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Season 32 Draft Board!
Spreadsheet Standings

Season 32 Schedule
7 day rounds
Draft begins: Jan 24
Season begins: Feb 14
Playoffs begin: ~Jun 1
Super Bowl: ~Jul 1
Cross Conference Play:
East vs West
North vs South
In Conference Play:
East vs North
South vs West
7 day rounds. Schedule your matches right away (Use PMs). If something comes up, get in touch with dashergeaux and your opponent right away. We are very strict on enforcing this and will kick out any slackers.***Be Active!!!***and be respectful of the human coaching the other team and their time. Communicate!

League Format
TimezoneUS - Central Time
Schedule7 days/round (Wednesday deadline)
FormatOld NFL Style
14 games/season
PlayoffsNFL Style, 14 teams
Forum & Discord
The NBFL season chatter thread can be found here. Make your predictions and slag off the also rans ruining everything for you.

Join the Discord chat here
The NBFL Champs
Super Bowl Franchises, wins/appearances:
NFC 20 Superbowl wins
AFC 11 Superbowl wins
10 NFC and 9 AFC franchises have won at least 1 Superbowl.
3 NFC and 4 AFC franchises have made it to the Superbowl without winning.
3 franchises from each conference have never attended the Superbowl.

Azure won with 2 different franchises.
Relezite won with 4 different franchises.
asteflix won with 2 different franchises.

Kansas City 2/2
Buffalo 1/1
Washington 1/1
Green Bay 7/10
Seattle 4/5
San Francisco 1/1
New Orleans 1/1
Philadelphia 1/1
Cincinatti 1/3
New England 1/2
Denver 1/2
Los Angeles 2/2
Chicago 2/3
New York (AFC) 1/6
Indianapolis 1/2
Houston 2/3
Detroit 1/2
Cleveland 1/2
New York (NFC) 1/2

Atlanta 0/2
Tennessee 0/1
San Diego 0/1
Jacksonville 0/4
Pittsburgh 0/2
Dallas 0/1
Minnesota 0/1
Las Vegas 0/1

Arizona 0/0
Baltimore 0/0
Carolina 0/0
Miami 0/0
Tampa Bay 0/0
Super Bowl Races, wins/appearances:

Azure won with 3 different races.
Relezite won with 4 different races.
asteflix won with 2 different races.

Vampire 3/5
Chaos 5/9
Dwarf 1/2
Necromantic 1/3
Human 1/2
Skaven 2/5
Dark Elf 2/2
Slann 7/8
Norse 2/2
Nurgle 1/2
Chaos Dwarf 2/5
Orc 1/2
High Elf 2/5
Wood Elf 2/3

Lizardman 0/5
Chaos Pact 0/1
Khemri 0/1
Simyin 0/2

Pro Elf 0/0
Amazon 0/0
Undead 0/0
Halfling 0/0
Goblin 0/0
Underworld 0/0
Khorne 0/0
Old World Alliance 0/0
Ogre 0/0
Snotling 0/0
Super Bowl Coaches, wins/appearances:

6 coaches have multiple Super Bowl wins
13 coaches have multiple Super Bowl appearances

Azure 3/4
Jeffro 1/1
goat314 1/1
Relezite 4/4
Gracehoper 1/1
BillBrasky 1/1
happygrue 6/9
cyric612 1/1
Sutherlands 1/2
licker 1/2
JackassRampant 1/1
Stimme 2/2
Robocoyote 1/2
asteflix 2/2
Bazakastine 2/4
dashergeaux 1/2
T-Witch 1/1
Nelphine 1/1
ex-convict 1/1

