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frozenflame (4789)
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Amazing Ladies 20 Amazon 180k 5/3/2 1390k ±210  
  BB9 Golden Oldies Old World Alliance 200k 5/3/2 1265k ±190  
  BB9 Kings Tomb Kings 220k 5/7/3 1370k ±340  
  BBT8 Khemri Tomb Kings 225k 10/2/3 1450k ±360  
  BBT8 Orcs Orc 350k 10/2/3 1660k ±420  
  BBT8 Renfair Chaos Renegade 85k 10/0/6 1295k ±350  
  BBT8 Shamblers Shambling Undead 190k 9/1/5 1415k ±360  
  BBT9 Bloodlust Vampire 265k 13/1/5 1650k ±540  
Scheduled against lautrehamon's SRFC Champion's Project [BT9] (Seen 3d ago).
 Scheduled to play lautrehamon at 2024-02-24 15:00 CET 
  BBT9 Necromantic Necromantic Horror 200k 5/3/2 1410k ±210  
  BBT9 Norse Norse 5k 6/2/3 1330k ±230  
  BBT9 Shamblers Shambling Undead 350k 7/5/1 1485k ±310  
  Big Boned Goblins Orc 190k 4/6/1 1490k ±250  
  Cheese Skaven Skaven 95k 3/0/2 1375k ±210  
  Crowd assist Khorne 235k 5/4/6 1700k ±430  
  Cup Checkers Chaos Dwarf 170k 7/5/4 1420k ±380  
  Daylight Dodgers Vampire 260k 5/5/3 1520k ±320  
  Getting the Snot knocked out Snotling 240k 6/2/4 530k ±120  
  Gnoblars ogre easy Ogre 215k 40/23/41 1895k    
  Hello darkness, my old friend Dark Elf 55k 4/2/2 1360k ±200  
  Hindsight is BB(2020) Chaos Dwarf 210k 31/14/12 1840k    
  It's not a Tomber Tomb Kings 370k 23/18/7 1730k    
  Living like the renegades Chaos Renegade 370k 7/3/5 1525k ±380  
  Lust blood edition Vampire 105k 1/1/0 1050k ±110  
  Mummies always wight Shambling Undead 205k 9/1/3 1470k ±310  
  Necked Chromatic Necromantic Horror 270k 9/1/3 1460k ±310  
  North of Norseland Norse 60k 11/1/6 1465k ±460  
  Onward to the casuality box Norse 145k 8/8/3 1710k ±560  
  Orc mafia Orc 180k 9/1/2 1460k ±280  
  Sudden Death Ogre Time Ogre 70k 6/3/5 1355k ±340  
  Troll Slayer's Anonymous Dwarf 15k 4/3/1 1305k ±200  
Blackbox Trophy Season 10
Squad 1: Squad Regen (Cost 11)
  BBT10 Necromantic Necromantic Horror 105k 1/3/6 1030k ±150  
  BBT10 Shamblers Shambling Undead 355k 12/2/1 1435k ±360  
  BBT10 Tomb Kings Tomb Kings 300k 8/3/4 1350k ±340  
  BBT10 Vampires Vampire 270k 6/4/5 1520k ±380  
Squad 2: Block Party (Cost 11)
  BBX Chorfs Chaos Dwarf 15k 6/3/6 1120k ±280  
  BBX Dorfs Dwarf 275k 7/5/3 1370k ±340  
  BBX Khorne Khorne 0 0/0/0 980k ±100  
  BBX Norse Norse 170k 10/1/4 1260k ±320  
Squad 3: Big (Cost 10)
  BBX Black Orc Black Orc 30k 4/2/1 1210k ±180  
  BBX Lizards Lizardmen 15k 0/1/1 1000k ±100  
  BBX Old World Old World Alliance 50k 1/1/1 1015k ±150  
  BBX Orcs Orc 35k 1/0/2 1095k ±170  
  WC Khorny Build Khorne 0 1/2/1 1150k    
League teams for 2024 US EuroBowl Bash
  Artemis Vampires Vampire 360k 0/0/0 1170k    
  Athena Shamblers Shambling Undead 380k 1/0/0 1150k    
  Athena Vampires Vampire 360k 0/0/0 1170k    
  Euro Steppin Wolves Necromantic Horror 360k 4/1/0 1170k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
League teams for Amorical
  Amorical Zons Amazon 0 0/0/0 1100k    
  Teamworks Old World Alliance 0 0/0/0 1100k    
League teams for Bad Lad Test Group
  OWA that hurt Old World Alliance 50k 0/1/1 1100k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
League teams for CRP ULTRA
  Mixed and Matched SUMMER TOURNEY 50k 1/0/0 880k    
League teams for Eurobowl Training
  WC Norse II Norse 0 9/5/2 1150k    
League teams for NAF Live!
  [NA] Tomb cooking Kings Tomb Kings 600k 1/2/1 900k    
League teams for NBBFL
  Carol Line Panthera BIG BASH 405k 7/1/6 2545k    
League teams for O[L]C 2016 Cup/Swiss
  Blooderlust 2016 Vampire 30k 0/0/1 1510k    
Scheduled against Cerebrosus's We Be Big! (Seen 1d ago).
  Dr Seuss BB2016 Clone Orc 230k 1/0/1 2100k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  [NA] Horus Story Tomb Kings 70k 3/0/2 1080k    
  Famous Brets Bretonnian 50k 1/1/3 1070k    
League teams for Second Sons Blood Bowl League
  2nd Harbingers of Anubis Tomb Kings 515k 7/2/3 1330k    
  4th Annual Necros Necromantic Horror 170k 92/35/41 2040k    
  Blooderlust Vampire 10k 57/26/55 2130k    
  Dr Suess Orc 140k 68/8/31 2400k    
  Harbingers of Anubis Tomb Kings 120k 25/14/12 2180k    
  NFL greatest Chaos Dwarf 30k 43/7/32 2080k    
  Frenzied Fury Necromantic Horror 60k 43/17/37 2020k    
  Hall of Chaos Chaos Dwarf 110k 29/4/11 2020k    
  Succulent Succubi Vampire 70k 13/4/4 1700k    
  To the Hall of Valhalla Norse 150k 24/9/13 2170k    
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LocationUnited States
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Warpstone Open XVII Qualifier XII
Warpstone Open XV Qualifier XIII
GLT XV: Forlorn Races Qualifier - 2
Warpstone Open XII Qualifier IV
FUMBBL Minors 1900TW III-5
WoC VI: Favoured Of Nurgle
UI XI Qualifier: Ash Lantern
Black Box Brawl CLXXV
GLT X: Fastest To Apply Qualifier 2
Warpstone Open IX Qualifier VIII
UI III Qualifier: Alabaster Lantern