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OTS (5122)
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Ulfenkarn Critters Necromantic Horror 5k 0/0/0 995k ±100  
  Bag Full O' Teeth Goblin 30k 0/0/0 970k    
  Butte Kickers Chaos Chosen 390k 98/28/54 1710k    
  Dallas Dendrophiliacs Wood Elf 360k 37/16/30 2360k    
  Dayton Catenaccio Dwarf 160k 4/1/0 1270k    
  Fjord Broncos Norse 115k 6/2/2 1305k    
  Malice Cow-Boys Chaos Dwarf 890k 31/19/16 2120k    
  Team Filler XX Amazon 450k 0/0/0 550k    
League teams for FDL - Fitz Draft League
  Cincinnati Suds Human 170k 4/1/2 1430k    
League teams for Mid-Ohio Bashers League(MOBL)
  Gem City Suckers Vampire 70k 6/2/5 1460k    
Scheduled against 12 possible opponents.
  Tlaxtlan Reavers Lizardmen 130k 4/1/1 1260k    
League teams for National College Blood Bowl II
  Alabama Green Tide Orc 630k 15/11/24 1560k    
  Bro-hio State Buckeyes [2016] Wood Elf 380k 44/22/36 2070k    
  Ogrehome-A Boomers Ogre 290k 5/4/21 1690k    
League teams for National College BloodBowl III
  Bro-hio State Buckeyes Wood Elf 85k 5/2/4 1665k    
League teams for NBFL
  Dallas Crowbar Dwarf 395k 13/13/14 2470k    
League teams for NBFL (older rulesets)
  Dallas Crowbar [2016] Dwarf 890k 29/19/33 2070k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  Dark Land Massacre Chaos Dwarf 0 1/1/3 1200k    
  Evermore Hardwoods Wood Elf 50k 2/0/3 1100k    
League teams for Underground Draft League
  Gnaw Pit Nibblers Gnaw Pit 550k 1/1/4 1930k    
  99 Trees but a Birch ain't 1 Wood Elf 80k 14/1/13 1800k ±920  
  Blacktown Shamblers Shambling Undead 280k 7/1/2 1470k ±220  
  Cold Fury Dark Elf 60k 33/10/25 1570k    
  Crunch Chaos Dwarf 180k 8/1/4 1580k ±330  
  Frost Mountain Monsters Norse 0 0/0/0 1000k ±100  
  Humphrey and the Show Dwarf 0 25/1/13 1910k    
  Lester and the Mice Underworld Denizens 160k 1/1/1 1050k ±160  
  Moot Massacres Halfling 50k 0/0/0 950k ±100  
  Orc N Beans Orc 140k 7/1/4 1480k ±280  
  Outland Stompers Chaos Renegade 50k 1/0/0 1050k ±110  
  Rummage Bin Necromantic Horror 220k 11/2/3 1540k ±420  
  Spears of Khorne Chaos Chosen 60k 8/4/7 1430k ±470  
  Unwanted Vermin Skaven 60k 8/4/5 1450k ±420  
  Rawr Stomp Chaos Dwarf 0 1/3/6 1160k    
Stunty Leeg
  Trogs on the Run Skink 35k 2/0/0 965k    
  Westlake Stranglers Snotling 30k 1/1/1 1045k    
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Quick Stats
Member SinceJuly 12, 2004
LocationUnited States
Matches Played1059
Match Record470/190/399
Tournament Wins
Planter's Goober Bowl - NCBB Season 43
NCBB S43 BCS Makeup Games
NCBB S43 AKC Conference Play
NCBB S43 BCS OoC Phase 2 Pod A5
NCBB S43 BCS OoC Phase 1 Pod 1
Famous Irrana Potata Bowl - NCBB Season 37
MOBL Fumbbl Season 1
Wonderbra Wonder Bowl - NCBB Season 36
Wonderbra Wonder Bowl - NCBB Season 34
NFC East vs NFC West - Season 24
NCBB S26 Out-of-Conference Play Part II
NFC Playoffs ~ NBFL Season 18
NCBB S26 Smack Conference Play
NCBB S26 Out-of-Conference Play Group 1
Tossit-os Fiesta Bowl - NCBB Season 25
NFC East vs. NFC West ~ NBFL Season 18
FUMBBL Smack Scheduled - Brawl 60
AFC South vs. NFC East ~ NBFL Season 18
AFC North vs. NFC East ~ NBFL Season 17
FUMBBL Minors 1600TW IV-1
Tossitos' Fiesta Bowl - NCBB Season 21
OBBA USL Pro season 21
AFC South vs. NFC East ~ NBFL Season 12