Wraith 0/1
ryanfitz 0/3
eisen 0/1
Rijssiej 0/2
Kryten 0/1
Duder 0/1
Tzij 0/1
Ziggyny 0/1
DrPoods 0/1
The_Provocateur 0/1
OTS 0/1
mrt1212 0/3
MenonaLoco 0/1
jmonforton 0/1
Lorebass 0/1
Xelron 0/1
wintergreen13 0/1
Superbowl XXXII
Chic'A'Ghost Bats 2:0 Las Fangas Stargazers
Superbowl XXXI
New York Kroaks 1:0 Brew More Gents
Superbowl XXX
Szeattle Scimitars 2:0 Orkapolis Wargs
Superbowl XXIX
Cleaved Land Bedlam 1:0 Manglesota Lyc'ns
Superbowl XXVIII
Destroit Lynels 2:0 Denver Brontos
Superbowl XXVII
Houston Treants 2:1 Green Baynana Grabbers
Superbowl XXVI
Houston Treants 3:2 Green Baynana Grabbers
Superbowl XXV
Icelandic Dolts 2:0 Destroit Lynels
Superbowl XXIV
New York Wrecks 2:1 C'attle C'haos
Superbowl XXIII
Los Angeles Glams 2:1 Jakesonville Jortles
Superbowl XXII
Chicagovania Provocateurs 3:2 Jakesonville Jortles
Superbowl XXI
Green Ball 3:2 Jakesonville Jortles
Superbowl XX
Los Angeles Glams 2:1 New York Wrecks
Superbowl XIX
Green Ball 2:1 Blitzburgh
Superbowl XVIII
Denvork 2:1 Malice
Superbowl XVII
Green Ball 3:1 Blitzburgh
Superbowl XVI
New Angry 1:0 Green Ball
Superbowl XV
Green Ball 1:0 Cincinatti
Superbowl XIV
Cincinatti 2:1 NY Leeches
Superbowl XIII
Green Ball 1:0 New Tomb
Superbowl XII
Seattle 3:1 Hacksonville
Superbowl XI
Philhala 2:0 Cleveland
Superbowl X
Green Ball 1:0 Houston
Superbowl IX
Nawlins 2:0 New Angry
Superbowl VIII
Seattle 2:1 San Dogo
Superbowl VII
San Frenzysco 3:2 Tenn.
Superbowl VI
Seattle 3:0 New Warp
Superbowl V
Mean Hay 1:0 New Warp
Superbowl IV
K.C. Cheaters. 3:2 Atlatl
Superbowl III
Washington 1:0 Cinderfall
Superbowl II
Buffalo 3:0 Atlatl
Superbowl I
K.C. Vampire 3:0 Chicago

Detailed League Rules
ScheduleEach Round has a 7 day period.
Each Round Starts on Wednesday. (That's US Wednesdays - Eastern time just to avoid confusion)
SchedulingPM your opponent and coordinate early. Even plan a week ahead if it helps.
ExtensionsI can and will grant extensions but on a individual basis and they don't stack. -The Commish
ForfeitsIf an effort is made by both coaches and it just doesn't work out you will be granted a forfeit tie. You get 1 per season. 2nd time counts as a loss for you but remains a tie for your counterpart.
SPECIAL NOTEIn relation to the section on forfeits, take note that forfeits will affect your draft position. You have been warned..
Season FormatEach season is two halves of seven games. The first half is against your own division and one division from the opposing conference. The second half is against your own division and one division from within your conference.
Spending MoneyAt the start of every season, teams will be given unlimited money to purchase rosters between seasons. Once all purchases are finalized, teams will have their treasury set to 50K. See team management rules for restrictions at the start of the season. Expensive mistakes will be enabled. Note in 2020, you can no longer discard team re-rolls midseason, although they can be dropped at redraft as usual.
Inducing StarsTreasury spending during the season will follow BB2020 rules, except for Bomber Dribblesnot and Cindy Piewhistle. These two stars may not be purchased using treasury (so an overdog may not purchase them), but an underdog may still use petty cash to induce them.
Playoffs Inducements During playoffs, treasury spending will follow BB2020 rules except for inducements. The overdog (team with higher tv) will be limited to spending 100k treasury during playoffs, and the rule about Bomber Dribblesnot and Cindy Piewhisle from the regular season also applies.
Readying TeamsDuring regular season: If the league must decide, the team with higher TV will ready first.
During playoffs: If the league must decide, the team with the lower seed will ready first.
Superbowl: If the league must decide, the team with lower points during the regular season will ready first. If tied, Wildcard tiebreakers will be used to determine who would be 'lower'.
Time OutsIf you are going to time out your opponent, you need to warn them first. The warning cannot be the same turn you time them out.
Points 7-3-0 (Win-Tie-Loss).
FluffFluff is always welcome! Feel free to contribute in any way to make the league more fun! Most can be found in the leauge thread in the forums
DiscordThe NBFL mainly interacts through Discord. Most coaches will already be members of the NBFL Discord group but if you are not then the link is here
Tie BreakersIf two or more teams end on the same points total at the end of a season, the tie is settled accordingly.

The tie breakers are as follows for:
First: Division winners are determined prior to any potential tiebreakers with other divisions.
If the teams are in the same division
1st: Head to Head
2nd: Divisional Record
3rd: Conference Record
4th: Touchdown Differential
5th: Casualty differential
6th: Oh Cmon, really? D6 it.
If the teams are in different divisions
1st: Head to Head
2nd: Conference Record
3rd (Only used if the teams played each other this season): Divisional Record
4th: Touchdown Differential
5th: Casualty differential
6th: Oh Cmon, really? D6 it.
If there are more than 2 teams tied, then all pairs of them will be compared:
If one of them wins against all of the others, then they are ranked first out of all the teams that were compared, and the tiebreaker process restarts with all the remaining teams that are still tied.
If one of them loses against all of the others, then they are ranked last out of all the teams that were compared, and the tiebreaker process restarts with all of the remaining teams that are still tied.
Commissioner's NoteIt's our league, we can shape it. Most ideas will be put to a vote if the relate to rules. If you have a fluffy idea lemme know and lets make it happen!


