, Jim?"

"Ah, there we are. Apologies to all you sports fans out there who've been wondering where we've been- this was caused by a rather nasty case of incompetence among our production staff. Thankfully, Bob has taken over the role of Chief Editor-"

"By hitting a few heads together, hurrr hurrr hurrr."

"-and we appear to have got rid of the gremlins, so without further ado it's time once again to welcome you to the greatest game in the world- Blood Bowl! As always I'm your host Jim Johnson..."

"...and I hate gremlins."

"Everyone does, Bob. When last you saw us we had left the Sludge River Shamblers rueing the day they had ever met the High Elf team of Tippy Toes..."

"...so naturally, what did they do? They then went out and played a second game against Elves, only this time they were of the spindly and scantily-clad type instead of the spindly and heavily-armoured type."

"...quite. It was another humbling defeat for the Nurgle worshippers, who went down by a score of four touchdowns to none."

"They just couldn't get to grips with the Wood Elves, despite all those tentacles."

"What was to be done? Well, that brings us back to today, when they took on Der Krankenheim Krunchers..."

"...who they CERTAINLY got to grips with, much to my delight."

"My bloodthirsty colleague isn't joking- by the time that the match was over, there was so much of the red stuff splattered on the pitch you'd think my weekly wine delivery had been spilled."

"But you don't drink wine, Jim?"

"...moving on, the final result might have been a one-all draw but it was certainly not a boring game- I urge you to check it out on Blood Bowl Game Pass."

"Despite spending much of the game entranced by a butterfly, the Shamblers' Rotspawn Smogmaw was voted their Most Valuable Player for a second time this season, which certainly puts him in the front seat to be voted their candidate of SCBBL MVP at season's end."

"Stranger things have happened, Jim."

"Indeed they have- and we have fifteen more games to see if anything stranger still happens! Don't touch that dial, folks- we'll be right back!"
Posted by JohannVonDarkheim on Apr 14
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NAFC 2024 only weeks away
This year's NAFC is nearly upon us, rosters have been submitted (naughty step for latecomers) and travel plans have been made.

I'm delighted the organisers haven't fallen for the whole stupid anti-sneaky git/bribe thing so sadly prevalent in major tournaments recently. That small section of purists (what's that smell?)can bang on about volatility and the rest of us can concentrate on having fun.

I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing old acquaintances, buying drinks for old friends and maybe making a few new ones as well as being rude to a couple of my favourite enemies.

As usual I will be taking stunties, flings this time, and will be hoping to challenge for the stunty cup.

Through an unlikely combination of blind luck and cooperative opponents I actually managed to win the Stunty Cup with goblins in 22. You can read my absolutely true and totally not embellished report in the GLN#18(I'd put a link in but someone's moved the GLN page and I'm too stupid to find it now and also too lazy to ask anyone).

My next outing in 23 with Snotlings was somewhat less successful and I finished in mid table obscurity, though I did have the pleasure of seeing my young friend Minimorg win the U18 trophy with his own Snotlings.

I will as tradition dictates, be getting uproariously drunk on the Saturday(I didn't in 23 and I'm certain that's where it all went wrong) and I hope to find the usual smear of Northerners, Scandinavians and Irish littering the bar when I do. Naturally most other nationalities are represented but I find a majority of the really heroic drinkers tend to be the above. As a southerner I will endeavour to hold up the honour of Kent in particular and Albion in general and make a proper beast of myself along with them.

Anyway, post your thoughts/teams/random abuse below and I'll see you all there. Tata

Posted by Halfabrain on Apr 13
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NAF Online! Amorical Cup I Deadline Approcaching!

NAF Online! Amorical Cup I

• The NAF Online! Amorical Cup is a 4 to 6-week, resurrection style North American Team Tourney.*
• Teams consist of 4 coaches that will play vs other teams of 4 coaches in a swiss style format.
• This will be a team event for the North American timezone & a singles event for the EU timezone.
• Tournament begins Monday April 15th, 2024 on FUMBBL.
• Sign-up deadline- April 14th 00:00 server time.

• Applications & Info can be found

*Duration of the tourney will be determined by the number of teams applied.

State of the Tourney:
Looking good everyone.
We are looking at 14 NA squads if the last 3 fill out, but 16 would be ideal now!
Don't be a FOOL, be cool! Help make this the biggest NA squad tourney on FUMBBL ever!

• North American partial squads applied= 0
• North American Full squads applied= 14
• 14 squads/ 56 coaches!!!

• EU teams applied= 37

Posted by Nightbird on Apr 13
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Realm riders - Team for commision
For my SNOT League i rolled a Bretionians and have oportunity to create a very bio focused team "REALM RIDERS"


And now with use of AI i can turn it into a Song, i will be very thankfull for your opinion on that topic :)

Realm riders playlist

And today around 21 Realm Riders will ride once more to fight the Evil Rats of Clan Moulder!

