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What are Divisions?

Divisions are very important in FUMBBL, every team belongs to a Division. As a new member of FUMBBL you only really need to know about 2 divisions, "Competitive" and "League". When you create a team you have to choose a division and once its chosen it cannot be changed. The "create team" page will also give you guidance to help choose the right Division for your team.

Competitive Division

The Competitive division is the largest division on FUMBBL. This division uses the BB2020 rule set (with a 15 game season redraft under construction). There's a wide range of reasons to play games in the Competitive division. You could join the Blackbox Trophy or work towards playing in the official FUMBBL tournaments, participate in one of the meta-groups, try to climb the official Coach Rankings (CR) or just play and build your teams. However you must not play more than 1 in 10 games with the same coach. If you would like to play repeated consecutive games against the same coach/team, you should create your teams in the League division.

League Division

The main purpose of the League Division is to be the home for user-created tournaments, but one-off matches may also be played. A slightly confusing concept for new users is that the "League Division" is made up of many different leagues. The League Division is extremely flexible, its home to many small groups where a few friends play each other and to a wide variety of large leagues running for many years. Most leagues use the BB2020 ruleset, but BB2016 leagues are also active.

The most up to date information on FUMBBL leagues is contained in the "League news" blog posts by coach Razmus. The latest of these is always linked to from your coach home page (look for the large FUMBBL logo link underneath your profile picture).

Learn about other divisions beyond Competitive and League

Last update: October 19, 2022