- The NBFL has 32 teams, split into 2 conferences (AFC and NFC) of 16 teams. Each conference consists of 4 divisions (East, North, South, West).

- Each team in a division must be a different race.

- Each conference may only have two teams of a given race.

- The whole league may only have three teams of a given race.

S32 Conference maxed out on
Dark Elf
S32 League maxed out on
S32 Conference maxed out on
S32 League maxed out on
Dark Elves

S33 Conference maxed out on (EXPECT FURTHER CHANGES)
Dark Elf
S33 League maxed out on
S33 Conference maxed out on (EXPECT FURTHER CHANGES)
S33 League maxed out on
Dark Elves


- Each team is awarded at least one draft pick per season. Draftees are actual
For many years the NBFL has received Blessings from many Gods and other powerful beings. Nuffle has given us many great games throughout the years as well as headaches and fits of rage. Khorne has enjoyed the Bloodshed that we have caused in his name so much so that a few seasons back he sent some of his Daemons to play with us. A hearty and healthy annual donation (ever wondered what happens to those players that enter the draft but never get drafted? Why they just seem to disappear?) to the followers of Tzeentch has helped to build the relations with a Lord of Change (Greater Daemon of Tzeentch) by the name of Beek Roaz’El to help us transform our draftees to better fit with their new teammates and fan bases.

And then there is the Green Ball Attackers #1 fan, All Powerful Slann archmage, Xerl'E-Llambo. Who for many years has performed a ritual on all incoming injured NCBB players to heal all injuries.
When the GB franchise opted to replace his beloved Attackers with Apes, Xerl'E-Llambo was devastated, but he assumed, or possibly moreso hoped, that within a season or 2 after the embarrassment of constant Ape failures,the Ball Attackers would return. However, the Grabbers just made it to the Super Bowl, the Slann archmage has come to terms with the fact that the NBFL has literally trashed his team, and therefore decided that he wants nothing to do with the league anymore. Not only has he withdrawn his services, but he has also publicly placed a curse on the league, stating that if anyone attempts to replace him and assist the league in the same capacity, "Shall have a plague placed upon their family. All members present and future have their tongues shrink to 1 inch long and shall 13 generations of their future tadpoles never grow their legs."

Until season 30, the NBFL was unable to find a replacement for Xerl'E-Llambo. So for several seasons any and all players with permanent injuries (-MA,-ST, -AG, -AV, niggling injuries) were not be permitted into the NBFL draft.

However, the great Skaven R'Kain Sol, saw that NBFL was becoming too pure, and has stepped forward. After remarking that having tongues at all would certainly be better than what his family was used to, he accepted the plague of Xerl'E-Llambo. Using lightning procedures, R'Kain is able to shock damaged NCBB players back to full health - ready once again to spill their own blood for the NBFL.
that come from the NCBB league or previous (but retired) NBFL teams.

- Draft pick order is determined by reverse order of previous season finish. Note: Forfeit losses count as wins for determining draft order.

- Expansion teams will be granted extra compensation draft picks. There is a seperate compensation draft board which is split into different pools to guarantee new teams have high quality players and compete with existing teams. Typically, there are 3 pools and an expansion team gets 1 pick from each pool.

- Expansion draft order will be assigned at random for round 1, and the reverse order used for rounds 2 and 3.

- Compensation draft picks will be awarded based on some formula related to your current roster, and will be after expansion team picks.

- Any team may try to trade draft picks. However, expansion draft picks may only be traded for other expansion draft picks, and standard draft picks may only be traded for other standard draft picks, even if an expansion teams is getting picks from both draft boards.

- Trade rules:
If you trade, all picks you end up with cannot be skipped and the drafted players must be on your roster for the first game of the season.
You cannot trade a single pick for a single worse pick.
All trades are subject to review.


Teams must start the season with a minimum tv of 1900 and a minimum of 13 players after the draft and when the team is readied for game 1 of the season. These limits will be enforced for the start of each season, but not during the season.

For the NBFL Player Draft, new positional categories for each team can be found on the draft spreadsheet.

All players with no skills and less than 7 spp at the start of each season will be given enough spp to bring them up to 7 spp . If these spp are used to gain skills (chosen or random), the player must be on the roster for game 1.

All teams will start with whatever dedicated fans they had the previous season, or 3 dedicated fans, whichever is higher.

Treasury will be provided to redraft or create your team any way you choose, but set to 50k for each team to start the season regardless of starting team value.

Teams (unknown, High Elf, Dark Elf, Human)
new team - Spinball?
Los Angeles Glams - Stimme
Szeattle Scimitars - Nelphine
Trans Fat Crisco Porky Miners - Cervus
Teams (Skaven, unknown, Vampire, Chaos)
Denver Bubonics - jmonforton
Kansas City not humans - HyperboLemuR
Las Fangas Stargazers - wintergreen13
new team - Amon242

last edit 2 Feb 2024