Also Remember that SNOT League season 6 is recruting :)
Posted by Avreus on Apr 12
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Skaven team commission project
Hi BloodBowl fans, I haven`t painted minis for so long now, so when my buddy Bloodfeast won a skaven team on a tournament we went to in Norway and asked me if I would paint it for him I didn`t think twice.

It was a 2nd edition skaven team with 2 blitzers, 2 kickers and rest linerats, so had to fix 4 gutters to him, modding 2 linerats and the 2 kickers with some greystuff I got from my other friend Infortepain.

I also recived a ratogre that was a blast to paint, also modding a shoulder plate to the rogre so he had some armour.

Team colours was inspired from a soccer team from Gothenburg IFK Göteborg.

Finished the team in a month, painting a few hours every evening so he could have the team ready for Oslo open in Norway.

When he told me that he won a price for best painted team, I was thrilled ;)

So now I want to paint more and started with my lizardmen team , will come a picture of that when its ready.

happy for sharing this and here is a picture of the skaven team :

Posted by Nohistor on Apr 11
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The Atheli Rotsouls continue their Springtime adventure
Rotsouls' First Tournament

Match 2: Wreck It Raph

The Rotting Elves of Athel Loren!
The Well-Trained Noble Rats of Various Clans

The day dawned, and the sun gleamed wetly through an overcast sky. The dryads were drinking well, while Big Horn was frolicking in the puddles. Jasmine Voudime was probably complaining about "'ow awful zer wezzer down 'ere is". The crowd was subdued, huddling under the huge leaf-pavilions of the Rotsouls' home pitch. As the visiting team, the Rats were able to attract the services of The Showstopper. All was quiet as the teams lined up for the first drive...

The game started with the Rats receiving, and though they featured a couple of beefy-looking players, the sylvan wall of wooden strength shouldered them right off the line of scrimmage. The pouring rain proved another problem when the ball landed deep backfield, allowing the elves- with the help of Jasmine's spellweaving- to slip through a hole in the line left by a confused Rat Ogre. However, nature failed to take a side, and the elves failed a crucial pickup, allowing the Gutter Runners to sprint to safety. In the meantime, the Showstopper's chainsaw was suspiciously gentle, misfiring multiple times- eventually, though, he managed to swing and hit Daleyza Efari, the star shadowdancer, who was rushed off immediately to the team's druid. The refereee called for a time-out at the very last moment, but the elves whiffed it with a series of 1s- not helped by the still pouring rain. The chaos of this first drive left the rats limping into the second half down a few players, but up a touchdown.

The second half started with most of the dryads deciding that the beautiful downpour was much more interesting than the game, and rooted stubbornly in place. However, the runner who slipped through was punched- hard- by Daleyza, and Ko'd. The elves strolled fairly sedately up the pitch, confident in their player advantage, and scored early, hoping to push for the win...
The rats were down to about half a team by this point, and the ref saw fit (fairly) to push the clock on a turn. Suddenly, the game was a lot more tense. The rats sprinted down the north side of the pitch, leaving a gutter runner deep with the ball, ready to hike it upfield next turn. The sylvan team swarmed those three lonely rats, Jasmine sprinting toward the far-back gutter in hope to score.
However, the lightning-quick Gutter made a dash past Jasmine to the south sideline of the pitch, leaving just one Rotsouls player in reach- the final unrooted dryad, Wasp. He failed to knock the ball carrier down, but when the runner went for that final 100yd dash, they failed with a double-1 at the final, easiest, dodge.

The Rotsouls' second match ended in a nail-biting tie, and once again the elves have brought the Blood to Blood Bowl, brutally bashing both opponents into the soft spring grass. What will the rest of spring bring? Find out, in the Rotsouls' next match!
Posted by neuro_ on Apr 10
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ALL STAR Teams!!!

Greeting Coaches,

You are all cordially invited to compete in the next All Star Bowl.

It kicks off when we have TWO more teams. Eight total.

Sing it loud!

This is a KO tournament using BB2020 rules.

All teams that compete must be created from the All Stars roster.
Create a team here.
Sign them up HERE.

Your team must include at least one Average Joe (who won the lottery to play with the stars).
The rest will all be stars!

The roster uses Nelphine's Star Pricing.
To help meet this exorbitant cost, several soverign wealth funds have contributed to grant each coach 4,000,000GP to build their team.

Some stars from around the world may bear more than a passing resemblance to stars that you already know and love (or hate).
So, it may appear that Stars are playing for both sides.
They may also be induced. Four Morgs on the field?

With "Two-for-one" stars like Grak & Crumbleberry you need to add them both to your roster.

Please sign your teams up at this group.

Once you have signed up, please post a link to your team here.

Look for warm up games on Gamefinder or on Fumbbl Discord #lfg.

Posted by koadah on Apr 08
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