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Version 3.3

Changes from previous version are coloured blue

These rules are available in several languages. The translations are only there in order to make it easier for users to understand them. The official rules are listed in the english version and if the rules differ, the english version is the correct one.

FUMBBL is a huge league with thousands of teams. In order to ensure the smooth functioning of such a league we have implemented the following rules. Some of them are due to the limitations of the client. Some of them are administrative rules to ensure the smooth functioning of such a large league. And some of them are obvious and shouldn't have to be stated but are in order to be thorough. With that in mind please read them carefully.

  • In this text, any reference to the "FUMBBL administration" refers to the administrators and the security officers of FUMBBL.
  • The FUMBBL administration's interpretation of the rules is the one that counts.
  • The administration reserves the right to overrule anything listed here in any specific case if deemed appropriate.
  • Violations of the rules due to misinterpretations will not affect the consequences of your actions. If any of these rules are unclear to you then connect to the FUMBBL chat and go to the #Help channel and ask for a clarification.
  • You are allowed only one account per person. This includes any old accounts that you are currently not using. The FUMBBL administration will assist you to recover lost details about old accounts.
  • Your account is personal. You may not share it with others.
  • You are responsible for everything that is done using your account. If someone else breaks the rules using your account you will be the one who has to deal with the consequences.
Game Rules
  • Games on FUMBBL are played using the Blood Bowl Second Season rules (BB2020).
  • FAQ and designer commentary changes are also kept up with as swiftly as possible.
  • No optional rules are in effect.
  • The tournaments section is not in effect.
  • Matches are played using the Fantasy Football (FFB) client.
  • FUMBBL divisions come in two major types: competitive and non-competitive. This distinction is there only as a means to apply certain restrictions to the competitive divisions as stated in this rules page.
  • The current divisions are as follows:
    • Competitive - Competitive division with open play and blackbox scheduling.
    • League - Non-competitive division used for player-run tournaments and leagues.
Teams and Rosters
  • All players and teams must be named properly, and follow the team naming policy.
  • If any team roster changes, the current teams will stay in their current state but will be unable to purchase new offending players. However, any positions that change will be changed globally in accordance of the new rules.
  • If your team has bugs such as double players or double skills, do not play games or try to fix it on your own. Contact an administrator so it can be resolved properly.
  • Teams in competitive divisions are expected to strive for at least 11 players on the roster. While this doesn't mean that any team below 11 players must immediately hire a new lineman, coaches are expected to not let the team deteriorate on purpose.
  • Don't start a game where there is a chance you won't be able to finish without your opponent knowing about it. Unless you state otherwise, you are expected to be able to play for 90 minutes.
  • Once a game is started or scheduled, you are committed to it and you are expected to play it through.
  • Do not discuss or agree on in-game events. This includes agreeing on not fouling or behaviour that implies an agreement such as clicking end turn for a significant part of the game.
  • No coach may under any circumstances simply abandon a game. Either concede or play on. This applies even if your opponent fouls your players every turn, delays a touchdown or does other things you may find unsportsmanlike.
  • If a coach has to leave in the middle of a game for reasons beyond control or if a coach simply stops responding for 15 minutes with the client left running, that coach is considered as disconnected and you should follow the rules detailed below.
  • Concessions are to be made only when there is merit for them.
  • In this context, merit means that the conceding team needs a reasonable in-game reason for conceding. The team taking excessive casualties is one acceptable reason to concede. Other reasons include having a very distinct lack of players left to play with, or being clearly outplayed in terms of touchdowns.
  • Conceding when none of the above circumstances are fulfilled will require admin approval.
  • If you are unsure if your particular game qualifies for a concession, please consult the FUMBBL administration for a ruling.
  • A match where the administration rules that a concession is acceptable, even though it does not fulfil the policy stated here will have its match report page marked to reflect this.
  • If your opponent is disconnected during a game please wait for 15 minutes to see if he or she returns.
  • If your opponent does not return within this period of time you can, if you want, call the game off and move on to find another game. If you do so, the started game is completely abandoned together with any SPPs or injuries that had taken place. If you want to complete the game, you can not use the team in other games until the current game has been resolved. Either way, you should send a PM to the opponent to state your decision to him/her.
  • Should you choose to call off a game, contact a staff member to assist you freeing up your team for further play.

  • If you get disconnected you must, upon returning to the site, contact your opponent in order to explain what happened and offer to resume the game. If your opponent is not online or not contactable when you return, you must send a PM with the offer and try to schedule a time to resume it. If there is no reply to this PM within 24 hours of sending it, you may call off the game as explained above and you should send another PM telling your opponent of your decision.

  • If the server goes offline or if the remaining coach leaves before the stated 15 minutes both coaches are considered to have disconnected and should act as explained above.
Client Bugs
  • If a game is corrupted into a point where it is unplayable the game is abandoned. Both teams are allowed to continue playing.
  • If the client does something wrong in the result calculations it is considered as an interpretation of the rules and the match stands as-is. This includes out-of-sync type problems which make the client end the game prematurely.
  • Abusing obvious bugs for your own benefit is not allowed.
  • All bugs in the client should be reported through the "Bug Reports" system of the site.
Player run Leagues/Tournaments
  • For all intents and purposes, leagues and tournaments run by players are considered equal with respect to these rules. Any reference to a league in this section refers to tournaments as well.
  • Playing most games within a closed group of players is considered a league, regardless of which division you play in. If you want to play mostly among your friends, make teams in the [L]eague division for this purpose.
  • Any league that allows members from divisions other than the [L]eague division and bases its scoring system on league or group membership must be approved by the administrators. Contact the admins for more info on how to do this.
Code Of Conduct
  • Don't play learning games against friends in competitive divisions. This is likely to get your team an unfair advantage, and is therefore not allowed.
  • Arranged games (ie. playing to lose) will not be tolerated. The same applies for coaches allowing each other to score extra touchdowns and all other SPP generating events.
  • Coaches are expected to play reasonably balanced games. Play against lower rated teams is allowed, but should not be abused. It is understood that sometimes teams need a recovery game against a lower ranked team after a particuarly bloody game, but excessive play against lower ranked teams creates an unfair advantage and will not be tolerated.
  • Intentionally delaying the game by for example not ending your turn or by waiting for extended periods of time before moving is not allowed.
  • Playing multiple games at once is not allowed unless you have explicit permission by all involved opponents.
  • Personal attacks and excessive abusive language is not accepted. Discussing other people's styles of play does not qualify as personal attacks.
  • Offensive language - including but not limited to racism, sexual harassment and religious persecution - is not allowed in any form.
  • Live-streaming is explicitly allowed and encouraged.
  • Playing a game should be considered playing it in a public space, where an audience could be present, and explicit permission from the opponent is not needed.
  • "Back-seating" by live chat is basically impossible to prevent, and is therefore not against the rules.
Naming and public blacklists
  • Publishing the names of other coaches, or links to such information, on FUMBBL is allowed with a few restrictions as follows.
  • Naming players on your teams as other coaches is allowed. However, should the coach request it to be removed, this should be respected and done at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Keeping blacklists or do-not-play lists can only be done as a pure list of coach names. No additional information, such as the reason for the coach being on the list, is allowed. This rule extends to other types of lists which may be considered offensive.
Consequences of breaking the rules
  • Violating the above rules may result in various consequences. This includes but is not limited to account blocking, warnings, team retirement and ranking reset. The actual punishment is dealt with on a case to case basis and depends on the gravity of the violation.
  • The decisions of the FUMBBL administration are final.

  • These rules may be changed at any time without prior notice.